Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wafa Sultan defending Geert Wilders

Wafa Sultan defending Geert Wilders

Free Men not Taking to the Streets Have Lost Their Minds

In what can only to be described as a throw back to the seventh century, Geert Wilders (who just came in third in the Dutch elections) was back in court on specious "hate speech" charges filed by a corrupt, criminal dhimmi court in Holland. How dare they subjugate their Western values to Islamic supremacism in this dangerous farce?

Watch Wafa Sultan in ringing defense of Geert Wilders (Former Muslims United)

Former Muslims United co-founder, Dr. Wafa Sultan was in Amsterdam this week to provide expert testimony in the Amsterdam Court ’show trial’ of Geert Wilders, leader of the PVV (Freedom Party) and courageous critic of Islam. Wilders had taken stands critical of the Koran, in favor of controls over Muslim immigration to the Netherlands and even a so-called tax on Sharia head coverings for Muslim women. He has in the view of many fellow Dutch and supporters in the West of being falsely accused of engaging in hate speech and racism. Wilders nearly trebled the tallies of the PVV in the June 9th general election winning more than 24 seats in the new Hague Parliament. Wilders has rejected offers to join a Conservative coalition in the wrangling to form a new ruling group.

Watch this ringing defense of Wilders by Dr. Sultan in this Dutch pv1 video interview courtesy of

This trial is an outrage. Free men not taking to the streets have lost their minds.

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