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Mubarak Loses Bedouin Smuggler Support

Time Magazine reports that Bedouin smugglers opposed to the Mubarak regime now control the two Egyptian towns that are closest to the Gaza Strip. The towns are not named, but we have heard reports relating to both El Arish and Rafah over the past few days.

And a prominent Bedouin smuggler in the Sinai peninsula told TIME that Bedouin are now in control of the two towns closest to the Gaza Strip, and that they planned to press on to attack the Suez Canal if Mubarak does not step down. He also said that police stations in the south Sinai would be attacked if Bedouin prisoners were not released.

And in Israel, the IDF may not have a Chief of Staff in two weeks, because Defense Minister Barak's candidate for the position has been accused of perjury.

What could go wrong?

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posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 10:04 AM

Is Syria Next?

Is Syria the next Arab domino to go? Syrian activists have been using Facebook to call for a 'day of rage' against the Assad regime on Saturday, February 5.

In the past week, Syrian activists have been using Facebook to call for mass protests in Syria on Saturday, February 5, 2011, dubbing it the "Day of Rage." In Facebook pages created specifically for this purpose, members have called on the Syrian public to take to the streets on that date and stage peaceful demonstrations and rallies in all parts of the country, as well as in front of Syrian embassies in Arab and European capitals, in protest of the oppressive Syrian regime. These Facebook pages also feature images and videos slamming Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and supporting protest against his rule.

The organizers of the Syrian protests have expressed support for the demonstrators in Tunisia and Egypt, and have adopted their methods:[1] opening special Facebook pages on which information is posted regarding the place and time of the planned protests, and creating a special profile picture, associated with the protests, to be used by all Facebook members sympathizing with the cause. However, it seems that the scope of their activity is limited compared to that of the Tunisian and Egyptian activists. So far, the number of people who have registered as members on these Facebook pages is relatively small, and some of the members reside outside the country.

Among those promoting the "Day of Rage" protests is the Independent Islamic Bloc – part of the "Damascus Declaration" opposition movement – which has called upon Syrians to attend a "sweeping protest and mass rally" in front of the Parliament house in Damascus on February 5. In its announcement, the organization praised the protests in Tunisia and Egypt and warned the Syrian regime against continuing its oppression, corruption and political arrests.[2] Websites have also published a message by "the Popular Committees in Aleppo Province" announcing a February 5 protest rally in the center of Aleppo, the second largest city in Syria.[3]

The organizers of the planned demonstrations in Damascus and Aleppo have listed their demands: an improvement in living standards, respect for human rights, freedom of speech for all Syrian citizens, and greater influence for Syrian youth. They requested that the protesters come equipped with nothing more than Syrian flags and signs expressing their demands.[4]

Syria is on the alert for the possible spread of protests to its territory. On January 29, 2011, the Syrian authorities prevented the holding of a demonstration in solidarity with the Egyptian protesters in front of the Egyptian embassy in Damascus, fearing a conflagration.[5] It was also reported that Syrian security chief 'Ali Mamlouk has met with province governors and police commanders in order to prepare for possible protests in the country.[6]

There are conflicting reports regarding the accessibility of Facebook, which has played a crucial role in mobilizing the public for the current wave of protests in the Arab world. According to a January 25, 2011 report on, the Syrian authorities have restricted access to Facebook in a bid to keep the protests from spreading to Syria, but some users are managing to access the site through proxies. [7] The Syrian news agency SANA has denied this, saying that access to the Internet is unrestricted throughout the country.[8]

Read the whole thing. The problem is that Assad is liable to just gas them all.

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Egyptians Begin to Blame US & Israel for Woes

Egyptian protesters have begun to blame the US and Israel for propping up the Mubarak government.

Egyptians understand that the world is waiting to see if President Hosni Mubarak falls to popular pressure before major leaders decide which side to support. But this is infuriating the demonstrators, who realize that six days of unrest have not accomplished their goal and that they need united international pressure in order to topple the almost-30-year incumbent.

The protests have lacked a clear leader to unite them and provide an alternative to Mubarak, and demonstrators are beginning to focus their wrath not just on Mubarak and the country’s widespread corruption, but also on the United States and, to a lesser extent, Israel. They blame Israel and the US for supporting a government because it is convenient for them, not because it is good for the Egyptian people.

“The USA does not support democracy; they’re supporting Israel, which is like their baby,” said Ahmed, a 26-year-old Cairo resident. “They think Egypt is functional because it’s in favor of their considerations.”

“I don’t care if we have peace [with Israel] or not,” Ahmed continued, echoing the indifference of many demonstrators who don’t have a clear agenda for what they want a future Egypt to look like, as long as it does not include Mubarak. “But will Israel allow us to have a real president? For example, Turkey elected an Islamic government, but it was their choice. Will Israel give us the freedom to make the same choice?” he asked.

Demonstrators are relying on the foreign press to get their message to Obama.

“Isn’t this democracy?” they asked me over and over when I said I was a journalist from America, incredulous that the country held as the pinnacle of world democracy could ignore such widespread popular sentiment.

“Obama has to be on our side. Where is your democracy?” asked Osam L, who works at a foreign bank in Cairo.

“You say Arabs are just donkeys, but the USA is supporting the system, not the people.”

The Jewish community in Cairo and Alexandria both declined to speak with the media, but told The Jerusalem Post that all of its members were safe and going about their daily routine as normally as possible.

I think that's what's called realpolitik, and no, it doesn't always lead to the most moral outcome. But if they're going to make war with us, I won't support them either.

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At 7:34 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

My view is increasingly the regime will ride out the storm. The protesters have to eat sometime and work for a living. What the Egyptians lack is a charismatic figure like the Ayatollah Khomeini to rally around. ElBaradei just doesn't excite them. Mubarak will be gracefully eased out after the protests end and my guess would be that Suleiman or some acceptable figure not tainted by a close association with Mubarak will become the country's next President.

At 8:42 AM, Blogger biorabbi said...

Disgusting. Alexandria has been a hotbed of anti-semitism from before Christ! That says something.
It is about secularism versus Islamism. Do you think many of those young brave souls who protested the Shah in 1979 wanted something far different than the Imams? The secular movement in Egypt is limited to a few thousand westernized elite. The masses want the Muslim Brotherhood... and they will get it.

I hope Israel is planning a plan b. Plan b is what will Israel do when Egypt abrogates the Camp David Accords. If they cut off the gas and introduce the military into the Sinai and/or aid Hamas, Israel should retake the Sinai or portions of it. That's plan b.

And another point about Obama fiddling when Mubarak burns... who's next-Jordan or Syria?

Name: Carl in Jerusalem
Location: Jerusalem, Israel

Egypt Protest Degenerating into Supremacist ROT

The messages were troubling, and Islamic supremacists and their leftwing knob polishers set about to alter the narrative. Their objective is to turn this desire for political freedom into an anti-American, anti-Israel putsch.

Egyptians filled the streets in front of the office of the Consulate General of Egypt in Chicago shouting their support for the protesters back home. Also at the United Nations in New York there was a large rally. The people were carrying signs that said, “Down with Mubarak”, “Down with the Camp David Regime”, ‘Egypt is Free”, and “Egyptian Blood is our Blood”. (more here)

But if you look at the demonstrations in New York, Chicago and will see the infiltrators trying to transform the movement into an ugly, Muslim supremacist, Jew-hating movement.

Egyptian protesters promise to destroy Israel

Looks might ugly. And getting uglier. As crappy as that peace accord was, it was .... peace. If all bets are off, does Israel get her land back?
If protesters intend to attack Israel, how will they replace the Aswan dam? Can Egyptians survive for 938 years in a radioactive slag heap?
Over one half of Egyptians suffer from birth defects including mental illness and retardation.

Egyptian Protesters Dump Israel Peace Treaty

Hundreds of people across America marched in solidarity, praying for freedom cravers (and those brutalized Coptic Christians slaughtered by the Muslims) in Egypt. Many good people stand in solidarity with those seeking to live free. Here are some scenes down the block, in front of the UN, in New York City -- Saturday. "Long live the Egyptian intifada." And "Down with the Camp David Peace Accords!" That screams volumes.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Dead Enemy is a Peaceful Enemy

Bumper-Stickers Seen On Military Bases:

"When In Doubt, Empty The Magazine"

"Marine Sniper - You can run, but you'll just die tired!"

"Machine Gunners - Accuracy By Volume"

"Except For Ending Slavery, Fascism, Nazism and Communism, WAR has Never Solved Anything."

"U.S. Marines - Certified Counselors to the 72 Virgins Dating Club."

"U.S. Air Force - Travel Agents To Allah"

"Stop Global Whining"

Naval Corollary: Dead Men Don't Testify.

"The Marine Corps - When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be Destroyed Overnight"

"Death Smiles At Everyone - Marines Smile Back"

"What Do I Feel When I Kill A Terrorist? A Little Recoil"

"Marines - Providing Enemies of America an Opportunity To Die For their Country Since 1775"

"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It"

"Happiness Is A Belt-Fed Weapon"

"It's God's Job to Forgive Bin Laden - It's Our Job To Arrange The Meeting"

"Artillery Brings Dignity to What Would Otherwise Be Just A Vulgar Brawl"

"One Shot, Twelve Kills - U.S. Naval Gun Fire Support"

"My Kid Fought In Iraq So Your Kid Can Party In College"

"A Dead Enemy Is A Peaceful Enemy - Blessed Be The Peacemakers"

"If You Can Read This, Thank a Teacher. If You Can Read It In English, Thank a Veteran"

"Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the U.S. ARMED FORCES don't have that problem.

US Connected to Egypt Protesters 3 Years

The American Embassy in Cairo helped a young dissident attend a US-sponsored summit for activists in New York, while working to keep his identity secret from Egyptian state police.

On his return to Cairo in December 2008, the activist told US diplomats that an alliance of opposition groups had drawn up a plan to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak and install a democratic government in 2011.

He has already been arrested by Egyptian security in connection with the demonstrations and his identity is being protected by The Daily Telegraph.


The US government has previously been a supporter of Mr Mubarak’s regime. But the leaked documents show the extent to which America was offering support to pro-democracy activists in Egypt while publicly praising Mr Mubarak as an important ally in the Middle East.

In a secret diplomatic dispatch, sent on December 30 2008, Margaret Scobey, the US Ambassador to Cairo, recorded that opposition groups had allegedly drawn up secret plans for “regime change” to take place before elections, scheduled for September this year.

The memo, which Ambassador Scobey sent to the US Secretary of State in Washington DC, was marked “confidential” and headed: “April 6 activist on his US visit and regime change in Egypt.”

It said the activist claimed “several opposition forces” had “agreed to support an unwritten plan for a transition to a parliamentary democracy, involving a weakened presidency and an empowered prime minister and parliament, before the scheduled 2011 presidential elections”. The embassy’s source said the plan was “so sensitive it cannot be written down”.

Ambassador Scobey questioned whether such an “unrealistic” plot could work, or ever even existed. However, the documents showed that the activist had been approached by US diplomats and received extensive support for his pro-democracy campaign from officials in Washington. The embassy helped the campaigner attend a “summit” for youth activists in New York, which was organised by the US State Department.

Cairo embassy officials warned Washington that the activist’s identity must be kept secret because he could face “retribution” when he returned to Egypt. He had already allegedly been tortured for three days by Egyptian state security after he was arrested for taking part in a protest some years earlier.

The protests in Egypt are being driven by the April 6 youth movement, a group on Facebook that has attracted mainly young and educated members opposed to Mr Mubarak. The group has about 70,000 members and uses social networking sites to orchestrate protests and report on their activities.

The documents released by WikiLeaks reveal US Embassy officials were in regular contact with the activist throughout 2008 and 2009, considering him one of their most reliable sources for information about human rights abuses.

The truth is starting to come out about the number of people hurt over the last few days. It's far more than the single digit numbers we were being given on Friday. Israel Radio reports that 92 people have been killed and over 2,000 injured.

If I'm the leader of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, or other non-Democratic allies, I'm not going to sleep too well tonight. I have to wonder whether the United States is planning with dissidents in my country to overthrow my government. Not a pleasant thought (for them).

The full Wikileaks document is here.

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posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 11:17 PM

When There is no Camp David Treaty

The good news from Egypt is that there may be a new government. The bad news - says Caroline Glick - is that government is likely to abrogate the Camp David treaty with Israel.

And as we now see, all of its possible secular and Islamist successors either reject outright Egypt's peace treaty with Israel or will owe their political power to the support of those who reject the peace with the Jewish state. So whether the Egyptian regime falls next week or next year or five years from now, the peace treaty is doomed.


It is the "Arab Street's" overwhelming animosity towards Israel that causes the pragmatists to argue that Israel's best play is to cut deals with Arab dictators who rule with an iron fist. Since Israel and the Arab despots share a fear of the Arab masses, the pragmatists claim that Israel should give up all the land it took control over as a payoff to the regimes, who in exchange will sign peace treaties with it.

This was the logic that brought Israel to surrender the strategically priceless Sinai Peninsula to Egypt in exchange for the Camp David accord that will not survive Mubarak.

And of course, giving up the Sinai wasn't the only sacrifice Israel made for that nearly defunct document. Israel also gave up its regional monopoly on US military platforms. Israel agreed that in exchange for signing the deal, the US would begin providing massive military aid to Egypt. Indeed, it agreed to link US aid to Israel with US aid to Egypt.

Owing to that US aid, the Egyptian military today makes the military Israel barely defeated in 1973 look like a gang of cavemen. Egypt has nearly 300 F-16s. Its main battle tank is the M1A1 which it produces in Egypt. Its navy is largest in the region. Its army is twice the size of the IDF. Its air defense force constitutes a massive threat to the IAF. And of course, the ballistic missiles and chemical weapons it has purchased from the likes of North Korea and China give it a significant stand-off mass destruction capability.

Despite its strength, due to the depth of popular Arab hatred of Israel and Jews, the Egyptian regime was weakened by its peace treaty. Partially in a bid to placate its opponents and partially in a bid to check Israeli power, Egypt has been the undisputed leader of the political war against Israel raging at international arenas throughout the world. So too, Mubarak has permitted and even encouraged massive anti-Semitism throughout Egyptian society.

With this balance sheet at the end of the "era of peace," between Israel and Egypt, it is far from clear that Israel was right to sign the deal in the first place. In light of the relative longevity of the regime it probably made sense to have made some deal with Egypt. But it is clear that the price Israel paid was outrageously inflated and unwise.

Indeed, it was.

Read the whole thing.

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posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 12:13 AM

Ancient Tunnel Discovered Beneath Jerusalem (1.24.11)

Pessimism on What Happens Next in Egypt

Barry Rubin points out the numbers in the latest Pew poll to show that what's likely to follow the current riots in Egypt is - unfortunately - not a liberal democracy. At least not if the Egyptian people are asked what they want.

In Egypt, 30 percent like Hizballah (66 percent don't). 49 percent are favorable toward Hamas (48 percent are negative); and 20 percent smile (72 percent frown) at al-Qaida. Roughly speaking, one-fifth of Egyptians applaud the most extreme Islamist terrorist group, while around one-third back revolutionary Islamists abroad. This doesn't tell us what proportion of Egyptians want an Islamist government at home, but it is an indicator.

In Egypt, 82 percent want stoning for those who commit adultery; 77 percent would like to see whippings and hands cut off for robbery; and 84 percent favor the death penalty for any Muslim who changes his religion.

Asked if they supported "modernizers" or "Islamists" only 27 percent said modernizers while 59 percent said Islamists:

Is this meaningless? Last December 20 I wrote that these "horrifying figures in day might be cited to explain an Islamist revolution there....What this analysis also shows is that a future Islamist revolution in Egypt and Jordan is quite possible.

And in Jordan, the numbers look even worse.... (Thanks to Michael Totten for the idea, but your like to Barry's post is wrong!).

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posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 5:14 AM

Grounds for Optimism in Tunisia

There are grounds for optimism over Tunisia (which I guess can now be called 'last week's revolution') in this fascinating article in Sunday's Washington Post by Robert Satloff.

In writing a book and narrating a film on what happened in Arab lands during the Holocaust, I have studied Tunisia closely over the past decade. Only 90 miles from the southern tip of Italy, this small North African country was the sole Arab state to suffer a full-fledged German occupation during World War II. I have visited the places where SS officers rounded up Jews and sent them to concentration camps.

Yet Tunisia was also where I found the most stories of Arabs protecting Jews during the war. As in Europe, these Muslim rescuers were ordinary people performing extraordinary acts - like the Tunis bathhouse owner who hid a Jewish man in his hammam or the Mahdia country squire who sheltered two dozen Jews on his farm. This moment in Tunisian history - which had a much happier ending for Jews than did events on the other side of the Mediterranean - gives hope that the current chaos will end reasonably positively.

Tunisia's largely homogenous population has blended a 1,400-year-old Sunni Arab identity with an organic, deeply embedded connection to Europe. Its capital once rivaled Beirut and Alexandria as the most cosmopolitan Arab city, with large communities of Italians, French, British and Maltese injecting a heady mix of energy and ideas into the local culture.

One result is that the Tunisian people have historically sought engagement with the world and rejected extreme ideologies, whether fascist, Nasserist or Islamist. This openness has enabled Tunisia to escape the self-induced savagery and backwardness, respectively, of neighboring Algeria and Libya. Tunisia has its share of radicals, many of whom have recently made their way to the infantry of al-Qaeda and other movements, and the threat of religious extremism is not fantasy, as some suggest. But the local Islamist movement, an-Nahda, is not poised to step in.

Read the whole thing.

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posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 6:05 AM

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At 6:28 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Tunisia is a secularized and almost European Arab country. It could be a democracy. But the lessons of its Jasmine Revolution are not so easily transferable to the rest of the Arab World. Its Islamist movement is weak and almost non-existent. That is not case in other Arab countries. Democracy elsewhere would probably bring Islamists to power. No more democracy.

Tunisia then, is the exception that proves the rule. The Arab World is not ready for democracy in our lifetime.

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Name: Carl in Jerusalem
Location: Jerusalem, Israel

Here Is What a POTUS Sounds Like

FORMER U.N. AMBASSADOR JOHN BOLTON: I think what's clearly happened today [in Egypt] is that the Muslim Brotherhood, the radical Islamist party in Egypt has called it's supporters into the street. I don't think it was present on the first two or three days.

I think after the Friday prayers the Brotherhood brought its people out. That's why the protests are even more extensive today. That constitutes no doubt about it a direct threat to the military government, and I think the failure of the other security forces to bring the demonstrations under control also now explains the presence of the military.

Let me be clear here, this is not just the Mubarak-family government. The military has ruled Egypt since Gamal Nasser and they over through King Farook.

It's the military that is the real government and they are not going to go peacefully.

I think the question is whether and to what extent the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islamists have infiltrated the leadership. If the military holds firm it's entirely possible, although bloody, that the government can hold onto power. That doesn't necessarily mean Mubarak will be in power, but the military will be, and I think that is why this contrast makes it so important for people to understand, this is not a choice between the Mubarak government on one hand, and sweetness and light, Jeffersonian democracy on the other.

I don't think we have evidence yet that these demonstrations are necessarily about democracy. You know the old saying, "one person, one vote, one time." The Muslim Brotherhood doesn't care about democracy, if they get into power you're not going to have free and fair elections either.

And I think there is substantial reason, for example, to worry the minority Coptic Christian population, about 10% of the population will be very worried if the Muslim Brotherhood came to power.

Let's be clear what the stakes are for the United States. We have an authoritarian regime in power.

Atlas Shrugs Had It Right Every Step of the Way

FOX is reporting that Mubarak's sons have left the country; Atlas told readers that last Wednesday. Read Atlas and get it right and get it first.

If the people of Iran took to the sreeets today, would Obama ignore it, and would the media report on it? Tens of thousands of protesters take to the streets again in Egypt, millions took to the streets in Iran. Brutal Islamic dictators. Obama say, "Respect it!"

I cannot understate the importance of Egypt to American interests and Israeli security. Egypt is arguably the second most important country to the US in the region.

Egypt is a secular government. The objective for all freedom-loving peoples in the world should be a transition to a new secular government. Will those elements in the protest movement be able to stave off Islamic supremacists? Iranian imperialism? I think not.

Iran has its hooves all over this.

ElBaradei is in league with Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood. His ruse must be exposed. Why was he allowed into Egypt?

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak named a vice president for the first time in his presidency. Mubarak named Omar Suleiman, his intelligence chief, who has led major foreign policy initiatives in Egypt, such as the Israeli/Gazastan peace process. Will this appointment take?

Thousands are protesting as we speak. Shots heard in Cairo. Police killed.

Israel gets hundreds out of Egypt:

JERUSALEM – Israel's national airline has whisked some 200 Israelis, including families of Israeli diplomats, out of Egypt on board an emergency flight to escape the chaos engulfing the Arab country.

An Israeli official said Saturday's flight included dozens of tourists as well as diplomat's families.

A Cairo airport official confirmed that El Al arranged the special flight. El Al does not usually fly on the Jewish sabbath to appease observant Jewish passengers who do not travel on the day of rest

The flight reflects Israel's concerns over the situation in Egypt — the first Arab country to reach peace with Israel.

UPDATE: WTF? Muslim Brotherhood Group CAIR on FOX Pushing for Overthrow in Egypt

1/28/11: What a President Sounds Like

1/28/11: As I said ........Iran Sees Rise of Islamic Hard-Liners in Muslim Lands


1/28/11: Obama's Dhimmi Carter Moment

1/27/11: Revolution in Egypt Escalates, Turns Violent

UPDATE: Israel:"An Earthquake has Occured in the Middle East"

1/27/11"Good News: Egypt arrests Muslim Brotherhood leaders

1/26/11: Revolution in Egypt: President's son, Gamal Mubarak & family flee to Britain
[Like on Facebook]

Muslim Brotherhood CAIR on FOX & Egypt Overthrow

Muslim Brotherhood Group CAIR on FOX Pushing for Overthrow in Egypt

Why is Muslim Brotherhood CAIR on FOX news right now? The Islamic supremacist Ahmed Rehab is on FOX denouncing Mubarak, advocating for overthrow.

Rehab is in Egypt right now. How coincidental. The American Muslim Brotherhood in America is in Egypt as the Muslim Brotherhood plots to take over that secular Arab country.

Rehab: "It pains me that my own government back home supports a dictator....."

Horrible. We expect this from the leftist apologist cable networks, but FOX is dangerous because they pretend to get it.

CAIR has been sending out press releases pushing Obama to push Mubarak out (so, inevitably, ElBaradei, Iran and the Brotherhood can take over).

If anyone can get video -- please send it. FOX must stop this propagandizing for the Brotherhood via CAIR. Or at least identify them as such. Why do they cover for them?

CAIR on the Iranian revolution back in June 2009: CAIR: Iran? Nothing to see, keep moving
[Like on Facebook]

The Silence of Muslim Americans -

AMID THE uproar earlier this month over the assassination of Salmaan Taseer, the secularist governor of the Pakistani province of Punjab, Muslim-American organizations have been largely silent. At a time when mainstream Muslim leaders have been trying to demonstrate their embrace of religious tolerance and pluralism to their fellow Americans, few have had a word to say about this People’s Party leader whose denunciation of Pakistan’s draconian blasphemy law led to his death at the hands of a Muslim zealot — a zealot who has since been celebrated by fundamentalists around the globe.

The most notable silence is on the part of the Islamic Circle of North America. Operating in this country for about 40 years, this organization has ideological ties to the Jamaat-e-Islami, one of Pakistan’s main Islamist political parties. The Jamaat explained away the assassination of Taseer on the grounds that it could have been avoided if the government had simply removed him from office. Though the Islamic Circle of North America does not necessarily take orders from its Pakistani parent, it appears unwilling to challenge the views of its overwhelmingly immigrant membership from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh — many of whom seem to have little sympathy for the slain politician’s secularist views.

Nor is this the first instance of such silence. Last May, when the Pakistani Taliban slaughtered 93 members of a persecuted Muslim sect, the Ahmadiyya, the Islamic Circle of North America held its annual convention in Hartford. Speakers continually reminded the several thousand attendees that “Islam is a religion of peace,’’ yet one of us in attendance heard not a word about the killings all weekend. Other Muslim-American organizations, none of which has such direct and exclusive ties to Pakistan and the region, had even less excuse for their silence.

While Muslim-American leaders are constantly reminding their followers to exercise their rights as Americans, they also embrace the view that Muslims here are part of the worldwide community of fellow believers — the ummah. As such, these organizations are riven by numberless fissures that run along linguistic, ethnic, racial, and doctrinal lines. Their leaders are preoccupied with not saying or doing anything that would cause such fissures to develop into major ruptures.

So while many Muslim-Americans may abhor what happened in Pakistan, others may agree with friends and relatives back home that Taseer’s killing was justified, or at least to be tolerated. In between are Muslims who are conflicted about such events but who get little guidance from leaders who seem to lack either the wisdom or the courage to speak with moral clarity. Some of these leaders are not the pluralists they claim to be. Others have simply grown accustomed to avoiding the difficult choices facing them and instead, especially since 9/11, would rather mobilize and unify their fractious members by pointing to a common enemy — whether it is the FBI, the Patriot Act, or Islamophobes.

The situation is not hopeless, however. It is certainly noteworthy that all the leaders and organizations that have been silent about Taseer’s assassination have been equally vocal and explicit in their denunciation of the slaughter of Coptic Christians in Egypt on Jan. 1. They clearly understood that the killing of Christians by Muslims is not something about which they could remain silent. Now these leaders must confront the reality that in contemporary America, genuine religious pluralism requires them to be just as outraged when Muslims kill Muslims.

In the name of Muslim unity, many Muslim-American leaders and organizations have been less than coherent when it comes to violent extremism. As a result, they have confused their members as to what true religious toleration and pluralism require, and consequently feed the very suspicions of those inclined to doubt the possibility of Muslims fully assimilating to the American way of life. This is a profound disservice to the many Muslim-Americans who are doing just that.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hamas,Muslim Brotherhood & US Leftists in Egypt Takeover

The following is a report from a STRATFOR source in Hamas. Hamas, which formed in Gaza as an outgrowth of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (MB), has an interest in exaggerating its role and coordination with the MB in this crisis. The following information has not been confirmed. Nonetheless, there is a great deal of concern building in Israel and the United States in particular over the role of the MB in the demonstrations and whether a political opening will be made for the Islamist organization in Egypt.

The Egyptian police are no longer patrolling the Rafah border crossing into Gaza. Hamas armed men are entering into Egypt and are closely collaborating with the MB. The MB has fully engaged itself in the demonstrations, and they are unsatisfied with the dismissal of the Cabinet. They are insisting on a new Cabinet that does not include members of the ruling National Democratic Party.

Security forces in plainclothes are engaged in destroying public property in order to give the impression that many protesters represent a public menace. The MB is meanwhile forming people’s committees to protect public property and also to coordinate demonstrators’ activities, including supplying them with food, beverages and first aid.

The above alert was provided by STRATFOR.

As the media goes about its business of dhimmi dog, the whitewashing of the Muslim Brotherhood which I predicted here: whitewashing the Brotherhood.

Check out Reuters. The Muslim supremacists know the left will do anything and align with anyone against America. Here is a member of the banned Muslim Brotherhood, on Saturday. "Islamic rule in Egypt would pose no threat to the West because it would be more democratic and broad-based than President Hosni Mubarak's 'dictatorship.'" The taqiya is spinning faster than Iraq's infected centrifuges:

"That's more important than declaring that a 'new Islamist era is dawning', because I know Islamists would not be able to rule Egypt alone. We should and would cooperate -- Muslims, leftists, communists, socialists, secularists."

Further, expect the America-hating, Israel-hating left to take to the streets in the USA, demanding the US assist the Brotherhood in ousting Mubarak. Check this out from the warlike "anti-war" groups here.

Egyptian protests intensify, challenge 30 years of pro-U.S. dictatorship
Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in cities across Egypt demanding the ouster of U.S. ally President Hosni Mubarak. These are the largest anti-regime protests in Mubarak’s 30-year rule of this North African country of 85 million people. Though the White House has declared the Mubarak regime “stable,” even greater protests are expected on Jan. 28 following Friday services at mosques throughout the country. Egyptian opposition forces were inspired by the uprising in nearby Tunisia, which on Jan. 14 forced that country’s dictator, Zine El Abadine Ben Ali, to flee to Saudi Arabia. The uprising in Tunisia surprised not only its own rulers but their imperialist overlords in Paris and Washington. ...

Islamic Versus Secular Governance in Egypt

Scrubbing and Smearing: Islamic vs. Secular Governance in Egypt Leftist Islamic Machine in High Gear

I warned earlier (here and here) that the Islamic supremacists and their leftist tools in the media and culture at large would whitewash the violent and brutal islamic supremacist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, and pave the way for a fundamentalist Islamic takeover of Egypt. They wasted no time. At Salon, erudite savages suited in civilian attire, blared this headline:

The blogger who still loves Mubarak

Pamela Geller cheers for mass arrests, worries that Obama will throw our "ally" under the bus

"Cheering for mass arrests?" Hardly. My fight, always, is for freedom. A secular government in Egypt would be preferable to the most radical and extreme system of governance on the earth. That's the goal.
Pamela Geller

Anti-American Jew Haters Convene at White House

And the subversive anti-American Jew-haters at Code Pink in Egypt right now? There are no coincidences, folks.

I just phoned Tighe Barry, a great US activist with Code Pink, who has been in Cairo, Egypt, all week. Here is the audio.

With the release of the Wiki docments that showed the Obama adminstration secretly backed leading figures behind the Egyptian uprising, who have been planning “regime change."

CODE PINK has been a frequent White House visitor.
Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

Israel & Egypt Peace Treaty

“Egypt is not only our closest friend in the region,” Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, a veteran Israeli politician and former defense minister known for his close ties to senior Egyptian officials, told Army Radio on Wednesday, “the cooperation between us goes beyond the strategic.”

Israeli officials and analysts said they believed that Mr. Mubarak’s government was strong enough to withstand the protests, at least as long as it had the backing of the Egyptian Army.

But with Mr. Mubarak, who came to power in 1981, now an ailing octogenarian, Israelis were in any case looking ahead to a transition of some sort in Egypt, amid a sense of a shifting regional equilibrium.


Israelis were not yet envisaging a future without the peace treaty with Egypt. Mr. Eran said that almost any government in Egypt would want to maintain the pact, even at a low profile, because so much is hinged on it, including Egypt’s relations with, and aid from, the United States.

At least in the short term, Israelis did not see a need for panic. At the same time, officials here were cautious about making long-term predictions. After Mr. Mubarak leaves the stage, one said, “We have no idea what will happen.”

Read the whole thing.

I wish I could share Eran's relative optimism. I can't. Most of Egyptian society - as Isabel Kershner points out in the Times - still hates us. It goes without saying that the Muslim Brotherhood would abrogate or ignore the treaty. But Egypt's great white hope - Mohamed ElBaradei - was known for his contempt of Israel when he was at the IAEA. The way I see it, we are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to Egypt, and any outcome is likely to leave us facing open hostility - or at least even less cooperation than exists today - to our south. And the answer to my "what can go wrong" question is "lots."

The fundamental problem is that although we made peace with the Egyptian leadership, we never made peace with the Egyptian people, who were left out of the process. That is true in Jordan as well, and as Palileaks has shown, it would be true if we made peace with the 'Palestinian Authority' today. In the long run, we are probably better off that Palileaks is the last nail in the coffin of the 'peace process' with the 'Palestinians.'

Labels: Cairo 25 January 2011, Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty, Hosni Mubarak, Jordan, Palileaks

posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 11:44 AM

Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Fox the Pox - Atlas Shrugs

Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Fox the Pox - Atlas Shrugs

Hotmail - - Windows Live

Hotmail - - Windows Live

Egypt Protests Raw Video January 28, 2011

Mubarak has been a US ally for decades. We send three billion dollars a year to Egypt. And Egypt made a peace deal with Israel. But knowing Obama, he will throw another ally under the bus. Yes, Mubarak needs to institute democratic reform. I pray Mubarak doesn't brutally respond to the uprising like Iran did -- they slaughtered their people and crushed the Iranian revolution.

I am all for political freedom. Will jihad permit any kind of reform?

Obama's Dhimmi Carter Moment

"I have worked for a year to awaken the conscience of the Egyptian people..."
ElBaradei, Iran's bomb man

The more the layers are peeled back, the more we see the hand of Iran behind what is unfolding in the Middle East.

In stark, bitter contrast to Obama's indifference to the popular Iranian uprising, Obama has almost immediately engaged in events on the ground in Egypt, and it's not good. His silence about the brutal, murderous putdown of its people by the Iranian mullahcracy translated to his tacit support and spoke volumes. Obama became part of the problem, not part of the solution. He gave religious barbarism the free hand. Iranian protestors had a direct message for America's president: "You're Either With Us or With Them."

Obama's most consistent response to Iran (and North Korea's hostile moves) has been to ignore them and hope that proven evildoers will behave themselves. Wrong. The good cop is off the beat.

He failed, and the consequences of his failure have begun to be made manifest .....

Who has emerged as a leader for post-Mubarak Egypt? Iran's man, Mohammad ElBaradei. It is widely acknowledged that Dr ElBaradei repeatedly omitted evidence that the atomic agency had been given about Iran's covert weaponisation plan (more here).

If Obama had seized the moment in the Iranian freedom uprising, we would not be in this position now. Iran is casting a dark cloud over the free world. They are conducting a covert war against the West in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran has aligned with Venezuela and Brazil, in an Islamic imperialistic advance into Latin America.

Whatever comes after Mubarak will be terrible. Make no mistake.

The disastrous handling of the Iranian hostage crisis by the worst President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, led to the rise of Islamic jihad across the world (that and the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan). If we still had an ally in Iran, what a wonderful and different world this would be.

The Islamic takeover in Iran also started out as a secular movement and democratic unrest. Then Khomeini flew in from France and it was game over. Fast forward to 2011. is reporting that “protestors had taken control of central areas of Suez and Alexandria.” Oil can go to $100 or $200 a barrel.

Tunisia, Lebanon, Yemen, Egypt, and now rumblings in Syria. UPDATE: And Jordan.

Turkey switching sides.

And the rest of the Muslim world has its finger on their itchy trigger. I hold little hope that freedom lovers in these countries have any shot against the devout Muslim movements when the leader of the free world has long abdicated.

He has a very different view of the world. This view is anti-platonic. And I say that, not to be condescending, but Plato said that the natural order of the world was chaos, it was war—peace was a parenthesis, it had to be achieved and worked at. I think in the Obama view that men like him that are charismatic, articulate, they can change the world because it's naturally a peaceful thing until people like George Bush rush in and through their stubbornness—"smoke 'em out dead or alive" vernacular—destroys it, but the fact of the matter is the only reason there is any semblance of peace and tranquility in the world today is because in places as diverse as the Aegean, planes over-flying in Greek airspace daily, where there's near fighting on Cypress, or whether we are talking about the Korean Sea and the Philippines and Taiwan and South Korean democracies not going nuclear because the United States is there, or whether Russian ships keep out of Norway every hour—all of that is predicated on the presence of the United States.

To be frank, or to put it a different way, Vladimir Putin doesn't give a damn that Barack Obama is African American. And the Chinese autocrats do not hear very well "hope" and "change"—it doesn't translate to Chinese very well—and the Europeans don't care if he has a nifty jump shot. All they want to know is half the world are vying to try to take advantage of regional opportunities if the United States is not there to stop mold, and to stop rust, which is the natural organic order of the world. They take advantage of it and our friends are there waiting to see which side to join. All of our friends in Europe know that, and Australia and South America. They don't have deities. Nations don't have deities like Barack Obama, they have interests. And their interests are predicated on who is going to win and who is going to lose. Into that void comes Barack Obama. (Victor Davis Hanson, 2008)
Pamela Geller

Is America Behind Turmoil in Egypt?

Wikileaks is claiming America is behind the revolution in Egypt. To what end? If the Muslim Brotherhood takes over, and/or an Iranian proxy, one would have to seriously question who and what is in the White House.

Obama took no such action with Iran -- a jihadist terrorist state agitating in countries all over the world. That was an historic missed opportunity.

Obama has finally spoke with Mubarak -- just moments ago. He had spoken to him up until now.

The Telegraph via Drudge: (hat tip Van)

Egypt protests: America's secret backing for rebel leaders behind uprising

The American government secretly backed leading figures behind the Egyptian uprising who have been planning “regime change” for the past three years, The Daily Telegraph has learned.

The American Embassy in Cairo helped a young dissident attend a US-sponsored summit for activists in New York, while working to keep his identity secret from Egyptian state police.

On his return to Cairo in December 2008, the activist told US diplomats that an alliance of opposition groups had drawn up a plan to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak and install a democratic government in 2011.

He has already been arrested by Egyptian security in connection with the demonstrations and his identity is being protected by The Daily Telegraph.

The crisis in Egypt follows the toppling of Tunisian president Zine al-Abedine Ben Ali, who fled the country after widespread protests forced him from office.

The disclosures, contained in previously secret US diplomatic dispatches released by the WikiLeaks website, show American officials pressed the Egyptian government to release other dissidents who had been detained by the police.

UPDATE: Obama is addressing the nation on Egypt. He is lecturing on human rights and free speech. The people of Iran must be vomiting. How stern he is being with Mubarak. Why was he not stern with Ahmadinejad?

Iran Sees Rise of Hard-Liners in Arab Lands

The NY Times
TEHRAN — Hopeful that the protests sweeping Arab lands may create an opening for hard-line Islamic forces, conservatives in Iran are taking deep satisfaction in the events in Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen, where secular leaders have faced large-scale uprisings.

While the government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad confronted its own popular uprising two years ago — and successfully suppressed it — conservatives in Iran said they saw little similarity between those events and the Arab revolts, and instead likened the recent upheavals to Iran’s own 1979 Islamic revolution.

“In my opinion, the Islamic Republic of Iran should see these events without exception in a positive light,” said Mohammad-Javad Larijani, secretary general of the Iranian High Council for Human Rights and one of the most outspoken figures among Iran’s traditional conservatives.

He made it clear that he hoped the “anti-Islamic” government of Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, who was ousted in Tunisia, would be replaced by a “people’s government,” meaning one in which conservative Islamic forces would gain the upper hand, as they did when Iranian people overthrew Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, establishing a quasi theocracy.

On the opposite side are the United States and France, he said, who are “doing everything they can to ride the wave and prevent the people from establishing the regime that they desire.”

“I am more optimistic about Egypt,” Mr. Larijani said in comments published Friday on the Web site Khabar Online, which is closely linked to his brother, Ali Larijani, the speaker of Iran’s Parliament.

“There, Muslims are more active in political agitation and, God willing, they will establish the regime that they want,” Mohammad-Javad Larijani said.

Some here have even echoed the pan-Islamic rhetoric of the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

“Today, as a result of the gifts of the Islamic revolution in Iran, freedom-loving Islamic people’s such as the peoples of Tunisia, Egypt and nearby Arab countries are standing up to their oppressive governments,” said a leading hard-line cleric, Ayatollah Mohammad-Taghi Mesbah-Yazdi, who is believed to have influence with President Ahmadinejad.

In comments published Friday on the Web site of the semiofficial news agency ISNA, Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi, who favors a political system in which elections merely endorse “divinely chosen” clerical leaders, congratulated the people of Tunisia and Egypt, stating that they had acted “based on the principles” of Iran’s Islamic revolution.

Meanwhile, the leaders of Iran’s “green” opposition movement, which spearheaded large street protests here two years ago after the disputed re-election of Mr. Ahmadinejad, have so far issued no statement on the events in Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen.

While foreign commentators have tried to draw comparisons and assess differences between the overthrow of Mr. Ben Ali’s government in Tunisia, many here have found such comparisons strained and unconvincing.

“No one can compare Arab and Iranian society with each other,” said a former reformist journalist who asked not to be identified to avoid drawing the attention of Iran’s security services.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Will Egypt Be Like Turkey Or Like Iran ?

Will Egypt Be Like Turkey Or Like Iran ?

Islam Is a Punishment from God - a Christian View

Guess what? God uses our very blindness to punish us. We deny the truth, we continue habitually to sin gravely. Then bit by bit God removes his grace from us and we sink further into sin. And our very blindness allows us to invite into our very homes (our nations) the abomination which will work God's just punishment of us. Islam.

It is brilliant actually and poetic justice indeed.

In my opinion, Islam is God's punishment on a very sinful world, much as the Blessed Virgin prophesied at Fatima that [Communism] would be a punishment. God says to humanity: you want to deny my existence, theoretically and practically? You want to do your will and flout my will? Then, like the Hebrews of old, I am coming for you. Just as God openly admits in the Old Testament that he sends "the Assyrian" to punish his people for their sinfulness, so he has sent Islam to punish us for our sinfulness.
Comment by Aquinas on article by Roland Shirk, Jihad Watch

Georgia Man Fined $5000 for Growing Too Many Vegetables

Fatwa Issued on Brit Home Secretary

Fatwa against Theresa May: Scotland Yard investigates Islamic poster campaign targeting Home Secretary

Posters issuing a fatwa against Theresa May have appeared in South London, prompting an investigation by Scotland Yard.

The Metropolitan Police are seeking the source of the Wild West-style posters, which claim the fatwa has been issued 'for the abduction, kidnapping and false imprisonment' of various radical clerics.

A fatwa can - but not always - be interpreted as an incitement to kill, and is an order issued by scholars in the Islamic faith.
Death threat: One of the posters issuing a fatwa against Theresa May

Death threat: One of the posters issuing a fatwa against Theresa May

In Sunni Islam a fatwa is considered non-binding, while in Shia Islam it could be considered by an individual as binding.

The posters appeared at the same time as the Home Secretary announced in Parliament yesterday controversial reforms of control orders for terrorism suspects.

A link on the posters directs people to a website which states: 'The current reality of Muslims living in Britain has unfortunately become very bleak; what was initially perceived by some, to be a malicious smear campaign against the Muslim community has now turned into something far more sinister.
Read the rest here.

Homicide Bombers & Explosive Imams Crash Canada Border

In 2007, Jaziri was deported from Canada to Tunisia for lying on his refugee application about jail time he served in France years earlier. His supporters said Canadian officials targeted him for his Islamic fundamentalism, according to news reports in Canada.

As imam of the Al-Qods mosque in Montreal, Jaziri was well-known for being outspoken on behalf of Sharia, a strict form of Islamic law, including his denunciation of homosexuality.
News reports also said he was a notable figure on issues related to reasonable accommodation, which in Canada refers to the debate over whether anti-discrimination laws require the government, schools, businesses and others to change certain practices to honor minorities’ cultural and religious beliefs.

MDL Member Attempts to Assassinate EDL Leader

I expect the mainstream media to say that EDL leader Kevin Carrol got in the way of the jihad bullet -- that's how subjugated and sick the media has become. And that's if they report this assassination attempt at all. But speak candidly about Islamic jihad and violence and off to jail you got for hate speech.

This story is breaking, but here is what we have so far. Chris Logan here:

I was just informed by a mate in the UK that one of the leaders of the English Defence League (EDL) was shot at by a Muslim in full jihad mode.

“It is with regret that I have to give you this expected news, but tonight we have seen the religion of peace in their full glory. One of the EDL leaders Kevin Carrol has been targeted by Muslim gangs in Luton and has been shot at several times. Details are a little sketchy as armed police have the area contained at present. Kev and his family are safe I can confirm that much. More info to follow.”

Atlas Shrugs

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brooklyn College Hires Pro-Homicide Bomber Prof

he onslaught of the islamization of our universities and the indoctrination of our most precious resource, America's young minds, continues apace.

I am not talking about the Edward Said chairs, the oppression of Jewish students on campus, the historically inaccurate textbooks and whitewashing of Islam, the millions from the Saudis to Harvard, Georgetown et al, the blacklisting of former Muslims and Islamic scholars from speaking at universities and colleges, etc.

We are far beyond that. I am fielding questions from a student at OSU who is taking a class in "islamophobia." I kid you not. And the University of Toronto is using the notorious libelous smear machine and hate site, Loonwatch, as a source. A source.

We are witnessing a virtual tsunami of propaganda, oppression of free speech and clampdown on the free exchange of ideas -- in other words, we are witnessing the enforcing of Islamic law (sharia).

New York - Assemblyman Decries Appointment Of Pro-Suicide Bomber Professor To Brooklyn College Vos iz neias (hat tip Nik)

New York - In a letter to Brooklyn College President Dr. Karen L. Gould, Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) decried the recent appointment of Adjunct Professor Kristofer J. Petersen-Overton who was hired to teach a Politics of the Middle East graduate course this spring at the College.

Several concerned Brooklyn College political science graduate students, including Dina Kupfer, contacted the Assemblyman who, in turn, wrote to Dr. Gould after reviewing the grossly biased course syllabus and researching Petersen-Overton’s professional background and published works.

Mr. Petersen-Overton has authored a number of anti-Israel papers, including one entitled, Inventing the Martyr: Martyrdom as Palestinian National Signifier, which endeavors to justify Palestinian suicide bombings as a means of “struggle and sacrifice” against “Israeli occupation.”

“I would love to ask this professor ‘do you condone suicide bombings and the killings of innocents in the name of Palestinian nationalism?’” Hikind said. “And I can guarantee that he would refuse to answer my question.”

Dina Kupfer added, “When a graduate course titled “Politics of the Middle East” states explicitly on its syllabus that it will not include details on Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, or Pakistan, and says it will focus specifically on Israel/Palestine—any thinking student is disturbed by the subterfuge.”

On his webpage (, Mr. Petersen-Overton writes, “I worked for some time as a human rights activist in Gaza and the West Bank and I still maintain close contact with the Palestinian activist community.” Mr. Petersen-Overton’s work history also includes experience with the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights. The Centre is well-known for its anti-Israel agenda, for publishing reports lacking accuracy and integrity condemning Israeli policy, and for describing Israeli military operations as “war crimes.”

“How can students in the class be assured of a balanced course when Mr. Petersen’s writings, affiliations, and syllabus make it clear that he identifies strongly and one-sidedly with the Palestinian narrative?” asked Judith Leibowitz, an Honors program student at Brooklyn College and a Fellow Representative for CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America).
“Taxpayer dollars should not be used to pay an overt supporter of terrorism to teach at Brooklyn College,” Hikind remarked. “This professor is better suited for a teaching position at the Islamic University of Gaza, not at CUNY.”

Keeping The Heat On Sanford Bishop

Pigford's Pig Fraud
For 12 years of politicians touting the “social justice” for the black farmer have systematically subverted their justice. The politicians and the lawyers and the “black farmers advocacy groups” have known this very, very well. They are Pigford flim flam artists.

I am committed to getting justice for the bona fide black farmers who faced government sponsored discrimination and land loss. These American heroes were betrayed by the so-called ‘black leadership’ like the Congressional Black Caucus, who sold them out at every opportunity. CBC member Sanford Bishop is a perfect example of the back stabbing that these men have faced.

We’ve issued reports, we’ve posted video interviews and now we’re drawing a line in the sand. Sanford Bishop is a symbol of the Congressional Black Caucus member who has sold out his constituency, both black and white. We’re talking bold action against Bishop and we’d like your help.
We want to inform the people who are most aggrieved by the Pigford scam and by Sanford Bishop. We’ve produced this 30 second campaign-style ad as a way to shed more heat and light on what Bishop has been getting away with in southwestern Georgia for nearly two decades...

Fort Hood Not Insanity It's Islam

Fort Hood Jihad: It's not insanity, it's Islam

The Fort Hood jihadi, Major Hasan, has been ruled sane. D'oh. Hasan is devout, not deranged.

Alleged Fort Hood shooter ruled 'sane': source AFP

KILLEEN, Texas — The US Army psychiatrist charged with killing 13 people in a shooting spree on a Texas army base has been ruled sane and thus fit for trial, a source familiar with the case said.

The ruling by a group of medical experts, called a sanity board, opens the door for a court martial that could end in the execution of Major Nidal Hasan, who was paralyzed from the neck down during the November 5, 2009 massacre.

Neither prosecutors nor retired Army Colonel John Galligan, a veteran military lawyer representing Hasan, 40, would confirm the board's decision.

But Galligan suggested it went against his client, who worked at Fort Hood until the shooting.

"I'm not going to say what they ruled," he told AFP. "I would just say this: I don't think the report will be anything that will be an impediment to the charges from the government's perspective."

Hasan is charged with killing 13 people and wounding 32 others in a crowded Fort Hood deployment center.

Witnesses at an evidentiary hearing last year fingered Hasan as a ruthless murderer who cried out "Allahu akbar!" before gunning down troops and civilians alike.

NY1 Exclusive: Gay Advocates Take Issue With Park51 Imam -

NY1 Exclusive: Gay Advocates Take Issue With Park51 Imam -

Hamas imam says "KIll all the Jews"

"Hamas imam: 'Please, Allah, kill all the Jews'" (thanks to Elder of Ziyon for sending this)

Richard Millett watched a new two-hour anti-Israel documentary claiming that Israel targeted children in Gaza. The film is now being shown on college campuses. It included this lovely clip:

Allah is the greatest.
He who thanks Allah will be rewarded.
Oh Allah, loosen your power and strength on the Jews. (Amen.)
Please Allah, kill them all...
And don't leave any of them alive. (Amen.)
Oh Allah, with your great power. Allah!
We are asking you with your infinite power, dear Allah. Allah!
Please dear Allah, take revenge for our martyrs' blood. Allah!
Please Allah, get rid of the Jews.
Bring them down.
They are not as powerful as you.
Please Allah, make the earth shake and destroy the pillars of their civilisation.
Please Allah, cast fear and terror into their hearts....

Job Statistics for EU Arabs are Scarce

Employment in the Arab Mediterranean countries is a major challenge for the region – and for Europe – in the next 10 to 15 years, calling for immediate action before permanent damage is caused to development prospects in the region. This is the main conclusion of a paper produced by the EC’s Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs.

The study, which analyses the key labour market determinants of migration flows from selected Arab Mediterranean countries (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia and the Occupied Palestinian Territories), says public policies in the countries are ill equipped to face the challenge. Labour migration remains a key feature of the labour markets in these countries – yet cannot by itself solve the labour market challenges there.

The study makes a number of recommendations including: upgrading the statistics available and conducting further in-depth analysis; upgrading education and training systems; mainstreaming the policy goal of job creation and higher productivity; promoting active labour market policies; creating incentives to hire new graduates and women; creating incentives to transform informal into formal employment; and establishing social protection systems guaranteeing universal coverage, with the emphasis on worker rather than job protection.

It also recommends that the EU upgrade its existing framework for migration from Arab Mediterranean countries, not only as a unilateral strategy, but as a cooperative framework for true co-development. (ENPI Info Centre)

DG ECOFIN Press release

Labour Markets Performance and Migration Flows in Arab Mediterranean Countries: Determinants and Effects

ENPI Info Centre webpage – migration

ENPI Info Centre webpage – economy
See more Latest News

Russia's New Age Terrorist

by Praveen Swami, Telegraph
Back in 2004, the Russian jihad commander who founded the organisation which carried out this week’s murderous attack in Moscow set about writing an inspirational manifesto for his followers.

He turned, bizarrely enough, to the Brazilian New Age novelist Paulo Coelho for inspiration.

“In late March of last year,” Shamil Basayev wrote in the preface of The Book of the Mujahid, “I had two weeks of spare time when I got hold of Warrior of the Light: A Manual. I wanted to derive benefits for the mujahideen from this book and this is why I rewrote most of it, removing some of the excesses.”

I haven’t seen a word about Basayev or his book in the hours of footage and acres of text that the Moscow attack has generated. There are two reasons why it ought to have been there.

First, the attacks in Russia make clear that the jihadist movement isn’t something that, as optimists contend, breeds in failed states and can be kept there by well-aimed missiles. The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism at the University of Maryland has recorded that Russia saw 1107 attacks between 1991 and 2008, resulting in 3,100 fatalities; the trend is headed north.

The second point is less evident.

Russia’s jihad has its roots in the 18th century, when its empire began to expand into territories until then controlled by Turkey and Iran. Local rulers resisted Russia’s advance; the rebellions took various ideological hues. In 1940, for example, Chechen fascists allied with Nazi Germany.

In 1991, as the Soviet Union crumbled, the Chechens began another war for independence. Russia lost an estimated 5,500 troops before Aslam Maskhadov, the president of the Chechen Republic, signed a ceasefire and sought to buy off Basayev by appointing him vice-prime minister. But in August 1999, Basayev led an Islamist army to stage a coup in neighbouring Dagestan. Russian forces intervened, ending Chechnya’s de facto independence.

In 2002, jihadists from Basayev’s Riyad ul-Saliheen Martyrs Brigade – named for Yahiya Ibn Sharaf al-Nawawi’s compilation of religious texts, the Gardens of the Righteous – took 800 people hostage at the Nord-Ost theatre in Moscow; 129 died. In September 2004, the Brigade seized control of a school in the town of Beslan. The ensuing hostage crisis ended in the death of 334 people, including 186 children.

Basayev himself was to be killed in 2006 – but the jihadist movement in Chechnya soon gathered momentum again. In the summer of 2008, there were a series of suicide attacks. In November, 2008 , Doku Khamatovich Umarov declared himself the amir, or supreme leader, of a so-called Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus. He later gave an interview warning Russians: “God-willing, we plan to show them that the war will return to their homes.”

He did. In 2009, 29 were killed when the group bombed a Moscow-bound high-speed train. In the summer of 2010, there were the attacks on the Moscow subway. Russian forces have hit back – but, as the latest bombings make clear, their war against the jihadists is far from over.

This is not because Russia hasn’t killed and captured enough jihadists. It is because the jihadist movement embedded itself in the historical consciousness of its audience, offering solutions that democratic political life doesn’t appear to hold out.

This brings me to my second point: our failure to comprehend the political strategies that underpin the resilience and growing reach of the global jihadist movement, and to combat them.

Few minutes pass between major terrorist attacks and expert commentary that it has something to do with al-Qaeda. The label is useless and dangerous: useless because it tells us next to nothing bar the fact that some people in the Brigade have something to do with Osama bin-Laden’s lieutenants and dangerous because it panders to the illusion that we can reduce the jihadist movement to a fairy-tale ogre which we can slay.

Like other revolutionary movements, of either the Right or Left, jihadism is in a state of constant evolution – often, as Patrick Porter has pointed out in his must-read book Military Orientalism, learning from the systems of knowledge of its adversaries. Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, who proclaimed that the “language of war is killing,” was quoting, almost verbatim, from the writings of Carl von Clausewitz. In his recent statements, Osama bin-Laden has borrowed the language of the environmental movement and New Left. Basayev, of course, read an author beloved of Oprah fans.

There is a fascinating passage in the Book of a Mujahid; fascinating because of the murderous actions to which it must be compared. The mujahid, Basayev wrote, “recalls the words said by the Prophet Isa [Jesus]: ‘Love your enemies,’ and he obeys this precept, for a mujahid knows that any person, until the very moment of death, has the chance from Allah to get on the Straight Way. And by the mercy of Allah, your worst enemy may happen to become your brother.”

I’m guessing the man who blew himself at Moscow’s airport had read the book, though he quite clearly had an unusual interpretation of Jesus Christ’s message.

From this, the lesson is simple: pious lectures about religious tolerance, or understanding the real message of Islam, whatever it might be, will do nothing to stop jihadism. Not one word of this message will be disputed even by the most crazed suicide-bomber. The suicide bomber chooses to die not because he hates his enemy, but because he sees himself as an altruist: his blood and that of his victims, he believes, will bring redemption.

The jihadist cult of death will lead, inexorably, to hell. But the fight against it will not be won by guns alone. It needs the emergence of real political alternatives – and sadly, there just aren’t any in sight.

Praveen Swami

Praveen Swami is the Daily Telegraph's Diplomatic Editor. He has reported on Asian security issues for almost two decades, and is the author of two books on the India-Pakistan conflict in Kashmir. Most days, he tweets a small selection of key international affairs articles, which you can follow on

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why you Should Support Geert Wilders? Here is why

Why you Should Support Geert Wilders? Here is why

EUROPE vs ISLAM : Decide NOW before it is too late!

ADL Toys with Appeasement of Muslims

The capacity for humiliating, destructive behavior of the self-loathing Jew, Abe Foxman (and those Jews who fund the ADL), continues to astound and repel proud Jews across the world.

Ever since Foxman voiced opposition to the Ground Zero mosque (even a broken clock is right twice a day), he has been prostrating himself in front of any mosque or madman who would listen, trying to make amends. His latest dhimmi-jew stunt takes the cake. Foxman's Anti-Defamation League is now the leading advocate for monster mosque construction projects that have run into local opposition across the country.

Fauxman has launched the Interfaith Coalition on Mosques, a group begun by his Anti-Defamation League last September at the height of opposition to the Ground Zero Islamic supremacist mosque. It's objective is to fight for monster-mosque construction rights. The coalition includes some of the nation's top religious leaders. Imagine, if you will, an Islamic Coalition to Build Synagogues in Muslim Countries, or the Islamic Coalition of Muslims to Build Coptic Christian Churches in Egypt, or the Islamic Coalition to Build Hindu Temples in India, Kashmir and Pakistan (OK, you can stop laughing now).

Those pf us who have watched the 'inter-faith" war tactics of the Islamic supremacists for years know the talk is one way .... to Islam. Proselytizing to Islam. Infidels, non-Muslims, are always spoken to. We are admonished and scolded by our Muslim betters. There is never any candor or criticism of Islamic religious intolerance. There is no talk or strategy about OIC initiatives to denounce and condemn the relentless slaughter of non-Muslims and moderate Muslims across the West, Africa, the Middle East, Russia, across the world. There is no denunciation of Islamic law that commands and exacts the death penalty for "blasphemy," honor killings, clitorectomies.

Where is the inter-faith dialogue on the incomprehensible slaughter of Christians in Egypt and Indonesia Peaceful_flotilla_terrorist and Nigeria? Where is the inter-faith dialogue on the centuries-old vile Islamic anti-semitism that foments and rolls to a boil throughout the world and has targeted the tiny Jewish state for over 60 years, resulting in a war for survival for the Jewish people against scores of Muslim attacks and wars? Where is the inter-faith dialogue on addressing honor killings in the US -- Noor, Aasiya, Amina, Sarah, and all of the others? Where is the interfaith dialogue for the over 80 million Hindus murdered by Muslims?

The world's leading Muslim leaders broke off talks with the Vatican because the Pope spoke about the onslaught of Islamic genocide against non-Muslims in Muslim countries.

Where is the inter-faith dialogue concerning the challenge that Muslims are the first immigrant group that has ever come to this country with a ready-made model of society and government they believe to be superior to our Constitution and system of governance?

But Foxman is building coalitions to construct mega-mosques to teach the most vile anti-semitism on the planet today. And denying the Armenian genocide by Muslims. It's a sin.

Photo: peaceful devout Muslim killing Jews on the humanitarian jihad flotilla singing "Khaybar, Khaybar, O Jews, the army of Muhammed will return.” Muhammad wiped out the Jews of Medina, for those unfamiliar with Islamic annihilationist history.

Opponent of NYC Islamic center becomes advocate for mosques nationwide

When the Anti-Defamation League - a leading Jewish group devoted to fighting anti-Semitism and "all forms of bigotry" - came out against the construction of an Islamic center and mosque near New York's ground zero last year, some critics alleged that the organization had lost its way.

"I would have expected the ADL to support the building of this Muslim community center," wrote Alan Dershowitz, an influential legal and Jewish voice. "...At the very least I would have expected it to remain silent and not to lend its powerful and distinguished voice to an opposition that includes many bigots."

Muslim Beheader & 'Bridge Builder' on Trial - Buffalo

The trials of two "honor killers" are under way in America. The horrific murders of wives, daughters, moms, sisters should be a capital crime in America. It is the worst and ultimate punishment of Islamic gender apartheid, and something we see on the rise in the West. As Muslim populations grow in the West, the status of women diminishes.

Two "honor killers" went on trial this week. Moderate beheader and bridge builder to the West, Muzzammil Hassan, was granted the right yesterday to act as his own attorney. That should make for some interesting blog posts. Hassan's attorney, Jeremy Schwartz, told the judge that he met with his client on Friday and they had an impasse and "irreconcilable differences and opinions" that go to the heart of the defense.

Aasiya hassan Hassan, a prominent Buffalo area Muslim businessman, founded the BridgesTV network to improve the image of Muslims in the U.S. He is standing trial in the decapitation of his estranged wife, Aasiya Zubair Hassan, in February 2009. He beheaded her at his company’s office in Orchard Park, N.Y. The Muslim community writ large ought to be on trial as well; they knew of the brutal violence Aasiya suffered and apparently kept silent. "The Muslim community knew of Hassan's abuse."

Honor Killing in Arizona: Muslim Dad & Arranged Marriage

"Iraqi dad's 'spit' defense in Ariz. 'honor slay,'" AP
A fanatical Iraqi-born Muslim charged with killing his beautiful daughter because she wanted to live a normal American life whined yesterday that he ran her over by accident -- because he was concentrating on spitting at another woman.

Faleh Almaleki -- whose murder trial began in Phoenix -- sent his Jeep crashing into daughter Noor Almaleki, 20, on Oct. 20, 2009, in a parking lot after she left his abusive home to live with her boyfriend's family and refused an arranged marriage, officials said.

Prosecutors have called the woman's death an "honor killing," referring to a practice in some Islamic countries in which someone -- often a woman who is believed to have shamed the family -- is killed.

The unforgivable "shame" Noor brought on her father was a taste for fast food, texting her friends with the greeting "dude" and liking clothes from Forever 21, according to a report in Marie Claire magazine.

Almaleki's lawyer said his client was only trying to demonstrate his disgust with the woman standing next to Noor -- her boyfriend's mother -- and wound up hitting them both.

But a prosecutor said in opening remarks that Almaleki was so enraged by his daughter's Westernization that he "revved and raced" his car directly at his child.

"Noor wanted to live her life like those her own age, but the defendant would not allow it," said Laura Reckart.

After Almaleki moved in with her boyfriend's family, her father told the dad that if Noor didn't leave, "something bad was going to happen," a court document said....

Noor was in a coma for two weeks before dying, while Khalaf survived.

Almaleki -- who fled to Mexico, then London, where he was arrested -- has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder, attempted murder, aggravated assault and leaving the scene of an accident.

Almaleki murdered his daughter for not being Muslim enough.

He then charged the prosecution with racism should they pursue the death penalty. But Faleh Hassan Almaleki should have been given the death penalty. He cried "racism" when it was being considered. His lawyer said at the time:

"An open process provides some level of assurance that there is no appearance that a Christian is seeking to execute a Muslim for racial, political, religious or cultural beliefs," Little wrote, referring to County Attorney Andrew Thomas' Christian faith.

A Muslim father runs over and kills his daughter with his car because she wasn't Muslim enough, but justice cannot be served because that would be "Christian" "islamophobia." We can't seek the death penalty "for racial, political, religious or cultural beliefs," but he can kill his daughter for his religious and political (sharia) beliefs.

Oh, and Islam is not a race, but why split hairs when a bogus victimhoood narrative works so well and the media sheeple are only to happy to go along with it?

Obama's Crushing ME Defeat in Lebanon

It seems another era when freedom was on the march in Lebanon. Who can forget the Cedar revolution, a thrilling historical moment for freedom lovers in the Middle East and across the world.

Here was the very visible result of the power of the force for good in the world. Obama is extinguishing our hegemony with frightening speed. The left hated Bush and his quest to spread political freedom. What exactly is it that they love?

It was a lifetime ago (not five short years) when Bush had Syria on the ropes and there were landmark demonstrations for freedom in Lebanon, Ukraine, Georgia, and Kyrgyzstan. Then UN Ambassador John Bolton was pressing forward with the UN's investigation of Syria's involvement in the "potential linkages" of the murder of former Lebanese premier Rafiq Hariri and 14 other assassinations of anti-Syrian Lebanese figures. The 14 cases included the murder of anti-Syrian newspaper boss and MP Gibran Tueni, which Lebanese lawmakers blamed on Damascus. The removal of Syria's stranglehold on Lebanon led to the Cedar revolution -- Lebanon had a shot at emerging from under the boot of Iranian/Syrian proxy of Hezb'allah's jihad.

Looking back on all those 2005 Atlas posts, they are all infused with the things the Obama adminstration is completely devoid of -- conviction, resolve and hope. Oh, the irony.
Pamela Geller

Park51 Imam Calls Upon US to Arrest Apostates

Now that the media has whitewashed and sanctioned the extremist jihadi rhetoric of Rauf and Daisy (it's not extremism, it's Islam, baby) the Khan, anything goes.

The new and more radical Ground Zero mosque imam Adhami, a disciple of the WTC unindicted co-conspirator Siraj Wahhaj, is now stumping for Islamic law on apostasy. Now one might say that Imam Adhami is a moderate, because he is only calling for jail for those who convert out of Islam, when death is ultimately the penalty demanded by the sharia (Islamic law).

shahin najafi harfe zan feat tapesh 2012 حرف ِ زن

Women's Rights abused in Iran. hat tip @Shary20

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

GOP Obstructs UNHRC

House Republicans have found a great place to cut funding to save money: The United Nations 'Human Rights Council'.

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told The Hill that oversight would be a key function of the panel, particularly funding to the U.N. Human Rights Council (HRC) that is "a waste of taxpayer dollars."

"I'd like to make sure that we once and for all kill all U.S. funding for that beast," she said last month. "Because I don't think that it advances U.S. interests, I don't think that that's a pro-democracy group, it's a rogue's gallery, pariah states, they belong there because they don't want to be sanctioned."

Supporters of continued U.S. support of and participation on the HRC say that it's essential that Washington have leverage on the panel, renowned for including countries that have their own records of human-rights violations.

They're going to cut a lot more at the UN too. Read the whole thing.

Labels: Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, United Nations Human Rights Council

posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 3:36 PM

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At 8:32 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

I'd like to see her do more and have the Eurotrash, Arabs and the Third World pick up the funding for the UN.

America won't miss that politically correct hatefest and few in America can think of one good reason why American taxpayers should continue to foot the bill for it.

Name: Carl in Jerusalem
Location: Jerusalem, Israel

Hezbollah has Enough Votes to Elect New PM

Hezbullah has lined up enough votes in the Lebanese parliament to name that country's next Prime Minister. They plan to name billionaire businessman Najib Mikati, a 'moderate' politician and former premier. Hezbullah's opponents in the March 14 movement rioted in Tripoli in response.

Several hundred Hariri supporters in the northern city of Tripoli, a predominantly Sunni area and a hotbed of fundamentalists, staged protests Monday chanting slogans against Mikati, a lawmaker from Tripoli.

The protesters waved pictures of Hariri and shouted: "Mikati you are not one of us, leave Tripoli and go away." Some banners read: "The blood of Sunnis is boiling."

The protesters briefly closed a main road in the town of Minyeh in Tripoli.

Mikati appealed for calm and, in a statement, called on Hariri supporters not to upset stability.

Hizbullah and its allies had the support of at least 57 seats and gained seven more from the bloc of Walid Jumblatt, the influential leader of the Druse sect. With Mikati's vote, Hizbullah reached 65. The voting in parliament on a new candidate for prime minister was to continue on Tuesday.

Hizbullah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said Sunday if their candidate gets the post of prime minister, the group will try to form another national unity government with Hariri's Western-backed bloc.

But Hariri said Monday he will not join a government headed by a Hizbullah-backed candidate.

On Sunday, Hizbullah's bloc chose Mikati, who served briefly as premier in 2005. He presented himself as a candidate reaching out to all sides.

"I don't distinguish between anyone. I extend my hand to everyone without exception. ... I say to Prime Minister Saad Hariri, let us all work together for the sake of Lebanon," he told reporters.

But Mikati dodged a question if he would end Lebanon's cooperation with the international court — a key Hizbullah demand — saying only that "any dispute can be solved only through dialogue."

A statement issued by Hariri's office said there is no "consensual candidate" and made clear Hariri remained the Western-backed camp's choice for prime minister.

Lawmaker Oqab Sakr said Mikati's candidacy was "a clear challenge to the will of the parliamentary and popular majority."

A Harvard graduate, Mikati is seen as a relatively neutral figure who enjoys good relations with Syrian President Bashar Assad and with the pro-Western Hariri, who himself is seeking to keep the post.

Mikati, whose wealth is estimated at $2.5 billion is on the Forbes list of world billionaires. In the 1980s, during Lebanon's civil war, he founded telecom company Investcom with his elder brother, Taha. They sold the company to South Africa's MTN Group for $5.5 billion in 2006.

The Mikati brothers now run M1 Group, a multibillion dollar holding company with interests in telecom, oil and gas and real estate among other things.

Last year, M1 bought a 13.95 percent stake in Bank Audi, Lebanon largest bank, for $450 million.

Israel radio has just reported that the United States says it would 'find it difficult' to support Lebanon if Hezbullah plays any key role in the government.

What could go wrong?

Labels: Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbullah, Lebanon, Najib Mikati, Saad Hariri

posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 10:46 PM

Name: Carl in Jerusalem
Location: Jerusalem, Israel

Tunisia: Fall of Secular Parties Pave Way 4 Islamic Ones

Fall of secular regime in Tunisia paves way for Islamic parties Jihadwatch
REUTERS - For years they were jailed or exiled. They were excluded from elections, banned from politics, and played no visible role in Tunisia's Jasmine Revolution. But in the brave new world of multi-party politics, moderate Islamists could attract more followers than their secular rivals like to admit.

And the downfall of Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali's police state may leave Tunisia open to infiltration by extremists from neighbouring Algeria, where war between authorities and Islamists has killed 200,000 people in the last two decades.

"The Islamist movement was the most oppressed of all the opposition movements under Ben Ali. Its followers are also much greater in number than those of the secular opposition," said Salah Jourchi, a Tunisian expert on Islamic movements.

'Its effect could be large'

Secularism has been strictly enforced in Tunisia since before its independence from France in 1956. Habib Bourguiba, the independence leader and long-time president, was a nationalist who considered Islam a threat to the state.

Indeed, in 1987, when Ben Ali pushed aside Bourguiba, he briefly released Islamists from jail and allowed them to run in the 1989 elections. The results surprised and worried Ben Ali.

Ennahda, or Renaissance, Tunisia's largest Islamist movement, officially won 17 percent of the vote, coming second to the ruling party.

Jourchi said there was widespread electoral fraud and the real figure could have been closer to 30-35 percent. That compared with a combined total of three percent for all the secular opposition parties that ran in the same elections.

Ben Ali reversed his policy, banned Ennahda, jailed its followers and cracked down harshly on anyone showing any tendency towards Islamism. Ennahda's leader Sheikh Rachid Ghannouchi was exiled to London the same year.

Ennahda's renaissance?

Ghannouchi, who declared his desire to return to Tunisia soon after Ben Ali's ouster, has yet to set a date.

But now that Tunisia's interim government has agreed an amnesty law that allows banned parties and frees political prisoners, Ghannouchi could return any day.

Husain Jazeery, an Ennahda spokesman exiled in Paris, said the movement would take part in parliamentary elections expected to be held in the next six months but would field no candidate for the presidency because "we do not want to rule the country".

"We are a party that does not want to rule but wants to take part alongside all the other groups and to do so responsibly," he said by telephone.

"Any exclusion of Ennahda would be a return to the old regime and that would be impossible in the current situation ... regardless of internal or external pressures."

Despite the state's crackdown on Ennahda, the movement is considered moderate and could draw widespread support....

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If Thy Cojones Cause Thee to Sin...

If thy Cojones Cause Thee to Sin...

Why is it so essential for us to keep Muslim immigrants out of Western countries, even if it means--as I think it realistically will--also excluding others by drastically reducing the sheer numbers of newcomers to our countries? I have already pointed to a number of attributes of Islamic faith and culture that make them dangerous to us. Let me rehearse these briefly, and add a few new observations:

* Unlike any other world religion, Islam has a positive doctrine of conquest as a religious duty. (Those closest analogue I can find is the religious pretext Spanish conquistadors used to attack Aztecs and Incas--proferring their leaders a Bible, then when they refused to venerate it, attacking them. But this was an innovation of 16th century land-pirates, which was not grounded in Catholic doctrine. The Crusades, for all their attendant injustices, were not justified in Church circles by any doctrine of conversion via conquest, but rather as wars of liberation for conquered, occupied Christian lands, and defense of Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land.)
* Migration is one of the key strategies in this strategy of conquest.
* Islam demands the political subjugation of all other monotheists, and the extermination or forced conquest of all others.
* Muslim scriptures and tradition sanction the deceitful embrace of religious tolerance when Muslims are weak (as they were in Mecca, hence the suras that conveniently were "revealed" in that context), which must be replaced by fierce intolerance as they grow stronger (as they were in Medina, hence the suras that handily came down from heaven then). Typically, the only difference between "moderate" and "extremist" Muslims can be traced to the context in which they are living. Those who live in Western lands are religiously enjoined to speak like early Meccans, while those in positions of power are not just permitted but obliged to act like regnant Medinians. What's shocking to our sensibilities in the West is the spectacle of "radical" imams in places like London jumping prematurely from Meccan to Medinian rhetoric. Let us hope they continue to overplay their hand.
* The Muslim subjugation of women, and the Western death-cult of feminism, combine to give Muslim immigrants a huge reproductive advantage over the natives of almost any country which they inhabit. Even conservative Catholics who reject contraception are unlikely to match the Muslim birth rate, for the simple reason that Christianity views women (like men) as ends in themselves, not means to the reproduction of sons. For evidence of this difference, think of the stark divide between Christian visions of heaven (where sex is of no significance) and Muslim paradise, which is distinctly a billionaire boys' club.
* Given the radical message of intolerance intrinsic to the Qur'an, which legitimate religious authorities around the world endorse, and the power of terrorism as a tool of "asymmetrical warfare," faithful Muslims in any country will always be just a few Friday sermons away from generating that 1% (or .05%) it takes to cause mayhem among the rest of us. Think, by comparison, of the infinitesimal fragment of pro-life Christians (hundreds of thousands of them marched on Washington yesterday) who endorse, much less use, violence to stop what they consider the mass murder of the unborn--only to be unanimously condemned by every Christian leader of any repute.

All of this is straightforwardly, sadly, true. But the Muslims aren't the only problem. There are weaknesses in our own societies that make us uniquely vulnerable at this historical moment to the dangers of mass immigration on the part of culturally self-confident minorities. (Can you think of a group which better fits that definition than Muslims?) Granting that Islamic intolerance tends to function like a deadly virus, there are situations where our own immune system is compromised, and we are less able to deal with and suppress its toxic effects.

Modern liberalism, in both its secular and Christian variety, is the civilizational equivalent of AIDS--a force that suppresses our collective will to defend ourselves through guilt, false compassion, and a weirdly self-congratulatory self-loathing that recalls the sexual frenzy of late Medieval flagellants. A perfect, and perfectly depressing example of liberalism-as-retrovirus can be seen in the recent remarks of a Catholic prelate in a country whose social fabric is being torn apart by the organized aggressions of Muslim immigrants, Great Britain. Before commenting, let me quote from the statement of Bishop Patrick Lynch, the Chair of the Office for Migration Policy of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, made on January 15 to mark the World Day of Migrants:

In his address for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees today His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI takes as his theme "One human family". He reminds us that because of globalization and migration we are becoming increasingly inter-connected and more conscious than ever that all of us belong to one human family. An important aspect of the mission of the Church in the world today is, therefore, to be a sign and instrument of union with God and of the unity of the whole human race.

Once again Pope Benedict emphasizes the central principles of Catholic Social Teaching with regard to migration - the right to migrate, the right of the State to regulate migration and the responsibility of the State to respect the dignity of every human person and therefore of every migrant. This time, however, he adds that "migrant communities have a duty to integrate into the host country, respecting its laws and national identity. The challenge is to combine the welcome due to every human being, especially when in need with a reckoning of what is necessary for both the local inhabitants and the new arrivals to live a dignified and peaceful life". [So the pope, at least, sees reason. Not Bishop Lynch.] This message is particularly relevant for the Church here in England and Wales and for our society at this present time.

Integration does not mean assimilation when one loses one's cultural, social and religious identity and is absorbed into the host culture. Integration is a process--often extending over two generations--that begins when the host community reaches out to welcome and help immigrant communities to connect with, belong to and participate in all the networks that form society today. If people don't feel welcome they can't fully belong and if they don't feel they belong it is difficult to participate and integrate.

Given the intense separatism, political radicalism, and propensity for violence of so many Muslims in Britain, could a churchman make a more recklessly masochistic statement than that one? The pope echoes the Catholic Catechism in laying down as a condition for admission that migrants "integrate" themselves and "respect" the "laws and national identity" of their host countries, preserving for both "a dignified and peaceful life." If migrants don't fulfill that responsibility, they lose the right to enter or remain. Thus explained, the pope's is quite a reasonable position. It allows for, among other things, the deportation of illegal immigrants--who by definition have not respected the laws of their new country.

Desperately uncomfortable with the teachings of a Church that holds migrants as well as natives to ordinary human standards of ethics, Lynch rushes forth to emit a lavender fog of evasion--placing the entire onus on the host society of making "integration" happen, by making people "feel welcome." That, my friends, is precisely how you don't influence a newcomer to alter his habits and mores to match those of a new situation--by affirming him exactly as he is. When a new arrival in a subculture or a club appears and seeks acceptance, the only motivation he has to adapt himself to his new, prefered society is precisely the fear that he will be excluded if he doesn't. Aggressive "welcoming" is the surest way to ensure that people stay exactly the same. That's not a problem for Lynch, however, since he explicitly rejects "assimilation when one loses one's cultural, social and religious identity and is absorbed into the host culture." To seek such a goal for immigrants smacks too much of cultural imperialism for a good, post-colonial Brit like Bishop Lynch.

But the more alien a newcomer's ways are to the basic mores and moral norms of his host society, the more essential it is that he "assimilate." If he does not, and if he is quickly joined by millions more who likewise refuse to assimilate, what his group is engaged in is not immigration but colonization, and conquest. How can this be reconciled (as the pope insists) with preserving the "laws and national identity" of the host society? Clearly, it can't. If Bishop Lynch really respected Church authority and teaching, he would stop obscuring its teaching in the fog of multiculturalist rhetoric. But to do that, he would have to be a Christian first, and a liberal second. And that never happens. The second term of the equation always multiplies the first by zero.
Posted by Roland Shirk on January 24, 2011 10:58 PM | 5 Comments
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* immigration

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Author Profile Page Buraq | January 24, 2011 11:53 PM | Reply

'What's shocking to our sensibilities in the West is the spectacle of "radical" imams in places like London jumping prematurely from Meccan to Medinian rhetoric. Let us hope they continue to overplay their hand.'

Islam always overplays its hand because there is competition among Muslims to be 'more-Muslim-than-thou'. So, they rate their Islamic credentials by saying and doing things that trump whatever the last outrageous thing was to be said or done.
But taken to an extreme, you end up with a dystopian Islamic society where people are murdered for not being Islamic enough. Purity is in the eye of the beholder, and when the beholder is a swivel-eyed psycho with a headful of quranic hatred and prejudices, you'd better watch out!
Author Profile Page sonofwalker | January 25, 2011 12:05 AM | Reply

Some of us know first-hand the out-come of an intellectual elite who know the answer and can in a grand flourish present to the star-struck peasantry and proletarians a panacea that will, if only we stick to the Five Year Plan, eventually usher in the eschathon and then forever after the New Man will be in peace and the world will live as one.I'm way too lazy and impatient for such things and am looking for Harry Potter so I can borrow his magic wand and make all good things come true. But, damn, then I come to my senses and realise that it's approaching ten years since 9-11 and very little good has come from this wishful thinking on our parts. If we wish all the harder will we see paradise in another ten years? I'm given to conclude that if we do see it, it won't be on this Earthly Plane. I think another ten years of this fruitless search for a panacea is going to leave us all wishing we were dead, if we live at all.

No one man, not even our glorious collective intelligentsia can provide THE ANSWER to the problems of jihad and Left dhimmi fascism, and those who attempt it are not doing us any great favours. We need instead, at the risk of self-contradiction, a mass of input from millions of independent citizens putting in their own ideas themselves in independent communities locally in place, and redundantly and the same again. No one person has the ultimate answers, not even Spencer, to whom I turn many times daily for answers to specific questions. Any legitimate solution to our collective, Modernity-wide problems with jihad and Left dhimmi fascism requires, if we are to remain democracies, the input of the demos, i.e. of all kinds of private individuals who comprise nations and cultures. We do not need a leader, no Churchill, (by which I assume most people mean Mussolini,) we need representatives, men and women who emerge organically from that traditional American breeding ground of community, the Club of Mutual Interest. Sarah Palins abound, to the dismay of those who hate "Fly-over Country," in the American heartland. Every community has its bright lights, found in clubs and groups such as the Harper Valley P.T.A.. for example. But to look for the man who is "a sort of god" to solve our problems, to seek The One, to throw ourselves at the avatar, all this is to submerge ourselves in the fasces, which is to say, to become genuine fascists, knowing this or not.

Grand schemes are a harm to us all. We don't need any such things. We need masses of ordinary men and women like Bill the president of the Stamp Collectors Club, the guy who's been at it for decades and is really good at it and everyone who knows him likes him and trust him because he's likeable and has proven over the decades that he's honest and capable. We need ordinary people with exceptional skills in their personal lives, (me excluded, unfortunately, donations gladly accepted,) not wankers who have prima donna accolades from the intelligentsia. The best person among us representing us. That is what Democracy is. The best person, not the fool with the most sheepish skin framed on a storefront Community Organisation office cubicle. Democracy is our neighbour who has some good ideas of his own and can stand up to the mayor and get things done when the mayor is not too happy about doing it. The man with the plan to solve all of our problems in one swell foop is not the man we need, and not the man we should want. Leaving the affairs of the polis, i.e. the City, is to be, classically, a literal "idiot."When the demos do not involve themselves in the affairs of the polis, when the people don't involve themselves in the affairs of the city, then one ends up with that old Greek problem shared by the world, of the strongman of the city, the Tyrant and the oligarchy.

No one in power today, the day we need relief, is going to bar Muslims from legal immigration to the Modern world. But my neighbour Hank might well be obnoxious to the guy down the street to the point the guy gets out of Dodge because it's just not worth living in a city full of organised people who piss on his lawn every evening. Yes, this is "community organising." It used to be called community living. It used to be called democracy and obeying the laws of the land. If people surrender their rights to speak, they will find others speaking for them, and not saying what we might like to hear on our behalf. Who ya gonna call?

Don't tell me. If you won't organise yourself and your community members to run your own polis, i.e. if you won't become your own polis-ticians, then we will live in slavery, having become helots in our own homes, slaves serving our own people as our masters. If you can save the world, first show us that you can save your own neighbourhood from harm. Then maybe work your way up to the school board. We don't actually need five year plans and utopian schemes to save the whales and lower the oceans. We need ordinary folks doing some effective local work to clean up our nations, one block at a time.
Author Profile Page sonofwalker | January 25, 2011 12:14 AM | Reply

All those tyops ain't my fault, man. If I had an arts grant I could hire, like, a proofreader, you know. So, I blame society. If that's not working for you, please personally excuse my haste in posting.
Author Profile Page sean | January 25, 2011 1:46 AM | Reply

The social fabric of Britain is indeed being torn apart by the organized aggressions of Muslims.

" matter what the multiculturalists tell us, Islam cannot bring 'cultural enrichment' to the West - it can only bring cultural impoverishment.

To say that Jihadist immigrants are worthless is to overvalue them. In fact they have a negative cultural worth, because their attempts to Islamify the West are an attempt to reduce the rich culture of a superior civilisation to a backward, depleted, restricted and primitive subset.

Although some foreign cultures are 'enriching' and bring new artforms etc, Islam is culturally impoverishing. All it can do is take away our liberty and restrict our freedom of expression.

Islam is medieval. We've been there, done that, rejected all that theocratic crap, then progressed through the Renaissance and Enlightenment and left Islam in the dust.

Vibrant Cultural Enrichment™
The justification for mass immigration given by NuLabour is that immigrants bring 'Vibrant Cultural Enrichment™ ' to our otherwise drab English lives.

Now to a certain extent this is true. Wherever the Chinese settle you get Chinatowns, which become tourist attractions. In contrast, wherever the Jihadists settle you have ghettoes which become no-go areas. Obviously, some groups are more vibrant than others.

So what have the Muslims contributed to our cultural enrichment?
Zero? - no, the number 0 was a Hindu invention.

In fact they have contributed less than zero, they have a negative effect on all aspects of society.

Islam is a moribund culture that has produced nothing of any significance to the rest of the world for the past five hundred years, with the one exception of the new cinematic genre of 'Jihad-Snuff' videos, showing now at a mosque near you.

Islamists have a deleterious effect on education, with attempts to rewrite history so that the Muslims are given credit for inventing everything, and aggressive demands to ban music, visual arts and drama from the syllabus.

They have disrupted our once civilised society. They have made air travel into even more of a nightmare than it was. They have flooded the country with heroin.

Kuffar teenagers in enriched areas are scared to go out in case boys get attacked by gangs of 'Street Jihadists' and girls by gang rapists. Even young children are vulnerable to Islamic paedophile gangs.

They have destroyed trust. We can no longer trust doctors if they are Muslims. We can no longer trust police if they are Muslims.

They have destroyed free speech. We can no longer discuss religion without being arrested. They have given our control-freak government the perfect excuse to increase their surveillance into everybody's lives.

Unlike the far eastern cultures, which have contributed martial arts, visual arts, meditative techniques and so on, Islam has contributed nothing. They are so backwards they cannot create anything new. Their toxic combination of ignorance with aggressive arrogance can only destroy cherished aspects of our traditional culture.

Everything they touch turns to Shi'ite."
Author Profile Page Alfred Sanchez | January 25, 2011 1:51 AM | Reply


another terrorist attack here in the philippines

‘Big bomb’ kills 4, injures 14 bus passengers on Edsa
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