Saturday, January 29, 2011

Islamic Versus Secular Governance in Egypt

Scrubbing and Smearing: Islamic vs. Secular Governance in Egypt Leftist Islamic Machine in High Gear

I warned earlier (here and here) that the Islamic supremacists and their leftist tools in the media and culture at large would whitewash the violent and brutal islamic supremacist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, and pave the way for a fundamentalist Islamic takeover of Egypt. They wasted no time. At Salon, erudite savages suited in civilian attire, blared this headline:

The blogger who still loves Mubarak

Pamela Geller cheers for mass arrests, worries that Obama will throw our "ally" under the bus

"Cheering for mass arrests?" Hardly. My fight, always, is for freedom. A secular government in Egypt would be preferable to the most radical and extreme system of governance on the earth. That's the goal.
Pamela Geller

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