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J Street and the Dirty Money of George Soros

George Soros is the source of the dirty money behind the front group to destroy Israel, J Street, as J Street executive director Jeremy Ben Ami has finally admitted to the media, after lying about it since the group’s founding: “I accept responsibility personally,” said Ben Ami, “for being less than clear about Mr. Soros‘ support once he did become a donor.”

Of course it was Soros. George Soros vowed years ago to start an anti-Jewish organization under the nefarious guise of a Jewish organization, in order to counter the influence of the American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC). He knew full well that there would be lowlife Jews who would be only too happy to serve as funktionshäftling.

He assisted the Nazis, so is it any wonder he wants to destroy the Jew? If at first you don’t succeed…

If you are unfamiliar with Soros’s actual past, remember that, as 60 Minutes reported in 2006, “While hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews were being shipped off to the death camps, George Soros accompanied his phony godfather on his appointed rounds, confiscating property from the Jews.”

Since then, Soros — convicted in France for insider trading — has his black hand in every evil thing: the legalization of drugs and prostitution; betting against America and making millions by making what he called “a good call against the dollar”; violating the U.N.’s neutrality by funneling money through its Development Program to Georgia’s President. He was financier of guilty terror lawyer Lynne Stewart’s defense fund; and was involved via his stooges at America Coming Together in election fraud and via his investment in WellCare, in Medicare irregularities.

And now Soros has given $750,000 to J Street. Another $811,697 came from a mysterious woman in Hong Kong named Consolacion Esdicul, who has apparently acted as a representative for Black Rock, a New York hedge fund with close ties to… George Soros.

Pamela Geller

The Today Show Shills for Ground Zero Mosque Thug Developer Gamal

Beckel Threatens Geller on FOX

UPDATE: The Lid has this: Beckel Threatens Pamela Geller

Here's something you don't hear very often from a Fox News Contributor "You're a woman, you better be careful about saying who I carry water for," but that was the threat Bob Beckel made to my friend, Pamela Geller editor of Atlas Shrugs during a heated exchange on Eric Bolling's Fox Business News show Money Rocks last night.
After a discussion of the 60 Minutes report on the Ground Zero mosque controversy (that ran the night before) Bolling brought in Ahmed Rehab of the CAIR who instead of discussing the Mosque stooped to calling Ms. Geller names. That's the same CAIR who was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Terrorist funding case and as recently as this past March, whose terrorist ties were reaffirmed by the FBI.
Then Beckel, looking visibly angry was brought in to discuss an insensitive statement during his last appearance on Money Rocks, in which he said,
"Look, at some point, I know it's sensitive here in New York and probably New Jersey, but we have to get over 9/11."
Beckel's response to the query about his statement to tear into Pamela, saying that on her site she once said she felt President Obama was an anti-Semite.
Obviously Beckel felt intimidated by Geller because he could not even look at her while he started his childish name calling. But as he got his "sea legs" the progressive apologist began to get abusive toward Pamela, still unable to look her in the eye:
Geller: I would like to address Mr. Beckel's point. I don't know why you're carrying water for the most radical, intolerant ideology in the world today. There have been 20,000 documented radical Islamic attacks since 9/11. Each one with the imprimatur of a Muslim cleric...

Beckel: You better be very careful. You're a woman, you better be very careful about who you say I carry water for, because you have no idea what you're talking about. And don't start putting me in the middle of your crap!

Geller: Don't you point to me!

Beckel: I'll point to you all I want!

Geller: Don't you point to me. You're a misogynist.

Beckel: You're getting yourself fifteen minutes, you get yourself fifteen minutes of fame because you're (Bolling) picking on a bunch of Muslims.

Geller: You're picking on a bunch of women. You're a woman hater.

Beckel: A woman hater? A woman hater?

Geller: Look how you're talking to me. It's outrageous.

Beckel: You are nuts.

Geller: Yea, I'm nuts.

The lid has more. Go.
UPDATE: The Blaze on it.
UPDATE: Hawkins isn't having it.
UPDATE: Instapundit said:

BOB BECKEL DOESN’T KNOW WHO HE’S DEALING WITH, if he’s threatening Pam Geller. Really, Bob, stick to reading the White House talking points. You don’t want to open up the can of whupass you’ll open up here . . . .

UPDATE: Charlie Martin emails: “I expect Pamela will deliver Beckel to his next of kin in three shopping bags.” Yes, but they’ll be from Bergdorf Goodman.

ANOTHER UPDATE: In the comments, the meanest thing you can say about Bob Beckel: “Beckel was campaign manager for Walter Mondale’s 1984 presidential campaign.”

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Islamization of London England , EDL demonstration (French TV English Su...

Europe to be Muslim in Ten Years

Amr Khaled: An Egyptean preacher

He said:” for us muslims, the most important thing that there are many millions muslims in europe and this means many implications.

The muslims keep having children while the europeen don´t; this means that within 20 years the muslims will be a majority, wich will have an exceptional influence on the decision-making.

All this makes other groups very angry and they consider this to be very dangerous, these are the enemies of islam, as we know full well.

The goal of the enemies of islam is to drive 20-30 million muslim out of europe, or to provoke them in away that would lead to their banishment.

In order to drive the muslims out of europe, the european peoples must have a pretext, giving them legitimacy to do so.

Therefore, their (europeans ) solution is to continue the provocation(against the muslims) and to continue to do things that would provoke the muslims who would make mistakes such bombings and other unusual responses.

What is the sollution?

We(muslims) must be very realistic and positive.

What we need is for the many millions of muslims in europe to infiltrate(society), to show that muslims are respectful in all places; companies where thet work, in sports club and in all places where a muslim can influance a european person and continue to have so much babies.

That will abolish the plan and the muslims will remain in europe.

And we(muslims) really need ten years to make europe muslim.

Translated from Arabic to English by ex-muslim

Why the Meltdown Should Have Surprised No One | Peter Schiff

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Our Acute Case of Fiscal Madness

Our Acute Case of Fiscal Madness
Paul Krugman, Truthout: "Future historians will marvel at the austerity madness that gripped policy elites in the spring of 2010. In a flurry of blind panic and irrational exuberance, organizations from the European Central Bank to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development suddenly abandoned everything we had learned, at a bitter cost, about economics during recessions and decided that fiscal austerity was the way to go while the world was in the depths of a slump - indeed, many claimed that spending cuts would actually be expansionary. Not only was there an illogical push for austerity, but there also emerged a widespread demand for central banks to raise interest rates in the face of falling inflation and high unemployment."

U.N. Flotilla Debate: Hillel Neuer on English-language Russian TV

Cuidado com o Panda - Sensacional propaganda árabe

Egyptian commercials for Panda cheese go viral.

Hat tip: Carl in Jerusalem

Stuxnet Virus Spreading and Mutating

The Stuxnet computer worm continues to mutate and spread through industrial plant computers in Iran, including in Iran's nuclear facilities.

The Stuxnet worm is mutating and wreaking further havoc on computerised industrial equipment in Iran where about 30,000 IP addresses have already been infected, IRNA news agency reported on Monday.

"The attack is still ongoing and new versions of this virus are spreading," Hamid Alipour, deputy head of Iran's Information Technology Company, was quoted as saying by IRNA, Iran's official news agency.

Stuxnet, which was publicly identified in June, was tailored for Siemens supervisory control and data acquisition, or SCADA, systems commonly used to manage water supplies, oil rigs, power plants and other industrial facilities.

The self-replicating malware has been found lurking on Siemens systems mostly in India, Indonesia and Pakistan, but the heaviest infiltration appears to be in Iran, according to researchers.

The hackers, who enjoyed "huge investments" from a series of foreign countries or organisations, designed the worm to exploit five different security vulnerabilities, Alipour said while insisting that Stuxnet was not a "normal" worm.

He said his company had begun the cleanup process at Iran's "sensitive centres and organisations," the report said.

Analysts say Stuxnet may have been designed to target Iran's nuclear facilities. But Iranian officials have denied the Islamic republic's first nuclear plant at Bushehr was among the addresses penetrated by the worm.

"This virus has not caused any damage to the main systems of the Bushehr power plant," Bushehr project manager Mahmoud Jafari said on Sunday.

He, however, added the worm had infected some "personal computers of the plant's personnel."


posted by Carl in Jerusalem

Stuxnet Computer Worm Mysteries

Blake Hounshell discusses six mysteries regarding the Stuxnet computer worm that may have infected Iran's nuclear facilities. Here are some of the more interesting ones.

1. What was the target? Although the worm has affected computers in Indonesia, India, Pakistan, and elsewhere in addition to Iran, security researchers who have been pouring over Stuxnet for months say it appears aimed at a very specific target. According to Siemens, "The behavioral pattern of Stuxnet suggests that the virus is apparently only activated in plants with a specific configuration. It deliberately searches for a certain technical constellation with certain modules and certain program patterns which apply to a specific production process." Two German experts, Ralph Langner and Frank Rieger, have offered competing theories as to what that target might be, both of them in Iran, where most of the affected machines are.

Langner guesses that Stuxnet is aimed at Bushehr, Iran's civilian nuclear power plant, which is slated to go online this fall. Langner's case rests largely on the fact that Bushehr runs Siemens software and that Russian contractors would have had access to the facility -- and that they would have used USB drives to set up the system.

Rieger counters that Natanz, Iran's uranium enrichment plant, is a more likely target. Not only is it more of a proliferation threat, there's suggestive evidence that it actually may have been affected by sabotage. (More on this later.) He also points out that Natanz is more likely to have the kinds of identical nodes, in this case "cascades" or groups of centrifuges, that would be susceptible to an attack.

2. Who did it? The obvious culprit is Israel, which has both the sophisticated technology and the motive to sabotage Iran's nuclear program, which it deems a mortal threat. An eerily prescient Reuters article published in July 2009 quotes Scott Borg, a U.S. cybersecurity expert, speculating that Israel might want to do so, adding that "a contaminated USB stick would be enough" to cause real damage to Iranian facilities.

Other countries, such as the United States, China, and Russia, probably have the capability, but only one -- the United States -- has a clear motive (some might add France and Germany to this list). One could spin complicated theories as to why Russia would want to sabotage its own facility, but Occam's Razor probably applies here -- and other reporting has indicated that the United States and Israel have, in fact, approved a covert sabotage campaign that may include a cyber component.

You think WE - the world's biggest experts on cybersecurity - would do something like that? Hmmm.

posted by Carl in Jerusalem

Reassessing Ground Zero

A crack in the mosque wall? It seems that Hisham Elzanaty is the real power, the real owner, behind the Ground Zero mega mosque, and he is looking at a new location for this insulting monstrosity.

Elzanaty is a notorious figure. Not only did he donate thousands to Hamas through the Holy Land foundation (the defendant in the largest terror funding trial in US history), Elzanaty ran a Bronx-based medical supply company that had to refund more than $300,000 in Medicaid payments in 2004-2005 because of Medicaid fraud.

Elzanaty was the money behind the Ground Zero Mosque buy, and he states quite emphatically that the thug Gamal is merely a managing agent, a bag man. It is Elzanaty who makes the call on whether the mosque goes forward. He has a new site, and he is reassessing the project near Ground Zero. In the days ahead, Elzanaty plans to meet with the imam of this new mosque and the families of 9/11 victims.

New Mosque in Lower Manhattan FOX NY hat tip Armaros

MYFOXNY.COM - A mosque not too far from Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan is now active -- and it's not the one causing all the controversy. Hisham Elzanaty's attorney spoke to Fox 5 about a new mosque at 30 Cliff Street.

Elzanaty, the majority owner in the controversial proposed mosque two blocks from the World Trade Center site, told Fox 5's Charles Leaf last week that he only picked the site because he thought it would be a great place to pray.

Now there is such a place, so Elzanaty's attorney went to check it out.

"I had the pleasure of meeting the imam, I spoke with him today," said Wolodymyr Starosolsky. "The people were very kind and very courteous."

Elzanaty and his attorney are now considering whether this location is good enough to replace the project near Ground Zero.

Starosolsky said there are just proposals, ideas.

"There is a long road to go before you get to the end," he said. He also stressed that the person who is the ultimate decision maker is Elzanaty.

In the days ahead, Elzanaty plans to meet with the imam of this new mosque and the families of 9/11 victims. He is reassessing the project near Ground Zero.

Atlas Shrugs

POTUS Appeasement May Rekindle Genocide

BOLTON: Crisis point dead ahead

Obama appeasement may rekindle genocide

Although the conflict between Khartoum and Darfur has dominated the news in recent years, the proximate cause for dissolving the country now is the postponed but still simmering conflict between Mr. Bashir's Islamicist central government and the Christian and animist South. For decades, the South resisted Khartoum's efforts to impose its religious law on the entire country. Then, in 2005, the George W. Bush administration put this conflict on hold through the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). While the CPA halted the ongoing genocide against the South, it was only a truce, not a lasting peace. Critical to gaining the South's agreement was the commitment to a referendum in January 2011, when the South could vote whether to remain part of Sudan or become independent.

That referendum is now the main focus. Neutral observers almost unanimously think a free and fair referendum would produce an overwhelming pro-independence vote. Those same observers think Mr. Bashir's government will do almost anything, including resorting to military force, to prevent losing the South and its huge oil and other natural resources. (The North also has oil, but by many estimates, the South accounts for 80 percent of Sudan's total reserves, all of which would be lost by independence.) The petroleum reserves explain why the North is still frustrating one major aspect of the 2005 CPA: the delineation and demarcation of a border between the two regions in the oil-rich Abeyi territory. While the border itself has been decided, the North is preventing the line's physical demarcation, thus preventing the South from benefiting by drilling for and producing the oil underground. Mr. Bashir's regime has faced no penalties for frustrating the demarcation process, or even much pressure from the United States, thus signaling that Mr. Obama does not take seriously Khartoum's violations of the CPA.

Wrenching disagreements within the Obama administration are reinforcing the impression that our president is not willing to confront the Khartoum government. Mr. Obama's "open hand" policy toward rogue states, which has failed so notably with Iran and North Korea, is similarly failing in Sudan. Mr. Obama's special Sudan envoy, retired Air Force Gen. Scott Gration, has essentially cuddled up to Mr. Bashir, hoping he can thereby persuade Khartoum not to use military force. Mr. Obama's meetings with Southern Sudan leaders and others at the United Nations General Assembly's opening have not produced major breakthroughs.

Instead, Khartoum reads the Obama administration's weakness as a license to hold South Sudan under its control, either by fixing the referendum, Chicago-style, or using military force. In theory, the Obama administration is confronting Khartoum with "carrots" and "sticks," promising as carrots aid and legitimacy if Khartoum allows a free and fair referendum and respects the results. The carrot list is long and generous, but the list of sticks is hard to fund. Incredibly, Gen. Gration revealed his idea of sticks when he said recently "We have a policy that gives the North a pathway to better bilateral relations [with Washington]. If they don't take it, that's already a stick." In other words, if Khartoum doesn't do what Washington wants, it won't get what it has happily lived without for decades. No wonder Khartoum isn't listening.

Africa has long observed taboos against changing the national boundaries given newly independent countries during decolonization. Whether or not the boundaries were optimal, African leaders thought that trying to rationalize them risked continentwide chaos. Ironically, there have been few African border conflicts since independence, but the number of internal conflicts has been high. Near Sudan, Eritrea declared independence from Ethiopia, and their conflict is still unresolved. Somalia's government has collapsed, and the country has fragmented; radical Islamicists now operate freely, and pirates attack ships on the high seas. Chad faces substantial ethnic hostility, fanned by interference from Libya. Ethnic conflict in Africa's Great Lakes region is well known and continuing.

The debate over Sudan's future, therefore, clearly could affect all of Africa. Mr. Obama's policy of appeasing Khartoum is lighting the fuse on the time bomb Mrs. Clinton fears. Only a few months remain until the scheduled referendum, and the risks of a return to genocide in Sudan are growing daily.

Sudan: Ticking Time Bomb

Francis Bok, also a U.S. citizen like Deng, was taken by an islamic militia and made a slave at the age of seven. He speaks here at the beginning of the freedom walk to Washington, September 15, 2010. (Photo El Marco)

'''Ticking time bomb' is the entirely accurate way Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton recently described Sudan. There is every indication the country is nearing a breakup......

Unfortunately, President Obama is increasing the risk this time bomb will explode." (John Bolton)

How disingenuous of Obama to play the African card to prop up his less-than-thin resume during his marketing-driven presidential campaign, and still unashamedly abandon the people of Sudan to jihad.

I have been covering Simon Deng's Freedom Walk this year (and every year) to call attention to the jihadi genocide in Darfur and the plight of the oppressed and brutalized people of Southern Sudan. Simon and his freedom fighters are walking to Washington from New York, as we speak, and still Obama sides with evil.

Intercepted: Jihad Plot to Attack Germany, France & Britain

News from the daily global jihad .............. but we are the bad guys.
Intercepted: Plot to launch Mumbai-style jihad massacres in Britain, France and Germany Jihadwatch

Hatched in Pakistan. "Multi-Attack Terror Plot On European Cities," by Alex Watts for Sky News Online, September 28 (thanks to Alan of England):

Intelligence agencies have intercepted a terror plot to launch Mumbai-style attacks on Britain and other European countries, according to Sky News sources.

Sky's foreign affairs editor Tim Marshall said militants based in Pakistan had been planning simultaneous strikes on London and major cities in France and Germany.

He said the plan was in the "advanced but not imminent stage" and the plotters had been tracked by spy agencies "for some time".

Intelligence sources told Sky the planned attacks would have been similar to the commando-style raids carried out in Mumbai.

Then, Pakistan-based Islamist group Lashkar-e-Taiba killed 166 people in a series of gun and grenade attacks in the Indian city.

The European plot was unearthed after intelligence sharing between London, France, Germany and the US.

It came as the Eiffel Tower in Paris was evacuated because of a bomb scare for the second time in two weeks....

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Sharia Coming to US to Ban Free Speech

Coming to America: OIC to Impose Sharia (Islamic) Law via UN to develop a "legally binding institutional instrument" to Kill Free Speech about Islam and jihad
spiring to the caliphate ..............

So what can we hope to see coming out of the international Islamic supremacists conference in Chicago this week? First read Bat Ye'or, the world's leading scholar on Islam in the West and Islamic antisemitism in the American Thinker -- The OIC and the Modern Caliphate:

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is a religious and political organization. Close to the Muslim World League of the Muslim Brotherhood, it shares the Brotherhood's strategic and cultural vision: that of a universal religious community, the Ummah, based upon the Koran, the Sunna, and the canonical orthodoxy of shari'a. The OIC represents 56 countries and the Palestinian Authority (considered a state), the whole constituting the universal Ummah with a community of more than one billion three to six hundred million Muslims.
The OIC has a unique structure among nations and human societies. The Vatican and the various churches are de facto devoid of political power, even if they take part in politics, because in Christianity, as in Judaism, the religious and political functions have to be separated. Asian religions, too, do not represent systems that bring together religion, strategy, politics, and law within a single organizational structure.

Not only does the OIC enjoy unlimited power through the union and cohesion of all its bodies, but also to this it adds the infallibility conferred by religion. Bringing together 56 countries, including some of the richest in the world, it controls the lion's share of global energy resources. The European Union (EU), far from anticipating the problems caused by such a concentration of power and investing in the diversification and autonomy of energy sources since 1973, acted to weaken America internationally in order to substitute for it the U.N., the OIC's docile agent. In the hope of garnering a few crumbs of influence, the EU privileged a massive Muslim immigration into Europe, paid billions to the Mediterranean Union and Palestinian Authority, weakened the European states, undermined their unity, and wrapped itself in the flag of Palestinian justice, as though this would supply some protective system against the global jihad, which it endeavored to focus on Israel.

Religion as the main aspect of the OIC emerges from its language and its targets. It seems that the OIC is restoring in the 21st century the Caliphate, the supreme controlling body for all Muslims. In their Charter (2008), Member States confirm that their union and solidarity are inspired by Islamic values. They affirm their aim to reinforce within the international arena their shared interests and the promotion of Islamic values. They commit themselves to revitalizing the pioneering role of Islam in the world, increasing the prosperity of the member states, and -- in contrast to to the European states -- to ensure the defense of their national sovereignty and territorial integrity. They proclaim their support for Palestine with al-Quds Al Sharif, the Arabized name for Jerusalem, as its capital, and exhort each other to promote human rights, basic freedoms, the state of law (shari'a), and democracy according to their constitutional and legal system -- in other words, compliance with shari'a.

They also undertake to stimulate noble Muslim values, to preserve their symbols and their shared heritage, and to defend the universality of the Islamic religion -- simply put, the universal propagation of Islam (da'wa). They state that they are promoting women's rights and encourage their active participation in all walks of life, in accordance with the laws of the Member States. They agree to inculcate Muslim children with Islamic values and to support Muslim minorities and communities outside the Member States in order to preserve their dignity and their cultural and religious identity.

The Charter's strategic targets seek "[t]o ensure active participation of the Member States [of the OIC] in the global political, economic and social decision-making processes to secure their common interests" (I-5) and "[t]o promote and defend unified position on issues of common interest in international forums" (1-17).

Among its targets, the OIC Charter specifies the propagation, promotion, and preservation of Islamic teachings and values, the spread of Islamic culture, and the preservation of the Islamic heritage (I-11). Article I-12 promotes the protection and defense of the true image of Islam, the fight against its defamation, and the encouragement of dialogue between civilizations and religions. The other objectives deal with protecting inherent Islamic family values (I-14) and the preservation of rights, dignity, and religious and cultural identity of the Muslim communities and minorities in non-Member States (I-16). This issue points to the OIC authority over immigrants abroad and its pressure on the governments of the non-Muslim host countries through the channel of dialogue, including the Alliance of Civilizations, whose Report backs OIC programs, and interfaith and immigration networks.

The OIC supports all the jihadist movements considered to be resisting "foreign occupation," including those in "occupied" Indian Kashmir, and condemns the "humiliation and oppression" of Muslims in India.

Read the rest of this seminal piece here. And then check out the Saudi Gazette:

“OIC calls for urgent collective measures against Islamophobia,” by Habib Shaikh in the Saudi Gazette, September 27:

JEDDAH – Foreign ministers of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) have called upon the international community to make collective efforts to prevent incitement to hatred and discrimination against Muslims and to take effective measures to discourage negative stereotyping of people on the basis of religion, faith or race, according to an official source at the OIC on Sunday.

This call was made in the declaration by the Annual Coordination Meeting of Foreign Ministers of OIC Member States on Countering Islamophobia held at the United Nations head quarters, New York on Friday.

The foreign ministers called for a global awareness on the dangerous implications of the rise of Islamophobia on world peace and security and urged the leaders of the international community to demonstrate their collective political will to address the issue with all urgency.

“We emphasize the need to develop, at the UN, including the HRC, a legally binding institutional instrument to promote respect for all religions and cultural values and prevent intolerance, discrimination and the instigation of hatred against any group or followers of any religion.”

They also called upon the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to set up an observatory at her office aimed at monitoring and documenting acts that lead to incitement to religious hatred, hostility and violence.

In the declaration, they extended support for all initiatives aimed at promotion of moderation, tolerance and encouraging dialogue for shunning violence and extremism, and invited the international community both in terms of policy and practice to stand against all xenophobic campaigns of fear-mongering and discriminatory measures that endanger peaceful coexistence among cultures, civilizations and nations and create a negative environment conducive to violence and violation of human rights of individuals and communities.

“We also call upon the international community to make concrete measure with a view to fostering an environment of respect for all religions,” they said.

They stressed that while considering the importance of dialogue among civilizations and expansion of relations and cooperation between the Islamic World and other cultures and civilizations, “we reiterate our commitment to continue efforts in engaging with the West in projecting the true tenets of Islam, and countering common challenges.”

However, they expressed “profound regret and deep concern” at the increasing acts of Islamophobia, growing trend of intolerance and hatred toward Muslims, and mounting number of acts of violence against Muslims in some Western societies….

Robert Spencer comments here, "The Organization of the Islamic Conference continues to pretend that it is Western non-Muslims, not Islamic jihadists, who are responsible for the link between Islam and terrorist violence, and are hoping by means of laws against "incitement to religious hatred," which are of course to be interpreted and applied by them, to render us mute and hence defenseless in the face of the advancing jihad. "OIC calls for urgent collective measures against Islamophobia,"

The Islamic supremacists converge on Chicago this week and plot with Muslim Brotherhood proxies to kill free speech. There is, from the 28th to the 30th of this month, a conference being held by the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the American Islamic College on "Islam and Muslims in America" in Chicago. It is a summit of Islamic supremacists at the highest levels of national and international power. Notice how all of these Islamic organizations and groups all share the same goal, worldwide. This conference appears to be the penultimate chapter, a decidedly evil moment, in American history.

The fox is in the hen-house. Here we see, up close, just how deeply the US government has been infiltrated by the stealth jihadists. The panel discussions give us a true picture of their agenda -- The Role of the OIC & The scope for its relations with American Muslims, American Foreign Policy & The Muslim World, and Islam in the American Context.

Unindicted co-conspirators, Hamas-linked, Muslim Brotherhood fronts like CAIR and ISNA pow wow with Muslim Congressmen and with people at senior levels of the White House, the State Department and the largest Islamic supremacist body in the world, the OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference).
CAIR founders Omar Ahmad and Niwad Awad (who still serves as CAIR's executive director) were present at a Hamas planning meeting in Philadelphia in 1993 where they and other Hamas operatives conspired to raise funds for Hamas and to promote jihad in the Middle East. CAIR has steadfastly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. Ghassan Elashi, founder of CAIR's Texas chapter, in 2009 received a 65-year prison sentence for funneling over $12 million from the Islamic charity known as the Holy Land Foundation to the jihad terrorist group Hamas, which is responsible for murdering hundreds of Israeli civilians Mousa Abu Marzook, a former CAIR official, was in 1995 designated by the U.S. government in 1995 as a "terrorist and Hamas leader." He now is a Hamas leader in Syria.

Mr. Nihad Awad, Executive Director, CAIR. Awad has said, "I am in support of the Hamas movement." CAIR operatives have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case. Several of its former officials have been convicted of various crimes related to jihad terror. Two of its other officials have made Islamic supremacist statements. CAIR also was involved in the Flying Imams' intimidation suit against the passengers who reported their suspicious behavior.

Attending from the White House is Rashad Hussain, Special Envoy of the White House to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). After naming him, Barack Hussein Obama boasted that Rashad Hussin was a hafiz who had committed the Koran to memory. Further, Rashad Hussain, special White House official, has a history of participation in events connected with the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, as well as support for Brotherhood causes, once having called prosecution of the U.S. leader of a Palestinian terrorist organization one of many “politically motivated persecutions.” More background on Rashad here.

Also attending from the White House is Dalia Mogahed, Executive Director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, and Adviser, White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Obama's first veiled appointee, Egyptian born Dalia Mogahed, conducted her first interview with notorious Jew-hater and America-hater Sheik Yusuf Al-Qaradawi's extremist Islamic website, Islam Online.

In April 2009, Mogahed said in an interview with terrorist- and jihad-supporting Qaradawi's website, "Many have claimed that terrorists have 'hijacked Islam'. I disagree. I think Islam is safe and thriving in the lives of Muslims around the world. What the terrorists have been allowed to take over are Muslim grievances." I posted the whole thing here.

And Mogahed says Sharia Law is misunderstood. Dalia Mogahed

The White House adviser made the remarks on a London-based TV discussion programme hosted by Ibtihal Bsis, a member of the extremist Hizb ut Tahrir party.

Hizb ut Tahrir is a violent international pan-Islamic political organization whose goal is for all countries to unify as an Islamic state or caliphate ruled by Islamic law and with a caliph head of state elected by Muslims.

The group believes in the non-violent destruction of Western democracy and the creation of an Islamic state under Sharia Law across the world.

"The majority of women around the world associate gender justice, or justice for women, with sharia compliance.


It also includes the controversial "Hadd offences", crimes with specific penalties set by the Koran and the sayings of the prophet Mohammed. These include death by stoning for adultery and homosexuality and the removal of a hand for theft.

Miss Mogahed admitted that even many Muslims associated Sharia with "maximum criminal punishments" and "laws that... to many people seem unequal to women," but added: "Part of the reason that there is this perception of Sharia is because Sharia is not well understood and Islam as a faith is not well understood."

Attending from the State Department is Farah Pandith. Barack Obama created the State Department office of Special Representative to Muslim Communities for the United States Department of State, naming Pandith its head, back in June 2009. It was at the urging of the Secretary General of the OIC, Dr. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, that such an office was established, in order to further the charter for our dhimmitude, the US Muslim Engagement. And so it was.

In 2008, the Secretary General of the OIC, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, issued a "free speech" warning: “We sent a clear message to the West regarding the red lines that should not be crossed” regarding free speech about Islam and terrorism. And he reported success: “The official West and its public opinion are all now well-aware of the sensitivities of these issues. They have also started to look seriously into the question of freedom of expression from the perspective of its inherent responsibility, which should not be overlooked.” No American president had ever taken more seriously his “responsibility” to restrict the freedom of speech and bow to Muslim demands than Barack Hussein Obama. When he said during his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech that “peace is unstable where citizens are denied the right to speak freely,” the irony was blistering. And he worked to erode American sovereignty in other ways as well.

Bat Ye'or, the Egyptian-born British historian who specializes in the history of Christian and Jewish dhimmis (author of Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis; Islam and Dhimmitude: Where Civilizations Collide; and The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam: From Jihad to Dhimmitude), described the OIC this way:

The order to proceed with the criminal prosecution [of Geert Wilders] resulted from pressure put on European states and on the UN Human Rights Council by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). The OIC’s aim is to punish and suppress any alleged Islamophobia, around the world but particularly in Europe, and it has been a leader in creating the conditions that made the U.K.’s Wilders ban possible. The OIC is one of the largest intergovernmental organizations in the world. It encompasses 56 Muslim states plus the Palestinian Authority. Spread over four continents, it claims to speak in the name of the ummah (the universal Muslim community), which numbers about 1.3 billion. The OIC’s mission is to unite all Muslims worldwide by rooting them in the Koran and the Sunnah — the core of traditional Islamic civilization and values. It aims at strengthening solidarity and cooperation among all its members, in order to protect the interests of Muslims everywhere and to galvanize the ummah into a unified body. The OIC is a unique organization — one that has no equivalent in the world. It unites the religious, economic, military, and political strength of 56 states. By contrast, the European Union represents half as many states and is a secular body only, and the Vatican — which speaks for the world’s 1.1 billion Catholics — is devoid of any political power. Many Muslims in the West resist the OIC’s tutelage and oppose its efforts to supplant Western law with sharia. But the OIC’s resources are formidable. The organization has numerous subsidiary institutions collaborating at the highest levels with international organizations in order to implement its political objectives worldwide. Its main working bodies are the Islamic Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), which seeks to impose on the West the Islamic perception of history and civilization; the Observatory of Islamophobia, which puts pressure on Western governments and international bodies to adopt laws punishing “Islamophobia” and blasphemy; and the newly created Islamic International Court of Justice. As stated in its 1990 Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam, the OIC is strictly tied to the principles of the Koran, the Sunnah, and the sharia. In a word, the OIC seeks to become the reincarnation of the Caliphate.

The OIC regularly reiterates its commitments to protecting the political, historical, religious, and human rights of Muslims in non-OIC states, especially Muslims who form the majority in specific regions of non-Muslim countries — such as the southern Philippines, southern Thailand, and western Thrace in Greece — as well as Muslims in places like the Balkans, the Caucasus, Myanmar, India, and China. The OIC supports Hamas and the Palestinians in their struggle to destroy Israel, as well as the Muslim fight for “legitimate self-determination” in “Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir.” It has condemned the “continual Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan,” and it expresses its full solidarity with “the just cause of the Muslim Turkish people of Cyprus” and with Sudanese President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir, whom many hold responsible for encouraging the massacres in Darfur. The seat of the OIC is in Jeddah, but the organization regards that location as temporary: Its headquarters will be transferred to al-Kods (Islamized Jerusalem) when that city has been “liberated” from Israeli control.
In its efforts to defend the “true image” of Islam and combat its defamation, the organization has requested the UN and the Western countries to punish “Islamophobia” and blasphemy. Among the manifestations of Islamophobia, in the OIC’s view, are European opposition to illegal immigration, anti-terrorist measures, criticism of multiculturalism, and indeed any efforts to defend Western cultural and national identities. The OIC has massive funding from oil sources, which it lavishly spends on the Western media and academia and in countless “dialogues.” It influences Western policy, laws, and even textbooks through pressures brought by Muslim immigrants and by the Western nations’ own leftist parties. Hence, we have seen Kristallnacht-like incitements of hate and murder against European Jews and Israel conducted with impunity in the cities of Europe — where respect for human rights is supposed to be one of the highest values.

Geert Wilders is the latest victim of this enormous world machinery. His crime is maintaining that Europe’s civilization is rooted in the values of Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, and the Enlightenment — and not in Mecca, Baghdad, Andalusia, and al-Kods. He fights for Europe’s independence from the Caliphate and for its endangered freedoms. He had received serious death threats even before Fitna was released.

Others in attendance include:

Keith Ellison, Muslim Brotherhood congressman, whose trip to the hajj and to Saudi Arabia was paid for by very questionable sources to the Muslim Brotherhood. Ellison faces a House Ethics Committee review. Spencer has been calling attention to Ellison's ties to the Muslim Brotherhood for years. He noted in December 2008, when it was first revealed that Ellison's Hajj was paid for with $13,350 from the Muslim American Society:

The Muslim Brotherhood "must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and "sabotaging" its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions." -- "An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America," by Mohamed Akram, May 19, 1991.

Also in attendance will be, Imam Siraj Wahhaj; Ameer, Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA). "If only Muslims were clever politically, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate." -- Siraj Wahhaj, 2002

The Muslim American Society (MAS) is an organization with strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. The organization, founded in 1993, is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia and has local chapters in 23 states. MAS is headed by Esam Omeish and Souheil Ghannouchi, who serve as president and executive director respectively. Shaker El Sayed served as the Society's secretary general until June 1, 2005, when he left the organization to become an imam at the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Northern Virginia. MAS' political and public relations wing, the Freedom Foundation, is headed by Mahdi Bray. Click here for the full profile.

And Hamza Yusuf is one of the founders of the "first accredited Islamic University" at Berkeley: more here. Yusuf is an anti-Semitic and anti-American Islamic "scholar." He has a "reputation for hostility toward the United States and Israel, he commonly appears as a guest speaker at events organized by various chapters of the Muslim Students Association of the U.S. and Canada."
On September 9, 2001 – just two days before the al Qaeda attacks against America – UCLA’s Al-Talib magazine co-sponsored a benefit dinner titled “Justice for Imam Jamil Al-Amin” (aka H. Rap Brown) at UC Irvine. Al-Amin had recently been convicted of murdering an Atlanta police officer who was attempting to arrest him. Among the speakers at this benefit was Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, who spoke about the fate he foresaw for America:

They [Americans] were ungrateful for the bounties of Allah, and so Allah caused them to taste fear and hunger. That is one reason and, I would say, that this country is facing a very terrible fate. The reason for that is that this country stands condemned. It stands condemned like Europe stood condemned for what it did. . . . This country [America] unfortunately has a great, a great tribulation coming to it. And much of it is already here, yet people are too to illiterate to read the writing on the wall.

I have much more on many of the subversives and stealth jihadists attending the axis of evil, but I am traveling, More on this to come. If you are in the Chicago area -- go to this conference and take notes.

Bullying Tactics by Pro-Mosque Supporters

I have been doing a lot of media, and Atlas readers are well aware of the campaign of destruction of freedom defenders by the leftist/Islamic machine.

Tonight's Ground Zero mosque segment on Eric Bolling's Money Rocks perfectly illustrates this, and the perverse marriage of the left and the jihad. The particularly vile (though typical for unindicted co-conspirator, Hamas-linked, Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR) Ahmad Rehab did his usual nazi jig, and he had the grotesque Bob Beckel as his water boy. I had been fortunate, up until today, not to have to be in the same studio with that slob, but tonight I was not spared the abuse of Beckel's presence. I was the only female on the panel, and as we were prepping (getting mic'ed etc) for the show, Beckel was regaling his victims (Bob Hemmer, David Webb and Bolling) with sordid tales of pole dancers and the like. Grotesque and deliberate. Nobody was backslapping this pig, trust me.

Once we went into the live tape, Beckel carried the CAIRanimal's water -- and he was richly rewarded for his dhimmi status. You'll note Rehab's constant referral to Beckel's "we have to get over 911." It got ugly between Beckel and me both during the show and after the show. When we cut to break, Beckel chided Bolling for not bringing "Jewish slumlords" on the show (referring to Bolling's segment on Imam Rauf's status as a New Jersey slumlord, so named in a lawsuit against Rauf by Union City). When I heard Beckel's Jew-hating belch, I said, "and you're an anti-semite." He told me to "kiss his ass," to which I responded that he would never get anyone anywhere in the world to get with that.

The leftists and the islamic supremacists cannot counter our arguments, so they resort to personal destruction. This is what happens to anyone who stands against them and for freedom today: they will comb through what you have said and done to try to find material they can use to discredit you, no matter how much they have to misrepresent it and lie about your real intentions to do so. They will shout you down and call you names, all the while accusing you of doing what they are actually doing. They will stop at nothing to destroy you, so that not only will no one take you seriously or listen to you, but also anyone whom they can associate with you, however tenuously, is also tainted.

But all this means only this: that lovers of freedom must stand up all the more, and speak out all the more loudly, and never rest in the cause of justice and the right. Because their evil, thuggish, bullying tactics must not prevail. And they will not prevail.

Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

Monday, September 27, 2010

Euroweenies Won't Accept Renewed Construction

Aren't you glad we made a 'one-time concession'? It seems that the Euroweenies have learned from the Arab school of pocketing Israeli concessions and then demanding more.

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner says the "global public opinion will not accept a situation in which Israel decides to resume construction in the settlements."

Speaking in an interview to the London-based Arabic-language al-Hayat newspaper, Kouchner added that his country was working with the United States to reach a solution on the matter "as this is a very critical issue."

What could go wrong?

posted by Carl in Jerusalem

Some of you might remember when France had a country.

Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade Takes Credit for Hebron Hills Attack

The Fatah-affiliated al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades have taken credit for the terror attack that occurred on Sunday evening in the Hebron hills.

The al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, Fatah's military wing, and al-Quds Brigades, the Islamic Jihad's military wing, claimed responsibility for the shooting attack that injured a husband and his pregnant wife outside Teneh Omarim in the West Bank.

In a statement issued, the groups said, "The attack was carried out to mark the 15th anniversary of the killing of the Islamic Jihad's founder Fathi Shaqaqi." However, in a conversation with Ynet, members of both organizations denied having any knowledge of the statement.

I don't believe that denial. Do you? I think we're being taunted to continue the 'direct talks' despite the fact that Fatah is now carrying out terror attacks again.

posted by Carl in Jerusalem

Stuxnet Malware Infests Iran Nuclear Facility

The Stuxnet worm has hit the Bushehr nuclear plant.

A complex computer worm capable of seizing control of industrial plants has affected the personal computers of staff working at Iran's first nuclear power station weeks before the facility is to go online, the official news agency reported Sunday.

The project manager at the Bushehr nuclear plant, Mahmoud Jafari, said a team is trying to remove the malware from several affected computers, though it "has not caused any damage to major systems of the plant," the IRNA news agency reported.

It was the first sign that the malicious computer code, dubbed Stuxnet, which has spread to many industries in Iran, has also affected equipment linked to the country's nuclear program, which is at the core of the dispute between Tehran and Western powers like the United States.


In a sign of the high-level concern in Iran, experts from the country's nuclear agency met last week to discuss ways of fighting the worm.

The infection of several computers belonging to workers at Bushehr will not affect plans to bring the plant online in October, Jafari was quoted as saying.


posted by Carl in Jerusalem

Saudi Men Pay to Enter women-only Shopping Malls

From the oh so tolerant Kingdom of Saudi Arabia comes word that men are paying women to say they are their sisters to allow them entree into women's only shopping malls.

You’re a young guy with a few hours to waste. The sun is boiling. The tummy is starting to rumble and there in the distance, as if the higher forces had heard your call, is a glistening shopping mall with a food court and female shoppers that would make any mouth water.

But there is no entry says the guard, single men like you need to be with a female relative to enter these ramparts.

Enter an entrepreneurial young woman. “Wanna be my brother?” she propositions.

50 seconds and 50 Saudi riyals later and you are walking freely into the mall and riding up the shining escalators to the food court with your new ‘sister’.

The practice of single men paying for a temporary, fake sister or mother as a tactic to gain entry to family-only malls in Saudi Arabia is on the rise.

Polish Neo-Nazis Learn They are Jewish

Married Polish skinheads attend orthodox shul after researching Jewish ancestors. Polish Chief Rabbi: "Never write somebody off."
Talkbacks (18)

Two Polish former neo-Nazis who recently discovered their Jewish roots were the subjects of a CNN documentary aired on Saturday. The two, who met when they were 12 and were married at 18, describe themselves as having been rebellious youth and slowly becoming affiliated with Warsaw's neo-Nazi skinhead movement during their teenage years.

Ola vaguely remembered having a conversation with her mother when she was 13 years old in which her mother told her about their family's Jewish roots. As she later discovered through her own research, her ancestors hid their Jewish identities in order to escape the persecution of the Nazi Germany and later in the Soviet Union.

Group prepares Shavuot guide for Poland’s ‘hidden Jews'
The harrowing story of a Jewish skinhead

As she and her husband became more and more involved in Warsaw's skinhead movement, Ola remembered that conversation with her mother so many years before. Determined to find answers for herself, she went to Poland's Jewish Historical Institute. However, Ola did not only confirm her own family's Jewish roots. She also discovered that her neo-Nazi husband's ancestors were Jewish as well.

"It was unbelievable -- it turned out that we had Jewish roots. It was a shock. I didn't expect to find out that I had a Jewish husband," Ola said of her discovery. She said that she didn't know how to tell her husband the news, but felt compelled to do so.

"I was a nationalist 100 percent. Back then when we were skinheads it was all about white power and I believed Poland was only for Poles. That Jews were the biggest plague and the worst evil of this world," Ola's husband Pawel told CNN. "It is difficult to describe how I felt when I found out I was Jewish... I was angry, sad, scared, unsure."

Pawel also talked about how he has changed. In his new life, he feels bad for some of the things he did and the people he hurt.

The two began to deal with their renewed Jewish identity by attending an Orthodox Jewish synagogue. To this day, they have consulted with and studied under Warsaw's Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich.

Today, the now-Orthodox couple have fully embraced their Judaism, Pawel studying to work in a Kosher slaughter house and his wife Ola working as a kashrut supervisor in the synagogue's kitchen.

"It says on a personal level, never write somebody off. Where they may be 10 years ago doesn't have to be where they are today. And the human being has this unlimited capability of changing and sometimes even for the better," Rabbi Schudrich said of his two congregants.

West Bank Settlements Resume

Settler leaders acknowledged construction activity would be minimal in the coming months, in part because banks and developers are reluctant to commit to new projects out of fear that building will be stopped again

Palestinians regard settlement as a major obstacle to peace because the construction is on land they claim for part of their future state. Some 300,000 Israeli settlers live in communities scattered across the West Bank, in addition to 180,000 Jewish Israelis living in east Jerusalem, the area of the holy city claimed by the Palestinians as their capital.

Immediately after the restrictions expired at midnight, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appealed to Abbas to keep negotiating.

Israeli defense officials said Defense Minister Ehud Barak has floated a proposal under which any future construction – even projects with all the necessary permits – would need his personal approval.

Under this scenario, Netanyahu would in effect be able to leave the building restrictions in place without openly declaring this. But it was not clear whether Netanyahu favors the idea. The defense officials spoke on condition of anonymity because no decision has been taken.

Under heavy U.S. pressure, Netanyahu persuaded his hard-line Cabinet to agree to the slowdown last November in a bid to bring the Palestinians back to the negotiating table after a breakdown of nearly two years.

The Palestinians initially dismissed the gesture because it did not halt construction on thousands of settlement apartments already under way. They also objected because it didn't officially apply to east Jerusalem – though there has been a de facto construction freeze there for months as well.

After U.S. mediated peace talks were launched earlier this month in Washington, the Palestinians demanded Israel maintain the curbs.

Netanyahu – a settlement champion who just last year grudgingly endorsed the notion of a Palestinian state – had faced heavy pressure within his pro-settler governing coalition to resume construction.

Any negotiations would be complicated by the rival Palestinian governments in the West Bank, which Abbas controls, and in the Gaza Strip, which is ruled by Islamic Hamas militants who overran the territory in June 2007.

On Monday, Hamas' top leader, Khaled Mashaal, said from his base in Syria that only minor issued remained for a full reconciliation with Abbas' Fatah movement. Mashaal did not elaborate, saying only that the two groups have taken "serious and real steps" toward reconciliation and would meet in early October in Cairo.

There was no immediate comment from Fatah.

Multiple efforts to reconcile the two sides have failed. Breakthroughs have been heralded before, only to fizzle. Reconciliation would likely require major concessions, including the integration of rival security forces, new elections and some sort of Hamas recognition of Israel's right to exist.

Hamas opposes peace talks with Israel and has threatened to spoil the latest round with violence.

Alonzo(Denzel Washington) famous last words Training Day

Israel's Worst Enemy? Liberal Jews!

Why Time Doesn't Want ME Peace

Richard Engel and Karl Vick
t's that time of the year again. The time where we add up our circulation figures and our ad dollars, and realize that there's no way we're going to be able to pay for a second Switzerland vacation this year. But that's all right, because we're not in it for the money. It's about journalism, fame and having a Constitutionally protected right to lie as much as we want.

Right now we're hanging on to the future by our fingernails. Because in the latest survey we found that the only people who read our magazine either don't know how to use a computer or are sitting in the dentist's office and trying to bury their fear in our infographic about the cast of the Jersey Shore.

We're desperate. I mean we've tried everything. And we've partnered with such leading news organizations as CNN, the Huffington Post, the Onion and, but nothing is working. And somewhere in between such vital stories as the "Top 10 Famous Toilets" and "5 Best Kim Jong Il Hairstyles" (Editor's Note: only one of those is a real Time Magazine story, guess which one. Nope, you guessed wrong) , we have to try and find geopolitical stories that somebody actually cares about, and that we can render in a simplistic fashion for our core audience of people who are just happening to browse at a newstand while waiting for the bus.

And let's face it that subject comes down to Israel. Sure we could try to do a report on the genocide in the Sudan, or the coup in Thailand or the flood in Pakistan; but who's really going to care? Can you imagine anyone picking up a copy of Time Magazine with a cover focusing on the treatment of multiracial children in South Korea? Yeah right. As it is nobody's buying our magazine. If we did that, our sales figures would hit negative numbers.

There are nights when we sit up all night worrying that there might actually be Middle East Peace. And then we'd be screwed. Completely screwed. What would we even write about anymore, except baby racism and how great Obama is? And nobody wants to hear that last one anymore. Sure we can fire the rest of our staff and just have our AutoWriter2000 do the rest of the articles. It's been doing our entertainment and sports coverage for years and nobody has noticed. But you can only save so much money that way. And sooner or later, they'll come out with an AutoEditor and then it's going to be skiing on the Alps, while we're begging the White House for a job.

Just last night I asked Joanie, "Honey, do you think there will ever be peace in the Middle East?" And she patted my bald head, and said, "Of course not. If there's ever peace in the Middle East, you'll have to get a real job." And I sighed. I wondered if this is how Goebbels felt. The man had a sweet gig, and then it all fell out from under him over that pesky invading Poland thing. Well we don't want to be the next Goebbels. Sure he got to hang out with the man in charge, and even wear a cool uniform, and he's actually a distant family relation, but where's the career trajectory? We might have made old Adolf, Man of the Year in 1938, but we didn't stick around in the bunker while the Yanks and the Brits were bombing Berlin.

That's what it comes down to. Israel is our meal ticket. Or more precisely, Israel at war is. As long as terrorists are killing Israelis, and Israeli soldiers are killing terrorists-- all we have to do is hire some second rate hack, send him to live in a fancy hotel in Jerusalem, and have him file the occasional on how awful the Israelis are to the poor terrorists. It's gold, I tell you. Gold! Occasionally we'll throw it up on the cover, with some illustration of the Star of David being nasty. Instant controversy. Instant sales. Okay maybe most of the actual sales will be to people who take it to the bathroom in bookstores and then put it back on the rack afterward, but an eyeball is still an eyeball. Even if it in the Borders' men's room.

As long as people know we exist, then we are arguably relevant. We might not be profitable. We might have less words to a page than most boxes of cereal. But we haven't been forgotten. I can't count how many times at a cocktail party, I tell people what I do for a living, and they ask if Time Magazine is still being published. "Yes", I tell them, "Didn't you see our groundbreaking cover story on 'What Animals Think About', or our cover story on energy efficiency which featured a lightbulb wearing a sweater (Editor's Note: Yes both of those are real Time Magazine cover stories). What about our latest piece on Jonathan Franzen? Franzen who? Damn it, he's the author of the most anticipated literary soap opera about suburbanites since Harold Robbins. Never mind, next week it's a cover about how evil Israel is!"

America Rising: An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians

Jackie Mason Vlog 44 Making Muslims Happy

Jackie Mason Vlog 68 Muslims In The UK

Islam Debate Jackie Mason Show Pt 3

Islam Debate Jackie Mason Show Pt 2

Islam Debate Jackie Mason Show Pt 1

Islam Debate Jackie Mason Show Pt 3

The People Behind The Mosque

Sunday, September 26, 2010

We Hate Jews More than We Love Our Children

For any of you who have not figured it out yet, of course, 'Islamophobia' has nothing to do with violence against Muslims. This is John Hinderaker from Power Line.

There are any number of serious human rights issues in the world today, some of them involving mass murder on an industrial scale, none of which the U.N. has managed to do much about. But the existence of actual human rights crises never distracts the U.N. from pandering to the fantasies of the OIC. Thus, yesterday's report: Islamic states push U.N. to condemn Koran burning:

Islamic states sought on Wednesday to have the United Nations human rights council condemn a U.S. pastor's suspended plan to burn Korans, saying it was part of a pattern of global anti-Muslim violence.

A resolution submitted by Pakistan for the 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) asks the council to speak out against what it dubbed "the recent call by an extremist group to organize a 'Burn a Koran Day'."

The resolution, which diplomats said was likely to be passed as the OIC and its allies have a majority on the 47-nation body, made no reference to condemnation of the plan by President Barack Obama and other U.S. and foreign leaders.

If you try to bring a Bible into Saudi Arabia, they will destroy it. That's different, of course.

The current resolution does not exist in a vacuum; it is part of a long-term strategy to de-legitimize resistance to Islam, now widely known as "Islamophobia."

Read the whole thing.

posted by Carl in Jerusalem

Scary: POTUS still Doesn't Understand What Iran About

Anne Bayefsky compares President Obama's UN General Assembly address with President Ahmadinejad's and concludes that Obama doesn't understand what's at stake.

When Obama took center stage at the U.N., it got off to a bad start and only got worse. The president arrived late and, as leader of the host nation, delivered his speech one slot after its originally scheduled time. He then spent just a few short sentences on the most lethal threat to peace and security today: the acquisition of the world’s most dangerous weapon by the leading state sponsor of terrorism, Iran. In those few minutes, Obama chose not to speak the plain truth — that Iran seeks nuclear weapons — or to commit his government to stopping them, period. He said instead that Iran had not yet demonstrated peaceful intent and asked Ahmadinejad to “confirm” this intent. Obama’s primary message was that “the door remains open to diplomacy should Iran choose to walk through it.”

Ahmadinejad has heard this plea from the Obama administration so many times before that he has clearly stopped counting. Ahmadinejad understands perfectly well that confronting Iran is out of sync with the “new era of engagement” that is the trademark of Obama’s foreign policy. “Engagement” looks like this: The president of the United States keeps talking about “extended hands” and “open doors,” and the president of Iran keeps building nuclear weapons. As recently as September 19, even Secretary Hillary Clinton told Christiane Amanpour, “We’ve said to the Iranians all along…we still remain open to diplomacy. But it’s been very clear that the Iranians don’t want to engage with us.”

Ahmadinejad, therefore, took the opportunity provided by the U.N. to slam the door once more in President Obama’s face. While he lectured about the “lust for capital and domination” and “the egotist and the greedy,” the American U.N. delegation sat stoically in their seats. They had instructions to tough it out until Ahmadinejad really got offensive — though what would count as sufficiently offensive was never publicly announced.


In fact, President Obama played to his U.N. audience just as the president of Iran did. Obama made the centerpiece of his speech an overt squeeze on the state of Israel. Before a U.N. audience infamously hostile to Israel, he demanded that Prime Minister Netanyahu renew the moratorium on building “settlements.” He made no such specific demands of the Palestinian side. Instead, he painted a picture of moral equivalence between the terrorists that seek Israel’s annihilation and Israel’s reasonable skepticism of a negotiating partner that still refuses to accept a Jewish state, referring to “rejectionists on both sides” that “will try to disrupt the process with bitter words and with bombs.”

Ahmadinejad got the message. Israel is vulnerable with President Obama in office, and Iran has no serious reason to believe that hate and terror will be on the losing end any time soon.

posted by Carl in Jerusalem

2010 09 23 MSNBC Scarborough Country Christine O'Donnell Stop the Whole ...

Christine O'Donnell on evolution

Muslim Homicide Bomber Wounds 42 in Russia

More daily jihad......... Daghestan has been the scene of bloody clashes between forces loyal to Moscow and Muslims fighting for a state separate from Russia. So what else is new?

At Least 42 Injured In Suicide Bombing In Russia's North Caucasus Radio Europe

Russian media reports say a suicide bomber has blown himself up in the republic of Daghestan, injuring at least 42 people, including several police officers.

The bomber broke through a police cordon in the capital, Makhachkala, where security officers were battling militia fighters.

At least two Islamist rebels were killed in that incident.

The region is plagued by almost daily violence.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Red Carpet Spy

Red Carpet Spy
Published: September 24, 2010
VALERIE PLAME WILSON, America’s best-known ex-spy, was looking chic in black bustier and flowing white pants, posing for paparazzi on the red carpet earlier this month at a film festival in Deauville, France.

A few days later, she was standing in her Santa Fe dining room, sans makeup, in sneakers and sweatshirt, fighting off jet lag as she presided over some run-of-the-mill domestic chaos. She had children — 10-year-old twins Samantha and Trevor — to hustle to school and a frisky dog to walk. Her husband, Joe, a former ambassador, had just returned from a business trip to Baghdad and was on the phone, squabbling with the airline over lost luggage. Their refrigerator was practically empty and Samantha had proclaimed her English muffin “disgusting.”

Ms. Wilson took a bite. “Sourdough,” she announced, handing the offending muffin to her husband. He dug in with feigned relish, musing that it might taste better with some worms. The little girl rolled her eyes.

For Ms. Wilson, a former undercover operative for the C.I.A. whose exposure in 2003 engulfed the Bush White House in scandal, the hectic morning was a precious sliver of normalcy in a life that has had anything but. She and her husband fled Washington’s echo chamber for Santa Fe three years ago, seeking peace and seclusion after the so-called Plame Affair destroyed his international consulting business, wrecked her espionage career and nearly took down their marriage.

Now she is making her re-entry, this time on her own terms.

The woman who spent decades guarding her privacy has found a new voice through a very public enterprise, the movie business, which is why she was in Deauville. “Fair Game,” a film based largely on her 2007 autobiography of the same name (starring Naomi Watts as Valerie and Sean Penn as Joe), is set to open this fall.

You might call it “The Spy Who Went Hollywood,” though if you did, you would get some serious pushback from Ms. Wilson. “Please, no,” she said, shaking her head. “We have had just enough peek into the world of Hollywood to know that it is just not of interest to us. It really is high school with money.”

Perhaps. But Ms. Wilson is smart enough to know that Hollywood has a bigger megaphone than Washington does, and she is making adroit use of it to reclaim her own narrative and burnish her credentials. She was featured this summer alongside a bevy of world leaders in “Countdown to Zero,” a documentary about nuclear proliferation, a topic she knew well as a C.I.A. officer tracking weapons of mass destruction. But her focus at the moment is promoting “Fair Game,” directed by Doug Liman.

THE film, which also draws on Mr. Wilson’s 2004 book, “The Politics of Truth,” will have its premiere in New York and Washington next month. It recounts how Ms. Wilson’s C.I.A. cover was blown by the conservative columnist Robert Novak after her husband, who had traveled to Niger at the C.I.A.’s behest to assess whether Saddam Hussein was pursuing nuclear weapons, challenged the Bush administration’s rationale for the Iraq war on the opinion pages of The New York Times A special prosecutor investigated the leak, which led to the conviction on obstruction of justice charges of I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby, then Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff.

In Washington, where the Wilsons — especially Mr. Wilson — remain persona non grata in Republican circles, the movie will no doubt roil the waters. In 1991, Mr. Wilson was the last American diplomat in Iraq before bombs fell; upon his return, the first President Bush praised him as “a true American hero.” But loyalists to the second President Bush regard him as a publicity-seeking blowhard — “pompous, self-centered, egotistical,” wrote Karl Rove, the former Bush political strategist, who was spared indictment in the leak inquiry. Mr. Rove’s lawyer, Robert Luskin, predicts the movie will be a snooze; he says the Wilsons are “a little past their ‘sell-by’ date.” Mr. Wilson, still in “us vs. them” mode, says the movie “goes after them with a stiletto, rather than a butcher knife.”

Republicans still snicker at the way the Wilsons posed in Joe’s Jaguar convertible — he with an arm dangling over the side, she masked by a headscarf and dark glasses — for Vanity Fair at the height of the scandal. The photograph, along with a collection of signed political cartoons, hangs in the Wilsons’ guest bathroom in Santa Fe, one of the few signs of their Washington life. (The Jaguar is gone; Ms. Wilson insisted her husband sell it when they moved.)

As much as it is a political movie, “Fair Game” is a personal one, the story of the tensions that nearly ripped the couple apart as he publicly accused the Bush White House of a “smear campaign,” while she remained silent, terrified for her children and her C.I.A. “assets,” people she had cultivated overseas. As her career crumbled and his consulting clients fled, they struggled, as Ms. Wilson wrote in her book, “to stop the slow slide of our marriage into nothingness.”

For Mr. Liman, the movie’s director, whose credits include “The Bourne Identity,” it was the elusive Ms. Wilson who was especially captivating. “She’s clearly a survivor,” he said. “She definitely loved her life as a spy, and worked very hard to earn the position that she had achieved, and all that was taken away from her. Yet you don’t get the feeling like she’s holding a grudge.”

Indeed she says she is not, though in her own controlled way she still seethes over what she calls “the Republican playbook, denigrating me and discrediting Joe.” The safety fears linger; for this article, Ms. Wilson preferred to be photographed outside her home, not in it, and the children were off-limits.

Santa Fe is, psychically and geographically, far removed from the toxic political climate of Washington, which is why the Wilsons moved here, to a sprawling adobe house on a ridge overlooking the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Aspens line their driveway, wildflowers bloom in the fall and their hummingbird feeder once attracted a bear. Ms. Wilson had come to know the city from business trips to Los Alamos National Laboratory nearby; she and her husband left Washington as soon as the Libby trial was over.
“We kind of looked at each other, and said, ‘Now, why are we here?’ ” she said, during a morning hike with the dog. “We didn’t have any jobs. We didn’t have any family there. It just seemed ...” Her voice trailed off, but the sentence did not need finishing. They had to escape to survive.
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Alex Wong/Getty Images

Ms. Wilson, right, at a news conference with the Global Zero U.S. Chairman Richard Burt and Queen Noor of Jordan.

Times Topic: Valerie Plame

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Valery Hache/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Arriving at the Cannes film festival with the actress Naomi Watts, who plays Ms. Wilson in “Fair Game.”
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Ms. Wilson and her husband, Joe, at Cannes.

The early months here were a blur, as she fretted over the bills while “living on air.” They met the director of the Santa Fe Opera, who was enchanted with Trevor and cast him as Falstaff’s page. Mr. Wilson “became an opera dad,” his wife said, “staying for the whole rehearsal, sitting in the back, growing a beard.”

Today, Ms. Wilson can barely walk down Santa Fe streets without turning heads. When she arrived for lunch at a local cafe, the hostess was beside herself.

“Naomi Watts! Spectacular! How do you feel?” the woman gushed.

“A little nervous,” Ms. Wilson replied.

The Wilsons had just come from a church, where they had told their story to senior citizens. In a city that voted 3-to-1 for President Obama, the crowd, not surprisingly, was friendly. The first question: “Why aren’t Dick Cheney and George Bush in jail?”

When the talk was over, a gentleman approached and reached into a small bag. Ms. Wilson eyed him warily as he withdrew a pair of smooth buckeye nuts — good luck tokens, he said. He asked where their children went to school.

“A local public school,” Ms. Wilson replied cryptically. The man persisted, saying he was a retired educator. Ms. Wilson sized him up and relented, naming the school.

Later, at the cafe, over champagne and a vegetable frittata, she talked about her “life passage” from private spy to public figure. She feels “more integrated” now, she said. One thing she has learned: “I’m not terribly confrontational, but I’ve gotten better at holding my ground.”

Hollywood has opened doors. “Countdown to Zero” has offered her a chance to put her C.I.A. expertise to use in the public sphere — and to befriend Meg Ryan and Queen Noor of Jordan, fellow advocates of eliminating nuclear weapons. Both films took her to Cannes last spring, where Giorgio Armani hosted a party on his yacht for “Fair Game,” and where Ms. Wilson strode the red carpet with Naomi Watts at her side. At the “Countdown” New York premiere in July, she dished with Whoopi Goldberg and Elisabeth Hasselbeck on “The View.”

But when “Countdown to Zero” was shown at C.I.A. headquarters in Langley, Va., in a secure auditorium known as The Bubble, Ms. Wilson was not there.

“I wasn’t invited,” she said wistfully. “It would have been awkward.”

Both Wilsons were consultants on “Fair Game,” taking turns on the set in New York so that one or the other could be home with the twins. Mr. Penn visited them in Santa Fe (“I made him clean up after dinner,” Ms. Wilson said), and she and Ms. Watts are now pals, trading “funny, gossipy e-mails,” the actress said.

“This is her new life, and she didn’t choose it, but why shouldn’t she enjoy it and embrace it?” Ms. Watts said. “She’s using her voice, and her beliefs.”

Still, it seems a reluctant embrace. Spies do not reveal themselves easily, and there is more in the public domain about Ms. Wilson than she can disclose. Her book was published with big chunks blacked out after a protracted legal battle with the C.I.A., and she is bound by its secrecy agreement. Inquiries about her work — or whether certain scenes in “Fair Game” are truthful — are met with raised eyebrows and a standard reply: “I can’t speak to specifics.”

At 47, Ms. Wilson wants her story known, but does not want the scandal to forever define her. “It’s a piece of our fabric, not the entire fabric,” she says. Last year, her husband, now 60, became chairman of the Africa subsidiary of Symbion Power, a construction company, and Ms. Wilson works part time doing community outreach for Santa Fe Institute, a scientific research organization. She is also collaborating with Sarah Lovett, a local author, on — what else? — a spy novel.

But for now she has a movie to promote. On the way back from Deauville, she stopped in Paris for interviews, and visited the Mariage Frères tea salon in the Marais. All the while, she said, she was wishing Trevor and Samantha could be there. She wanted to sip lemonade with them at the Café de Flore, and take them to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Downhill with the GOP

Once upon a time, a Latin American political party promised to help motorists save money on gasoline. How? By building highways that ran only downhill.
Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times

Paul Krugman
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I’ve always liked that story, but the truth is that the party received hardly any votes. And that means that the joke is really on us. For these days one of America’s two great political parties routinely makes equally nonsensical promises. Never mind the war on terror, the party’s main concern seems to be the war on arithmetic. And this party has a better than even chance of retaking at least one house of Congress this November.

Banana republic, here we come.

On Thursday, House Republicans released their “Pledge to America,” supposedly outlining their policy agenda. In essence, what they say is, “Deficits are a terrible thing. Let’s make them much bigger.” The document repeatedly condemns federal debt — 16 times, by my count. But the main substantive policy proposal is to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, which independent estimates say would add about $3.7 trillion to the debt over the next decade — about $700 billion more than the Obama administration’s tax proposals.

True, the document talks about the need to cut spending. But as far as I can see, there’s only one specific cut proposed — canceling the rest of the Troubled Asset Relief Program, which Republicans claim (implausibly) would save $16 billion. That’s less than half of 1 percent of the budget cost of those tax cuts. As for the rest, everything must be cut, in ways not specified — “except for common-sense exceptions for seniors, veterans, and our troops.” In other words, Social Security, Medicare and the defense budget are off-limits.

So what’s left? Howard Gleckman of the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center has done the math. As he points out, the only way to balance the budget by 2020, while simultaneously (a) making the Bush tax cuts permanent and (b) protecting all the programs Republicans say they won’t cut, is to completely abolish the rest of the federal government: “No more national parks, no more Small Business Administration loans, no more export subsidies, no more N.I.H. No more Medicaid (one-third of its budget pays for long-term care for our parents and others with disabilities). No more child health or child nutrition programs. No more highway construction. No more homeland security. Oh, and no more Congress.”

The “pledge,” then, is nonsense. But isn’t that true of all political platforms? The answer is, not to anything like the same extent. Many independent analysts believe that the Obama administration’s long-run budget projections are somewhat too optimistic — but, if so, it’s a matter of technical details. Neither President Obama nor any other leading Democrat, as far as I can recall, has ever claimed that up is down, that you can sharply reduce revenue, protect all the programs voters like, and still balance the budget.

And the G.O.P. itself used to make more sense than it does now. Ronald Reagan’s claim that cutting taxes would actually increase revenue was wishful thinking, but at least he had some kind of theory behind his proposals. When former President George W. Bush campaigned for big tax cuts in 2000, he claimed that these cuts were affordable given (unrealistic) projections of future budget surpluses. Now, however, Republicans aren’t even pretending that their numbers add up.

So how did we get to the point where one of our two major political parties isn’t even trying to make sense?

The answer isn’t a secret. The late Irving Kristol, one of the intellectual godfathers of modern conservatism, once wrote frankly about why he threw his support behind tax cuts that would worsen the budget deficit: his task, as he saw it, was to create a Republican majority, “so political effectiveness was the priority, not the accounting deficiencies of government.” In short, say whatever it takes to gain power. That’s a philosophy that now, more than ever, holds sway in the movement Kristol helped shape.

And what happens once the movement achieves the power it seeks? The answer, presumably, is that it turns to its real, not-so-secret agenda, which mainly involves privatizing and dismantling Medicare and Social Security.

Realistically, though, Republicans aren’t going to have the power to enact their true agenda any time soon — if ever. Remember, the Bush administration’s attack on Social Security was a fiasco, despite its large majority in Congress — and it actually increased Medicare spending.

So the clear and present danger isn’t that the G.O.P. will be able to achieve its long-run goals. It is, rather, that Republicans will gain just enough power to make the country ungovernable, unable to address its fiscal problems or anything else in a serious way. As I said, banana republic, here we come.