Friday, January 28, 2011

Islam Is a Punishment from God - a Christian View

Guess what? God uses our very blindness to punish us. We deny the truth, we continue habitually to sin gravely. Then bit by bit God removes his grace from us and we sink further into sin. And our very blindness allows us to invite into our very homes (our nations) the abomination which will work God's just punishment of us. Islam.

It is brilliant actually and poetic justice indeed.

In my opinion, Islam is God's punishment on a very sinful world, much as the Blessed Virgin prophesied at Fatima that [Communism] would be a punishment. God says to humanity: you want to deny my existence, theoretically and practically? You want to do your will and flout my will? Then, like the Hebrews of old, I am coming for you. Just as God openly admits in the Old Testament that he sends "the Assyrian" to punish his people for their sinfulness, so he has sent Islam to punish us for our sinfulness.
Comment by Aquinas on article by Roland Shirk, Jihad Watch

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