Monday, January 24, 2011

Do We Want an Anti-Semite in the White House?

I call out every American Jew who voted for this racist. I call out every Jew who has stood by and deluded himself that Obama would not hurt the tiny Jewish state. I call out every Jew who thinks that he is safe here in the former land of the free and home of the repressed, oppressed brave. I call out every Jew who gave money to the increasingly radical anti-semitic political party, the Democrats.

Work those phones. You owe it to your children. You owe it to your people. You owe it to the six million dead.

Contact your Congressman;
Pamela Geller

Comment: It is easier to cry anti-Semitism than to deal with facts in the ground. Nuclear bombs have been reduced to the size of an ordinary suitcase. Several nuclear nations have the technology to retail such devices at $20,000,000 no questions asked. The presence of these devices in Washington could affect Foreign Policy.
Extremist Muslim threats to use them have a great deal of credibility.

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