Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brooklyn College Hires Pro-Homicide Bomber Prof

he onslaught of the islamization of our universities and the indoctrination of our most precious resource, America's young minds, continues apace.

I am not talking about the Edward Said chairs, the oppression of Jewish students on campus, the historically inaccurate textbooks and whitewashing of Islam, the millions from the Saudis to Harvard, Georgetown et al, the blacklisting of former Muslims and Islamic scholars from speaking at universities and colleges, etc.

We are far beyond that. I am fielding questions from a student at OSU who is taking a class in "islamophobia." I kid you not. And the University of Toronto is using the notorious libelous smear machine and hate site, Loonwatch, as a source. A source.

We are witnessing a virtual tsunami of propaganda, oppression of free speech and clampdown on the free exchange of ideas -- in other words, we are witnessing the enforcing of Islamic law (sharia).

New York - Assemblyman Decries Appointment Of Pro-Suicide Bomber Professor To Brooklyn College Vos iz neias (hat tip Nik)

New York - In a letter to Brooklyn College President Dr. Karen L. Gould, Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) decried the recent appointment of Adjunct Professor Kristofer J. Petersen-Overton who was hired to teach a Politics of the Middle East graduate course this spring at the College.

Several concerned Brooklyn College political science graduate students, including Dina Kupfer, contacted the Assemblyman who, in turn, wrote to Dr. Gould after reviewing the grossly biased course syllabus and researching Petersen-Overton’s professional background and published works.

Mr. Petersen-Overton has authored a number of anti-Israel papers, including one entitled, Inventing the Martyr: Martyrdom as Palestinian National Signifier, which endeavors to justify Palestinian suicide bombings as a means of “struggle and sacrifice” against “Israeli occupation.”

“I would love to ask this professor ‘do you condone suicide bombings and the killings of innocents in the name of Palestinian nationalism?’” Hikind said. “And I can guarantee that he would refuse to answer my question.”

Dina Kupfer added, “When a graduate course titled “Politics of the Middle East” states explicitly on its syllabus that it will not include details on Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, or Pakistan, and says it will focus specifically on Israel/Palestine—any thinking student is disturbed by the subterfuge.”

On his webpage (, Mr. Petersen-Overton writes, “I worked for some time as a human rights activist in Gaza and the West Bank and I still maintain close contact with the Palestinian activist community.” Mr. Petersen-Overton’s work history also includes experience with the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights. The Centre is well-known for its anti-Israel agenda, for publishing reports lacking accuracy and integrity condemning Israeli policy, and for describing Israeli military operations as “war crimes.”

“How can students in the class be assured of a balanced course when Mr. Petersen’s writings, affiliations, and syllabus make it clear that he identifies strongly and one-sidedly with the Palestinian narrative?” asked Judith Leibowitz, an Honors program student at Brooklyn College and a Fellow Representative for CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America).
“Taxpayer dollars should not be used to pay an overt supporter of terrorism to teach at Brooklyn College,” Hikind remarked. “This professor is better suited for a teaching position at the Islamic University of Gaza, not at CUNY.”

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