Monday, January 24, 2011

Obama Intends to Cleanse Israel of Jews

Barack Hussein Obama is conceivably the most anti-Israel president the United States has had since the State of Israel was formed, yet American Jews voted in large numbers for him.

In a stunning, shameless act of naked hate and bigotry, Barack Hussein Obama will align with the Organization of the Islamic Conference at the UN to ethnically cleanse Israel of the Jewish people.

This would be the first time a US President did not veto a critical resolution in what is now an interminable stream of Islamic anti-semitic resolutions introduced by an increasingly Islamicized United Nations.

Anyone with even so much as a cursory knowledge of Islam knows that this has nothing to do with a tiny strip of land in the Middle East surrounded by enormous Islamic lands. It has everything to do with Islamic anti-semtism as dictated by the qur'an and Islamic teachings, and annihilationist aspirations as demonstrated by deeds over the past millenium.

Israel Insider: President Barack Obama plans to withhold the US veto from a Palestinian-Arab motion due to be submitted to the UN Security Council condemning Israel for its settlement policy in the West Bank and Jerusalem, DEBKAfile's Washington sources report. If he does, he will be the first US president to let such an anti-Israel motion go through the Security Council. There is a risk that in the wake of such a resolution, if deemed binding, building on the West Bank and even in the forty-year old Israeli suburbs of eastern, southern and northern Jerusalem would become officially illegal and subject to additional sanctions.
Pamela Geller

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