Friday, January 21, 2011

Danish Cartoonist Caves to Muslim Attempted Murder

Anders Gravers, Danish leader, Stop the Islamisation of Europe and speaker at our Freedom Defense Initiative (FDI) event, Jihad the Political Third Rail, in Washington, DC, February 2010. I invited Gravers to speak.

In an incomprehensible turn of events, the confused Danish Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard has sued my friend and fellow freedom fighter Anders Gravers, Danish leader of SIOE (Stop Islamization of Europe), for the implied use of the image of his Muhammad cartoon during a street protest. He has sued and he has won.

Imagine, Muslims have repeatedly tried to kill Westergaard in cold blood, and he sues.... Gravers, a fighter for freedom and against jihad.

I had deep reservations about Kurt Westergaard when he threatened Geert Wilders for using the bomb-head Muhammad cartoon image in his historic film, FITNA. Wilders immediately removed the image because FITNA was hardly about that, and Westergaard's cartoon was easily replaced with another moe-bomb. Danish_cartoon_muhammed_1

Here's is what I wrote in March 2008:

I am enormously disappointed in cartoonist Westergaard. FITNA should not have to be re-edited to remove Westergaard's cartoon. Westergaard knows the Danish cartoons have become the icon of free speech in the battle to save our civilization. If his toon wasn't the best of a barely mediocre bunch, he would be like so much furniture, invisible.
I thought he was a stand-up guy. His threatened lawsuit against Wilders proves he's not.

When Geert Wilders first premiered FITNA, it was Westergaard's cartoon that opened that movie. In March 2008, Kurt Westergaard threatened Geert Wilders with a lawsuit, and Wilders would have none of that internecine warfare. Wilders pulled Westergard's now infamous cartoon and inserted one by the "Scarlet Pimpernel," whom I suspect is Wilders himself.

Then Westergaard hit a now low when he bowed and kowtowed to the political left. He went on now to sue the leader of the Stop the Islamization of Europe movement and my colleague and partner in the trans-Atlantic counter-jihad coalition (SIOA), Anders Gravers, for the implied use of the image of the cartoon during a street protest. Yes, Gravers did not even show the cartoon. Both the SIOE (Stop the Islamization of Europe) and SIAD (Stop Islamization of Denmark) are named in the suit.

Will I get sued for running Westergaard's toon? Will every blog and news site get sued for running what is now tantamount to "an act of war" -- depiction of the Prophet Moe? Did Westergaard ever even claim copyright on this cartoon?

Why did Westergaard bitch and moan when Yale Press decided not to run his cartoon in a book about the Danish cartoon jihad crisis? He actually came to America and toured college campuses to speak out against this censorhip. Be consistent, man.

Putting this guy up as a hero was .........ill conceived -- which was painfully apparent when he threatened to sue Wilders. Westergaard was always a reluctant "hero" -- hardly an icon for the fight of our lives. And now this. We will have to start an Anders Gravers defense fund. *sigh*
Pamela Geller

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