Thursday, January 20, 2011

Daisy Shrugged

Despite the fact that both she and radical Rauf have been fired from the Ground Zero victory mosque project, they refuse to go, so addicted to the limelight are they. The media adores them for this one thing -- a Ground Zero Islamic supremacist mosque, and Daisy loves the love of the dhimmedia right back. "We can’t step down from our very own creation. We are the vision behind it.” Uh, you've been fired.

I think she comes off quite horribly, quite deceptive, quite transparent and narcissitic here -- breathing in the putrid air of her own bubble.

UPDATE: Just as our profile of activist Daisy Khan, the woman behind the so-called ground zero mosque, was about to hit the newsstands, the controversy took another turn. On January 14, in what the New York Times described as a rift among the players behind the proposed Islamic community center, the project’s developer announced the appointment of a different imam—not Khan’s husband, the imam Feisal Abdul Rauf—as the center’s senior advisor (Rauf is still on the board). The developer, Sharif el-Gamal, also said the couple would no longer “be speaking on behalf of Park51, nor will they be raising funds for the project.”

This change in the imam’s status came as a complete surprise to Khan, who says the couple was not told about it in private or in advance; she says they only learned of it when reporters began to call. And she insists that the couple’s plan for a large, interfaith, Muslim-run community center near ground zero “will still be realized.”
Pamela Geller
Comment: This article may appear too abstract to my Twitter followers. The jihadists have finished the terror phase and currently engage in the subversion of the govt.

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