Friday, January 21, 2011

SFO BART Hates Israel Loves Terrorists

San Francisco BART has rejected our pro-Israel bus ads. BART claims that my ad "violates content neutral guidelines." But the anti-Israel annihilationist ads supporting jihad that are currently running do not "violate centent neutral guidelines."

Pamela: I have received the following response from BART. Please call me to discuss. Thank you. Scott.

Based on our review of the proposed advertisement and discussion with BART legal counsel, the subject ad violates BART's content neutral guidelines.
BART guidelines allow point of view ads, but prohibit ads that demean or disparage groups protected against discrimination, or contain images of firearms or violence. These prohibitions apply to all ads, both commercial and noncommercial. On the basis of these guidelines, the proposed ads cannot be approved in their current form. Appropriate modifications may bring them into compliance and will be reviewed upon resubmittal.

Electronic Intifada is running the BART hate ad (below), 10 December 2010. This is the same Palestinian blogger that outed Barack Hussein Obama as an anti-semite back in March 2007 (and there is more here).

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