Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Daraa Syria is Worse off than Cast Lead Gaza

May 8: Twitter user @SyrianJasmine tweets that Daraa is in need of food, medicine and milk for children, and so far there are 6,000 detainees being held in schools.

May 9: Daraa is still under siege and the army and tanks are on the streets in Daraa al-Mahatta. The situation is slightly improved, since women are being allowed to go down to the market for three hours, but there is nothing in the market. The shops are all closed. Electricity is only available for three hours per day at the most. There is water available in Daraa al-Mahatta. Telecommunications are cut in the entire province of Daraa without exception. Electricity, water, food, and communications are still cut in Daraa al-Balad. Trash is lying around uncollected and the snipers are still deployed in the mosque minarets and on buildings’ rooftops. The army and security forces have not withdrawn from Daraa.

By any objective measure, the residents of Daraa are being treated by their own government worse than Gazans were treated by their sworn enemy during a war.

Where are the flotillas? Where are the human rights activists? Where are the anguished op-eds?

As of this writing (11:00 AM EDT) , Syria is not one of the top 14 stories listed at MSNBC. It didn't make the top 30 stories at Reuters. It was number 19 at Fox News (a story from Friday.)

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