Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bumbling Bloomberg Confronted by ground Zero Mosque

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It takes a special kind of stupid, a deluded delusion, or perhaps being hardwired for denial, that the Mayor of New York City would surrender to the enemy in the war of ideas by insisting on a triumphal mosque on the burial ground Ground Zero. It's wrong. Period. It is an insult, a humiliation to the victims, their families, to America. It is an Islamic pattern to build giant mosques on the cherished sites of conquered lands. This is the final victory for the 911 jihadists.

In the following exchange, it is clear Bloomberg is uncomfortable with his own position, and rightly so. Americans are repulsed by this Islamic flag of conquest, as was made clear by the close to ten thousand great Americans who showed up to the SIOA protest against the monster mosque on June 6th (we will be back out there marching on City Hall September 12th). Video highlights here.

Bloomberg can stop it. He controls the landmarks commission; he could easily do the right thing and keep his politically correct hands clean at the same time.

Shelomo Alfassa confronted the Mayor over the mega mosque at Ground Zero, and the Mayor exploded. While attending the June 15, 2010 annual invitation-only Jewish Heritage Dinner at Gracie Mansion, the New York City mayor's symbolic home, Alfassa had an astonishing and unforeseen run-in with Mayor Michael Bloomberg regarding the proposed controversial mosque at Ground Zero.

"MR. MAYOR, NO MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO!" The mayor's face immediately became somber. He quickly disregarded his elderly constituent and in a serious tone, while staring me directly in the eye, leaned forward, pointed to my face and said matter-of-factly, "If we don't let them build a mosque, we won't be able to build a temple!" Some in the crowd gasped. I quickly responded, "But we don't need a temple-that's not the issue, a mosque is a symbol of jihad victory." While still standing in the crowd and amongst his staffers, which attempted to shuffle him away, the mayor suddenly lurched forward, walked right up to me and with a perturbed voice and stern eyes, said what sounded like "we need to allow it." "But mayor, this is my field of study, and I am telling you, they are building it as a symbol of victory over us." At that time the mayor's staff shuffled him away but not before the mayor looked back at me, obviously annoyed that I raised the subject with him in public. His staffer also asked me to "just drop it" as the mayor was whisked away.

I was in emergency management for 15 years. For several years I was a deputy commander of a federal emergency response team which existed to respond to terrorist attacks. I was also one of the rescue workers at Ground Zero. Today, I am an historian and my field of study includes life in Islamic Spain. What the mayor does not understand, is that a practice associated with conquering Islamic armies was the construction of a mosque at the location where their triumphant battle was won.

There is a New York based Islamic organization seeking to build a mosque at the site of the 9/11 attack-an attack which was carried out by 19 Muslim hijackers who considered their mission holy war. A Muslim house of prayer, cemented in the ashes of catastrophe at the foot of New York's lost Twin Towers, would be a symbolic victory flag for Muslims who seek the destruction of America. The mayor needs to realize that no matter how the construction of a mosque at 'Ground Zero' may be perceived by well-meaning Americans, the construction of a mosque on the spot where Al-Qaeda brought jihad to the United States will unquestionably represent victory
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