Sunday, June 13, 2010

The IAEA Attack on Israel

Unable to destroy Israel after 63 years of aggression, the 18-member Arab Bloc has opened the discussion of the NPT before the IAEA. They propose nuclear disarmament for Israel.
Many experts maintain that the nation has built a nuclear arsenal over a 50-year period. Two decades ago Mordecai Vaanunu revealed this arsenal contained 200 nuclear weapons enough to punch holes in the ionosphere and to eliminate world food production for at least ten years.
Since then various experts have estimated a doubling of Israel's nuclear capacity including the full range of WMD. This would feature a variety of weapons ranging from 54 suitcase A-bombs embedded in enemy capitals, neutron bombs that leave facilities intact, miniature warheads suitable for long range missile delivery and tactical devices for battlefield deployment. It should be emphasized that Israel has never used these devices or threatened to use them.
Over the years Israel has exercised remarkable restraint in the nuclear arena in the face of innumerable provocations. Evidently, the UN is not capable of similar restraint.

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