Friday, June 18, 2010

Killing a Muslim Who Converts to Christianity is not a Crime

A group of Afghan Christian refugees, who escaped to India to save their lives, describe the hardships they face in their homeland, where Muslim converts to Christianity are put to death. They call on the international community to put pressure on the Afghan government to spare those sentenced to death.

We have no business over there where our military engagement sanctions this religiously mandated unspeakable barbarity. The central tenet of our great nation is freedom -- of religion, from religion, to religion, etc. Our freedom campaign, here in the states, is under constant attack as offensive. Why? Protecting a minority from supremacism is offensive?

Asia Times

Atlas Shrugs

We have lost our way.

Afghanistan: Muslim Converts to Christianity Convicted and Sentenced to Death… Weasel Zippers

Why are American troops (who are overwhelmingly Christian) fighting and dying for an Islamic regime that executes people simply because they’ve converted to Christianity?…

New Delhi (AsiaNews)– VijayKumar Singh, from the India Bible Publishers and the Delhi Bible Fellowship, has launched an appeal to the Christians of India and the world to pray and express their support for Afghan Muslim converts to Christianity who were convicted on conversion charges and sentenced to death on 31 May.

Speaking to AsiaNews, Sing said, “We need Christians’ help all over the world to stop the Afghan government from arresting Dari-speaking Afghan Christians and condemning them to death by public execution.

Afghans consider their country to be 100 per cent Muslim. A local TV station, Noorin TV, recently broadcast a documentary showing photos and videos of secret “Afghan Christian Converts”, which revealed names and showed the faces of alleged Afghan Christian converts. This was enough to spark riots and demonstrations throughout Afghanistan with protesters demanding strong action to enforce the Afghan constitution, based on Sharia, arrest the culprits, and execute anyone who renege his or her religion in favour of another.

A number of prominent public figures also spoke out on the matter, calling for immediate action. One lawmaker even said that killing a Muslim who converts to Christianity was “not a crime”.

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