Friday, June 11, 2010

Pro-Israel Marchers Worldwide

It is nothing short of glorious to report on the number of pro-Israel marches worldwide in the past few days.

Last night, thousands marched in Helsinki, Finland here.

And New York City here.

Thousands in Los Angeles.

EDL in London.

Rallies in Brussels, Hamburg, Los Angeles and Miami.

Jewish youth movements were planning to demonstrate in Brussels at 5 p.m. local time, outside the Israeli consulate. An afternoon demonstration was also planned for Hamburg.

A spokesman for the organizers, Zvika Klein of World Bnei-Akiva, told The Jerusalem Post that "all public Jewish events in Europe require police protection" and that a Paris event in support of Israel was canceled due to information regarding threats from pro-Palestinian groups.

Jewish organizations in Los-Angeles and Miami were also planning rallies and Klein expected a large turn-out.

A demonstration in support of Israel was held in Vienna on Friday. (here)

UPDATE: The beautiful in Montreal

Atlas Shrugs

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