Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Marxists & Jihadis Impose Sharia Law in India

Babu Suseelan, Hindu human rights activist, comments on this Islamic (sharia) brutality. Mr Suseelan spoke at our "Protest against the 911 Islamic Supremacist mosque here":

This brutal, inhuman, Sharia crime of chopping a hand of a Professor happened in the Marxist ruled Kerala, the land of Sankaracharya. What a shame! And Jihadis did it on a day time at a public road where on lookers were scared off with a fire bomb.

It is nothing new in Kerala. Few months ago a Hindu teacher was butchered alive in front of students in the class room. There is criminal nexus in Kerala against Hindus and our civilization. Marxists have been colluding with Jihadi terrorists for a long time. Criminal Jihadis and Marxist murderers are never apprehended, or prosecuted for their heinous crimes. These brutal chopping of hands clearly shows that Islamic destructiveness is active in Kerala. Marxists government has carved out a district (Mallapuram) for Jihadis. Now they have established a branch of Aligarh Muslim University in Kerala. The Marxist government wanted to introduce an Islamic Bank in Kerala. Thanks to Dr. Subramaniyan Swamy's legal fight and the court has banned it.

These criminal acts clearly shows their spiritual malignancy. Muslims and Marxists believe and practice destructiveness. They want to kill all non-believers in their own selected ways, fast or slow, sooner or later.

Our best defense against Islamic destructiveness lies in the courageous application of our strength and determination. To see all forms of Islamic and Marxist destructiveness from the standpoint of their dominant principles would seem to be logical progress toward preservation of our life and culture.

One would expect that in the face of these overwhelming blows at the hands of Jihadis and Marxists, Hindus would join together and oppose steadfastly to dealt with destruction caused by jihadis. But this is not the case.

Why not Hindus question the death instinct of Muslims? Why not Hindus unite and strongly and valiantly fight against Islamic brutality and Marxist violence?

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