Sunday, July 4, 2010

Obama and Ahmadinejad doing it with Mirrors

Or like the Islamic regime leadership in Iran, which facing increasing pressure from the populace and from warring clerical and secular factions, has suddenly announced that out of some 10 people who were responsible for the tortures and rapes at the notorious Kahrizak prison, two had been condemned to death, eight condemned to prison, 80 lashes, fines and temporary suspensions from duty and one found not guilty.

However, none of the ten have been named, nor any information released about the proceedings, so it is certainly a sham to appease/confuse and diffuse the populace just as Oba-Hussein is doing in America to grab/retain power.

Moslem Oba-Hussein and the Moslem regime in Iran both use "taqqiyeh" (bald face lying) as a legitimate method to protect Islam and themselves.


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