Thursday, July 8, 2010

MAS Muslims Give Staten Island the Middle Finger

Today at a protest on the steps of Borough Hall in Staten Island, 30 to 40 people (unlike the hundreds that showed in opposition in the pouring rain two weeks ago), members of the Muslim American Society, aka The Muslim Brotherhood, conducted a press conference. Most of the attendees were from Brooklyn, according to an Atlas operative who was there.

The only news media that appeared to be covering this non event was The Advance. I expect the media will add a zero to the 40 Muslims who showed up, as the media loves to inflate the numbers when shilling for jihad.

MAS announced that they have no intention of walking away from the convent sale.

In a gross act of un-Christian abandonment, there has been no decision from the Archbishop. No vote has been taken (which has left the people of Staten Island nothing short of ......perplexed, to say the least).

The good people of Staten Island thought that the MAS would willingly walk away from such an unpopular project in the interest of "building bridges," "mutual understanding," and "mutual respect." Ha!

They aren’t going anywhere. Anyone with even a cursory understanding of Islam or knowledge of Islamic history knows that this has never happened in the history of Islam. "Walking away" is not in their vocabulary. "Building bridges," "mutual understanding," and "mutual respect" are one-way streets in Islam. Just ask Imam Rauf.

Rauf, Imam of the much opposed Ground Zero mega mosque, said he didn't understand the hostility of the opposition to the monster mosque, especially since our "children and our grandchildren would be Muslim." One man's "mutual respect and mutual understanding" is another Muslim's Islamic supremacism.

Muslims gather for mosque rally at Borough Hall Staten Island Advance

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Dozens of Muslims and their supporters have assembled on the steps of Borough Hall in St. George to rally in favor of a proposal to build a mosque in Midland Beach.

Approximately 50 demonstrators had gathered by 11:45 a.m., carrying signs reading "No Hate, Yes Faith," "Where are my Rights?" "This is my Country" and "Peace Love and Equality."

The rally is being organized by the Muslim American Society (MAS).

There has been fierce debate across the borough about whether MAS should convert an empty former convent, owned by St. Margaret Mary R.C. Church in Midland Beach, into a mosque and community center.

Residents learned about the agreement between the church and MAS in May, but were furious the contract was drafted quietly and without their input. They expressed concerns about traffic and parking in the neighborhood, and contended that bringing a mosque to the area would display insensitivity toward area residents who were killed on 9/11.

In June, the church's pastor, Rev. Keith Fennessy, withdrew his support of the plan in the face of the opposition.

Is this happening in your town or neighborhood? Go here: SIOA Mosque Manifesto: A Handy Guide to Fighting the Muslim Brotherhood

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UPDATE: Just heard from one of my sources that NY1, WPIX and the Advance covered the "press conference." Their coverage should prove to be ............. amusing. (/sarc)

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