Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Incoherent POTUS in Libya

Observations by Truth Provider:

Here is the deal about Libya.

First Syria.

1) Has been subverting and meddling in Iraq since the beginning of the war there.
2) Supports and supplies Hezballah (a terrorist organization) in Lebanon despite UN Res. 1701
3) Supports and supplies Hamas (a terrorist organization) in Gaza.
4) Cooperates with Iran.
5) Long history of violence against its own citizens. In 1982 Hafez Asad the father murdered between 17,000 and 40,000 thousands in the Syrian city of Hama to quell a revolt.
6) 6) in the last few days Bashar Asad killed some 150 demonstrators in several Syrian cities.
7) Syria is of no economic interest to the west.
8) Political institutions exist for regime change.


1) Stopped its nuclear program.
2) Paid compensation to the families of the Lockerby Pan Am 103 victims.
3) No military threat to America and the west.
4) Major petroleum supplier to the west.
5) Rebels are disorganized. Tribal warfare. No political institutions to take over.
6) Strong presence of Al-Qaeda in the country.

Yes, my friends, Kadaffi is a madman, a terrible dictator, a goofball, call him any name you wish, but there are many cruel and crazy dictators around the globe who pose a much more serious threat to the west's interests.

If President Obama's reason (pretext?) for attacking Kadaffi and Libya was to protect the rebels and save lives, why are we not attacking Syria? Iran? Yemen? Congo? North Korea? Etc. etc.

So, when you listen tonight to the President's speech, do not be swept away by his usual spins. We have already listened to several contradictory statements from his administration and himself.

Also, do not listen to NPR's comments with its usual bias in support of whatever the President does.

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