Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shameless Muslims Use Anne Frank to Promote GZMosque

They have no shame. None.

The latest sell on the Ground Zero mega mosque is that the Anne Frank museum will be going in next door in Mr. Rauf's neighborhood.

Anne_frank_pali_hateFirst off, it is not next door. Not nearly. The proposed Anne Frank Museum will be located on 100 Church Street. That is not next door to or near 45 Park Place. Funny how the Islamic supremacists say the Ground Zero mosque is not near Ground Zero, but the Anne Frank museum is next door.

So it is vile for the media (or whoever is behind this bogus meme) to attempt to use the holocaust to advance the Ground Zero mosque, especially since the leader of the Muslim world, Mufti al-Husseini, was an ally of Hitler's and was responsible for the deaths of over 400,000 Jewish women and children during the holocaust. (Scroll and read.) The Muslim world has never apologized for or owned up to their role in World War II. Unlike Germany and Japan, they escaped penalty.


I hope the Anne Frank museum will be given additional police protection (like the Ground Zero mosque has gotten since last summer, and for what? I don't know.) Clearly, the Frank museum wil be at risk from the devout Muslims schooled in the virulent anti-semitism taught and mandated in Koran, the Sunna, and the canonical orthodoxy of shari'a. Khaybar, Khaybar ya yahud!

Photo top: Seen on NYC street, hat tip Urban Infidel

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