Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who Wants to Fight to the Last Palestinian?

Evelyn Gordon finds an unusual proponent of stopping Kassam fire by the 'Palestinians' on Israel.

After all, the rockets are usually fired from the heart of Palestinian population centers (something Hass neglected to mention, preferring to imply that Israel targets civilians deliberately). That makes civilian casualties from Israeli counterstrikes almost inevitable. Just this week for instance, an errant Israeli shell killed four Palestinian civilians; the target was a group of terrorists launching mortars at Israel “from a grove just beyond our house,” as the brother of one of those killed told the New York Times.

Since the cost of the rocket fire far outweighs its benefits, Hass argued, anyone who cares about real live Palestinians should be denouncing it in an effort to pressure Hamas and other terrorist organizations to stop it. Instead, she charged, pro-Palestinian activists have given it tacit consent:

In the binary thinking of those who oppose the Israeli occupation (Palestinians, Israelis and foreigners), public criticism of the tactics used in the struggle of an occupied and dispossessed people is taboo. It is as if criticism would create symmetry between the attacker and the attacked. To a large extent, this taboo has been broken with regard to the Palestinian Authority: Many opponents of the occupation have no qualms about portraying the PA as a collaborator, or at least as the captive of its senior officials’ private interests. But when it comes to Hamas’ use of arms, silence falls.

Don't hold your breath waiting for the shooting to stop. Most 'Palestinian' terrorists regard their own people as just so much cannon fodder.

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Yanal said...

What the hell is wrong with you? Do you really regard people who defend their stolen land as "terrorists"?

When Israel killed thousands of Gazans in the last offensive, did you think brothers or sisters of dead young children will grow up to feel love for Israel and strive for its existence? Their only goal will be to destroy Israel after you killed their only family in addition to tens of thousands of human-beings.

At the same time, Israel regards those who were traumatized by it as "terrorists". Those ideologies that you have are extremely retarded and pathetic. I wonder when god will give "his chosen people" some brains to put in their skulls.