Saturday, April 30, 2011

Atlas Folks Forced Take Down of Onerous Ads

Atlas readers, writers, and callers -- you are the bomb.

As you know, I have been excoriating Clear Channel for their cowardly cave-in to Jew-haters, for running their hateful ad while refusing our pro-Israel ads. I wrote on it extensively in our press release here and also here.

Geller, however, pointed out in a statement that the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign's ads clearly constitute an incitement to violence against Jews. How is cutting military aid to Israel not an incitement to violence against them? With no aid and no military, Israel cannot defend itself, and is vulnerable to attack by its Muslim neighbors. It is also an incitement in the sense that the ad is a direct attempt to break a bond of friendship between the Israel and the United States, and that also renders Israel to attack."

Well, today, Clear Channel cancelled the Jew-hating campaign and will be taking the billboards down. And while I would have preferred to see our magnificent ads up, this is an excellent second best.

Thank you, freedom lovers. I stand in awe.
Pamela Geller

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