Wednesday, April 27, 2011

POTUS Doesn't Relate Well to Easter

As part of his Moslem "taghiyah" (lies), Obama attended a Baptist Church founded by slaves as an orchestrated show of "honoring" Easter, yet, though he has proclaimed major days of other religions such as Islamic Ramadan, he "forgot to do an Easter proclamation thus by comparison insulting ALL Christians.

Obama made a video message to the people of Iran for the Persian (Zoroastrian) holiday of Nowruz but didn’t make a video for Easter.

President Obama delivered official messages for Passover, Ramadan and Diwali. But for Easter? Not so much.

The White House came under fire this week for neglecting to issue official statements for either Easter or Good Friday, though Mr. Obama did take time Friday to address Earth Day, a celebration observed by tens of thousands of pagan worshippers of the earth goddess Gaia.

Obama has had a difficult official relationship with Easter.

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