Monday, April 25, 2011

Little-Known Facts

At times, we seem to live in George Orwell's 1984. In his book, the ruling junta manipulated humanity's most basic ideas - War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, ignorance is Strength.

Sadly, this same phenomenon is happening in the world around us. The United Nations ignores horrific human rights violations in, for example, North Korea, the Chinese occupation of Tibet, and the war in the Congo. Instead, Israel is portrayed as the greatest violator of Human Rights on the planet.

Add to that list the incredible distortion of Jewish History in the land of Israel by UNESCO's Executive Board, which declared two of Judaism' holiest sites - Maarat Hamachpela (The Tomb of the Patriarchs) and Kever Rachel (The Tomb of Rachel) - to be Mosques since time immemorial, and hence not connected to Judaism, Jewish History and, by extension, to the Jewish State, Israel.

Unfortunately, the distortion of truth is most vicious when perpetrated by those we are supposed to admire and trust. Israel is routinely demonized in the columns of the world media, halls of parliament, and university classrooms.
Often, the most virulent bias and hate aimed at Israel appears in the social media and Internet. Groups that call for Israel's destruction, videos that vividly depict our enemies' gruesome fantasies, and misleading lies masquerading as pernicious fact are widespread, to my great distress, and are growing exponentially in popularity, influence and credibility.

In response, in the vein of the Jewish adage, "Me'at Min HaOr Docheh Harbeih Min HaChoshech," a flicker of light can illuminate much darkness, this video was made to illuminate the truth with just a few of the neglected and little-known facts about Israel.

If you are indignant at this travesty of justice, and if you feel compelled to action, I implore you to watch this short video -- not only to educate yourselves, but to spread the light to others. Forward this email to your contact list. Make it your Facebook status. Show it to a family member. Take advantage of this small, yet important, opportunity to be active for a cause that you care about.

Your impact is determined solely by your actions. Will you continue to complain? Or will you do something about it?

Action entails merely a few clicks on a button! For our sake, let this be the first step in responding to the clarion call.

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