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Must-See Film on GZMosque Controversey

"Must-See Film on Ground Zero Mosque Controversy"

Pajamas Media has Elise Cooper's excellent review of the AFDI documentary, Ground Zero Mosque, Second Wave of the 911 Attacks. For those of you in the Tampa/St. Pete area, we will be screening the film on Sunday at Muvico Baywalk (151 2nd Avenue North, St. Petersburg, more here.) Spencer and I will be speaking and doing a Q&A after the film.

I will be screening the film this week at the University of Delaware and next week at the University of Ohio.

Here'a an excerpt of the PJM review:

Must-See Film on Ground Zero Mosque Controversy hat tip Ruthfully yours

A 13-story mega-mosque is to be built in New York City approximately two blocks from the site of where the World Trade Center used to stand. Since Islamic extremists murdered 3000 people on September 11, 2001, Ground Zero is a cemetery and to many a sacred ground. Movie poster blog Because of the strong outcry against the mosque project, it has publicly morphed from a religious place of worship to a prayer center to a community center.

The Ground Zero Mosque: Second Wave of 9/11 Attacks powerfully starts by reminding Americans of the horrors of that day: clips of people jumping to their deaths as the World Trade Center became an inferno.

Geller strongly believes that “the 9/11 families took a hit for all Americans on that day when the Islamic extremists declared war on America.” She hopes viewers will be awakened as to why this mosque should never be built near Ground Zero, and to understand that if built, this mosque would be viewed by the jihadists as a triumph.

The movie intends to convey the magnitude of the jihadist threat. The landing gear from one of the planes that hit the World Trade Center was found in the Burlington Coat Factory building, where the mosque is to be built. A powerful statement from the movie: “Ground Zero becomes all about the mosque and no longer about the attack.” Geller wants Americans to understand: “[There] are thousands of mosques throughout the U.S. and hundreds of mosques in New York City. Why build it here?”

Read the whole thing.

Better yet, purchase the film and host a screening -- in your living rooms. Buy one for your friends.

Or better yet, organizr a screening -- in your town or city - your library, church, school, civic center -- anywhere and everywhere, and we will come. Contact me at

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