Saturday, April 30, 2011

Will UN Turn Two-State Solution into a Land Grab?

Senior Fatah official Tawfiq Tirawi said Thursday that the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation will promote Palestinian interests ahead of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ planned statehood bid in September, making it “more important than peace with Israel.”

“We want this reconciliation to arrive at the UN General Assembly united. Appealing to the United Nations will be done with the support of all Palestinian factions and all the nations that have recognized a Palestinian state until now.”

Fatah and Hamas hate each other and have no desire to cede their respective power. They will keep things together just long enough for September and their hoped-for international recognition. This is exactly what they have done in the past.

And here is how the PA is planning to incorporate Hamas while pretending that “Palestine” accepts Israel’s right to exist:


irawi dismissed concerns voiced over the possibility that a future Palestinian government with Hamas in it will refuse to negotiate with Israel, saying that the Palestinian government will have “no say” in such peace talks, since “the only body allowed to negotiate with Israel on behalf of the Palestinian people is the PLO.”

So this is the game:

The PLO is the party that negotiates with Israel, and the party that officially recognizes Israel.

The PA is only responsible for governing the Arabs in the territories, not with any foreign relations.

The PA, despite claims of being democratic, reports to the PLO.

The fake Hamas/Fatah reconciliation is meant to only address the PA, not the PLO. They won’t hold any elections until after September, if ever.

So the PLO will claim to still recognize Israel and be peaceful, as it will claim that from its perspective nothing has changed.

The instant that Palestine is declared a state that is recognized by the world, in part because of these assurances that it is a peaceful state that recognizes Israel, Hamas and Fatah (and all the other terrorist parties that decide to join the government) will immediately take over the PLO’s foreign affairs, as that is what nations do. The PLO’s foreign affairs role will be superseded by “Palestine.”

Which means that the very minute that Palestine is recognized as a state, it will be by definition a terror state that no longer recognizes Israel! And indeed it will not need to. The entire peace process since Oslo has been a sham in order to gain territory, with peace being a tactic, not a strategy.

Hamas will insist that “Palestine”‘s foreign policy adhere to minimal Hamas demands, which is pretty much to insist that all of Israel is occupied territory–a position that the PA and PLO wholly agree with even if they will not say it in English. Their maps and logos show it to be true.

So instead of helping peace, this “unity” agreement is a recipe for prolonging and accelerating a six-decade war between the Arab world and Israel. A new “Palestine” would not help solve any of the real issues–like Jerusalem, “refugees,” water, Gilad Shalit, incitement to terror, actual terrorism. Hamas’ inclusion ensures that it will not be a peaceful state.

Will the West wake up in time to stop this recipe for disaster?

Elder of Ziyon

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acid_claus said...

"Will the West wake up in time to stop this recipe for disaster?"

Why does "the West" (my country, the USA) need to be involved at all? What good would they possibly be?

The USA is in it's worst economic crisis in history because of wars it has been fighting for Israel. The dollar is dead. Gas is is no longer affordable. They say the recession is over but it's not, the housing market continues to plummet. They say that unemployment is declining which is deceiving - Americans are taking massive paycuts to go back to work and again the dollar is worthless. Tornados have destroyed large areas of the South. College students are graduating with nowhere to go except back to mom and dad's house with no way to pay their astronomical student loans.

This is not an exaggeration, this is a reality. "The West" needs to "wake up" and only help "The West" and stay out of other people's business. The USA is not the number one super power economically or militarily. Our military is weakened from losing wars in the Middle East for the past ten years while other countries who did not get involved in other country's affairs have surpassed us.

Don't you see this? We're in trouble. Israel is not the 51st state of the US. Israel has plenty of money and a military and nukes that they stole material from us to make to defend themselves against anything without our involvement. The 2% of my country who gives a crap about Israel should just go move there.

Israel made it's bed and it has to lie in it. Nobody forced the Zionists to live in the Middle East, they just went there with a lot of Rothschild money and a religious agenda and have done nothing but pyss everybody off. If the world hates the US it is because of Israel. If dividing Israel into two states destroys her than so be it. The world will finally have its peace at least and the USA can finally start making foreign policy decisions on its own.