Sunday, March 6, 2011

EDL - Rochdale - Secretly filmed footage from inside the UAF/MDL Counter...

What exactly do the Leftists in the SWP/UAF think when they hear Muslims frequently chant the Islamic war cry, 'Allahu akbar!'? This is not a phrase from Trotsky or Marx. It is not a chant of the Brown Exotic Oppressed against the West or Zionism. It is a cry of Islamic expansionism or imperialism. It is a war cry. An act of aggression in itself! Just as the Islamic black flag is a battle flag. Not a defensive flag or a flag for the comrades.

Do these self-deluded Leftists really believe that they will bring these brainwashed Muslims around to Marxism or even socialism? Not a chance in hell! Marxism and socialism are 'man-created' ideologies, a far cry from Islam and Islamism (even though Islamists have indeed nicked loads of terms and even ideas from the Left - especially from the far left). Didn't the Left learn the lesson of Iran in 1979?

Sure, in 1979 socialists and Islamists initially worked together to get rid of the Shah. More correctly, the Islamists used the socialists, and the socialists attempted to use the Islamists, to get rid of the old regime. However, when things started to go well, and the success of the revolution beckoned, the Islamists started to fuck the Leftists up the arse. Within no time at all, the Islamists took charge of the revolution and immediately started to put the Leftists up against the wall. The Islamists and Islamopsychos had won. The Left was utterly defeated and destroyed.

And then what? The Islamists created a regime that was in many ways far more oppressive and nasty than the previous one. Will this also happen in Egypt, Libya, etc? Who knows?


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