Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Egypt: Pres Candidate Obsessed with Israel

Secretary-General of Egypt's Amal Party Magdi Hussein said confronting Israeli plans in occupied Palestine and supporting the Palestinian nation stand atop his agenda for presidential campaign.

Speaking in an interview with FNA on Tuesday, Hussein announced his candidacy for the upcoming presidential election in Egypt to help establish democracy in his country and materialize people's demands.

Hussein said "confrontation against the Zionist plans in occupied Palestine", among others, is his top priority on the scene of foreign policy.

He viewed Egypt's relations with the Zionist regime as detrimental to his country.

He said "contents and clauses of the agreements signed between Egypt and Israel will certainly be revised" if he is elected president.

Perhaps he is trying to outdo ElBaradei.

It is certainly heartwarming that Egyptians are so unified on one issue: how much they hate their peace partner.

Why do I have the impression that the US will continue to give $2 billion a year to Egypt even if they completely abrogate Camp David?

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