Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Eject! POTUS Libya Policy in Flames

All you know how to do is to spout falacious, ignorant "hopey, changey" empty rhetoric in campaign fashion.

And take incredibly expensive tourist trips around the country and world at our expense in between your excessive golfing, while you avoid the challenges our country faces and YOU so assiduously IGNORE. Because you have no clue how to do your job and know it.

No wonder you have quickly declared an early run for the presidency to make yourself feel useful to your narcissistic self and pretend to be something you are not nor have the skills to ever be.

You appear to be "hopey" that the naive fools who elected you in the first place are still as stupid as before and have not shifted to "changey" after watching you blunder around like a headless chicken for a couple of years pretending there is some reason to your utter lunacy. Other than the final destruction by YOU of America as a world power by draining our lifeblood to reward your radical friends and punish your enemies, who are real American patriots.

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