Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ghoulish Hamas Adds "Martyrs" to Cast Lead List

I just saw that at least three more "martyrs" that the PCHR and other human rights groups considered "civilian" were added recently. Two were already on my list of fake "civilians" from other sources, but it still verifies that the methods that my team used to count terrorists were valid.

The two old names I noticed are Ibrahim Youssef Nofal (#106) and Ahmed Badawi (#4).

The new name is #200, ‘Umar Ahmed Hassan Abu Sa’id. His Hamas obituary mentions that he joined the Qassam Brigades in 2004 and was adept at placing IEDs as well as digging tunnels.

And until now, he was counted as a "civilian" in every list I am aware of.
Elder of Ziyon

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