Friday, April 8, 2011

If It Hurts Profits, Kill It

Sea Lion Eats Chinook Salmon

Jeff Davis, The Goat Blog
Apr 08, 2011 01:01 PM

It's an absolute disgrace that Mans greed has caused all of these problems and we still aren't happy. How any court in this country can justify killing an endangered animal for eating is beyond me. This is 100% GREED and everybody should see that. It's not that people are going to starve to death if these sea lions stay but the profits won't be as high. We act like because we spend time and resources in managing the Salmon that we own them or something. Maybe if we hadn't destroyed so much of the environment or raped the oceans of whatever we can get our nets on thes sea lions would have more choices and not interfere with American Owned Salmon. We always talk about the Japanese killing whales and dolphins and all the countries that kill sharks and we act like they are all barbarians or something but look at us. Once again the new American tradition is thriving..."If something keeps you from a profit, you have the right to kill it". What a shame that we are at this point as humans. Boy did the Indians have it right or what. I forget though, what did we do to them?

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