Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jihad Propaganda Turns Massacre into Victory

Remember Jenin? When Palestinian Arab officials, and reporters, claimed that Israel had massacred hundreds or even thousands of innocent Arab civilians and buried them in mass graves? Where a Palestinian Arab filmmaker corroborated the massacre stories in a movie?

And how it was all a huge lie?

Well, guess who has changed their narrative about Jenin: Islamic Jihad!

Now, Jenin is no longer the scene of a massive slaughter of innocent women and children, but a scene of an epic battle where Palestinian Arabs defeated the hated Zionist enemy.

On the ninth anniversary of event, the PIJ-oriented Palestine Today has no less than four articles about the heroism of the martyrs of Jenin. One describes the pride and joy of a mother of one of the fighters who is now in prison, one has an Islamic Jihad sheikh bragging about how Jenin was a "great victory for the Palestinian people," one shows photos of the heroic fighters during the battle, and a fourth interviews another PIJ leader about how wonderful the battle was.

Amazing how the poor victims have turned into the admired victors.

Elder of Ziyon

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