Friday, April 8, 2011

US Embassy Convoy Attacked in southern Lebanon

US embassy officials visiting south Lebanon Thursday were attacked, but unhurt, by residents accusing them of being "Israeli conspirators," in the second such incident in a week, an AFP correspondent said.

Around 60 supporters of leftist groups gathered outside a government office in the port city of Sidon and pelted an embassy convoy with stones as it drove by, with some shouting "Americans, Israeli conspirators, in our government offices."

On Saturday, Lebanese youths threw stones and bottles at a US embassy group that was visiting Sidon.

Lebanese security forces accompanying the Americans intervened, but stones continued to be thrown, breaking car windows. The army then arrived and arrested three of the attackers. Again, there were no injuries.

South Lebanon is the heartland of the country's Shiite Hezbollah militia, and saw heavy fighting in the short but sharp summer war of 2006 between the group and Israeli forces.

On Monday, the United States warned its citizens against traveling to Lebanon "due to current safety and security concerns."

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