Friday, April 8, 2011

Egypt Feigns Interest in PalArab Rights

Palestine Times reports that Egyptian foreign minister Nabil el-Arabi stated that Egypt considers Gaza to be one of its biggest priorities.

El-Arabi was speaking at a press conference with his Austrian counterpart, Michael Spindelegger.

He said, "We consider the situation in Gaza is a priority for Egypt, especially because what was happening is not acceptable from a human rights perspective."

Here's an idea: Egypt can allow Gazans to freely choose to become Egyptian citizens! After all, we know that many Gazans want to become Egyptian citizens, but Egyptian law discriminates against Palestinian Arabs from among all Arabs in its naturalization laws. Egypt has other laws that discriminate specifically against Palestinians as well.

If Egypt is so concerned with the human rights of Gazans, why not allow their brethren who want to move to Egypt to do so freely? Why not eliminate the discriminatory laws in effect in Egypt today?

Why not stop being such hypocrites?

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