Friday, April 8, 2011

PalArabs Prefer Watermelons to Real Women

The Al Aqsa Heritage Foundation has found a new thing to seethe over: Two British women.

Trinny and Susannah were two of the stars of the British TV show, "What Not to Wear." Since then they have been working on other TV projects, and they are now touring Israel, presumably to help people who have little fashion sense.

Israel's Channel 10 is carrying their Israeli adventures, and after they did a Tel Aviv episode they are ready to do one in Jerusalem.

The Al Aqsa Foundation is very upset over their Channel 10 advertisement, saying it is an obscene picture with Al Aqsa as the backdrop.

Here's their ad:

They are offended that the holy site is being used for fashion, and demanded that the media stop publishing such ads.

They emphasized that the ads offend a billion and a half Muslims. They also reminded the Arab world that previously, Israel has placed similar pictures on sugar packets and wine bottles.

This might put a crimp in my marketing plans for Elder of Ziyon Beer:

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