Friday, April 22, 2011

Hezbollah Calls UN Chief a Zionist

[U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon]on Wednesday called on Syria to help Lebanon in transforming Hizbullah from an "armed militia" into a political party.

"The existence and activities of Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias continue to pose a threat to the stability of the country and the region," read Ban's report on the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1559, which was adopted in 2004 and calls for "the disbanding and disarmament" of all factions in Lebanon.

Hizbullah on Thursday hit back at Ban.

"It is not something new for the U.N. secretary general to take unjust and unfair stances in his analysis of the situation in Lebanon, especially in terms of holding Hizbullah responsible for all the problems in Lebanon," the party said in a communiqué.

"This is the nature of the mission assigned to him by the U.S. administration and some Western governments, which he is carrying out very precisely instead of performing his role … in achieving security and peace in the world."

"The U.N. secretary general's latest stance clearly shows that he is blatantly on the side of the Zionists who are violating Lebanon's security and stability," said Hizbullah in its communiqué.

The party accused Ban of justifying Israel's "crimes and terrorist practices while condemning Lebanon's preservation of its strength and immunity in the face of this blatant aggression."

It also said Ban "relied on reports written by Terje Roed-Larsen," U.N. Secretary-General's envoy on the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1559.

Hizbullah described Larsen as "the U.N. official in service of the Zionist media structure."

It accused Ban of animosity against "the Resistance, Lebanon, Arabs and all the just causes in the world," vowing to continue to "protect Lebanon and preserve its dignity according to the golden army-people-Resistance formula."

Earlier Thursday, Hizbullah MP Hussein al-Moussawi also lashed out at Ban over his report.

Moussawi said he was not "surprised by Ban Ki-moon's statements, because the latter is part of the American-Zionist alliance which has always targeted mujahid peoples.

"Enough of your submission to the American tyrant and the Zionist criminal."

The UN, of course, loves this sort of thing, because then it can claim this as proof it is even-handed. "See? we are accused of being Zionist and anti-Zionist! This shows we are right!"

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