Saturday, January 8, 2011

Anti-Israel Ads Big on SFO's Bay Area Rapid Transit

San Francisco BART has been running an antisemitic outdoor campaign at a number of outdoor BART stations for well over a month now. I became aware of them last month when Seattle had agreed to run antisemitic ads on their buses, but had second thoughts when I submitted pro-Israel educational ads.

After Seattle changed its policy on account of my ads, I submitted our outdoor campaign to San Francisco back on December 29th.

Here is the report from the notorious Jew-hating site "The Electronic Intifada," the same Palestinian blogger that outed Barack Hussein Obama as an anti-semite back in March 2007 (and there is more here).

Check out the ad -- a play on the jihad is a religion of peace.
Pamela Geller,Atlas Shrugs

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