Sunday, January 16, 2011

Coming to Londonistan Eurabia and USSA

"USSA" = United Socialist States of America Obama is hell bent on installing with his Marxist (Communist) and Moslem allies - based on his personal very non-American radical ideology.

As violent Islam entrenches and infiltrates British courts - and society - bullies non-Moslems to leave neighborhoods - this "picture" of Queen Elizabeth has done the rounds of the Persian diaspora in Europe.

BTW, it also depicts one of Oba-Hussein's primary dreams - to see this happen. He cannot stand Britain, which politically disrespected his father and the MauMau terrorists, banned his brother from visiting there on his way to the Oba-Hussein's inauguration and he has shown it in every way. Recently elevating France (ignoring history and reality) to being named as a stronger ally than Britain.

And he is clearly trying to make this entrenchment and infiltration take place and find deep roots in America with his policies, executive orders and choice of senior administration personnel.

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