Friday, January 14, 2011

Has the Whole World Caved In to Islamic Supremacism?

As you know, I maintain a website for Muslims and apostates in threatening situations seeking help. My bus campaign for Muslims in danger directed these souls to the website, "Leaving Islam," also can be found at Refuge from" The bus campaign caused a great deal of consternation in the subjugated media both here and abroad -- as if those leaving Islam did not have the same basic human right to freedom as anyone else. That was the premise. Opposition to these bus ads was the equivalent of supporting the Islamic death penalty for apostasy (conversion out of Islam). It was providing a service to those who needed help. Are they not deserving of a free life? By Gd, what shot do these people have if the whole of the world has caved to Islamic supremacism? Where can they go?

Pamela Geller

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