Sunday, January 9, 2011

HOW Did Loughner Obtain a Glock?

If he had a record/case pending, why did he have possession of a Glock 17 19 9mm pistola? (hat tip Laura S). According to the Daily Caller, Loughner had prior run-ins with the law in the form of at least one arrest, according to two Public Access documents.

This reminds me of Ishmael Ax, the slaughterer who mowed down scores at Virginia Tech. He had a psychiatric record -- overnight stays in asylums. How did he get a gun? Big government fails us time and time again.


UPDATE: Loughner was busted for drugs; the information concerning his other arrests is unknown. He did, apparently, issue death threats -- though not directly to Gabrielle Giffords.
Atlas Shrugs

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