Sunday, January 16, 2011

Is Obama Attempting Takeover of USA?

Like a donkey pulling a cart at the behest of a driver, Obama carries on as if nothing happened in November and he was not slappped around by the electorate and told to back off his socialist ideology and stop destroying America.

This caused a slight hiccup but as if nothing happened he is now trying to take over our Education system as he did our Health Care. Only this time he cannot shove it down our throats as he did before when he had a Congressional Democrat majority.

He tries to appear as if he was engaged in a memorial for the dead in Arizona but in reality he held a political rally in disguise.

Once you have control of the Health care of the nation you control one sixth of the national economy. Once you control the education systems you have the backing of the unions AND you can implement your plans to BRAINWASH the youth with programs you prefer and or blackmail them by with-holding student loans and school funding, setting agendas give you an almost limitless formative power of our future work force and their mindsets.

This is a mourning ceremony or an organized political event?

Once again Obama is doing this to us. Or trying to!


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