Monday, January 10, 2011

Italy: Copts of Milano Rally Turns Against Israel Supporters

I have long called out for action to aid and support the oppressed and subjugated Coptic Christian community in Egypt. So this is most distressing to report .......Atlas reader Paolo was at a Coptic Christian rally in Italy against Islamic genocide of Coptic Christians:

Today January 9th 2011 in the Duomo Square, Milano, Italy, a rally was held by the Copts of Milano along with some supporting Italian organizations; among them there were the Northen Ligue, the "Amo l'Italia - I love Italy", Magdi Allam's party, and ADI (Amici di Israele - Friends of Israel).

Near the end of the gathering, the people from ADI put on their shoulders the Israeli flag. The Copts reacted violently refusing the presence of the Israeli flags. The police had to intervene to separate them and oblige the ADI people to leave the gathering.

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