Monday, January 10, 2011

Sad Empress

A tribute to the Royal Family.

How can political low-life assholes like Bahram Moshiri, whose nickname "camel" suits his despicable character and as an ardent supporter of long dead Prime Minister Mossadegh, spout vitriol on a matter of over 50-years ago, against the royal family in a stream of verbal diarrhea at a time of the death of her son to hurt the lady above - Empress Farah.

Her sorrow is deep and clear and the Moshiris of this world simply show how crass and barbaric they are when they pick this moment to vent their spleen on the grieving mother.

She lost her youngest daughter Leila (also by suicide) back in 2001 and now her youngest son Alireza, who could not bear the death of his memory of his sibling and the memory of his father's death and the communal pain the Persian populace suffers under the ruthless Mullah regime which came to power as he was weakened by terminal cancer. The photo of the father just after his death leaves scars on my mind.


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