Monday, January 10, 2011

Terrorist Bomber's Head Exploded

Most of you probably don't recognize the picture at the top of this post. Many of you may not even recognize his name. The 'Engineer' - Yihye Ayyash - was one of the 'pioneers' of suicide bombing. His life was terminated 15 years ago this past week, when a cellular phone on which he was speaking blew his head off. This article has some details of the hit that I had never heard before.

On the morning of January 5, 1996, the Palestinian sitting atop of Israel’s most-wanted list answered a mobile phone call from his father in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Lahiya. A few seconds into the conversation, after a surveillance plane overhead apparently verified that it was indeed Yehiyeh Ayash speaking on the phone, a radio signal was sent from the plane and the cellular phone exploded, killing the Hamas terrorist bomb-builder responsible for dozens of Israeli deaths.


The assassination was a huge accomplishment for the security services. “The Engineer” had managed to evade capture and assassination by Israel multiple times over three years by using master disguises, secret hideouts and trusting only a small circle of family and friends. It would ultimately be that close circle that betrayed the top terrorist.

Believing that Ayash was in the Gaza Strip for several months, the security services began searching for a way to get the Hamas terrorist. According to numerous reports, it was the uncle of his close friend whom he was living with, a man who had previously worked with the security services, who managed to locate and pass him the booby-trapped cellular phone that decapitated him. By the time Ayash received the phone call that ended his life, the uncle, Kamal Hamad, had disappeared from the region, and was reported to have been given passage to the United States.

I wonder how many other 'Palestinians' are now living abroad courtesy of Israel.

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