Monday, January 10, 2011

Referendum: Freedom from Sharia in Sudan

Atlas has been covering the heartbreaking, relentless fight for freedom from jihad in Darfur and Sudan since late 2004 (scroll this). Simon Deng and the lost boys have refused to accept the norming of genocide in Sudan, or the silence of the UN and the world. I have been talking to Simon Deng regularly and covered his recent visit to DC lawmakers and specifically Barack Obama to save Sudan from the jihadist regime in Khartoum by "Walking Barefoot in the Senate."

I started covering Simon's Freedom Walk back in 2005 after Bush broke with the UN and called Sudan a genocide. See Simon here in in a quick vid, 2005 (full remarks here). And listen to my interview with Manute Bol, the basketball great who dedicated his life and his sports earnings to freedom for southern Sudan before he died.

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