Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Salon Demonizes the anti-GZMosque Groups

Check out Salon's pitiful attempt at snark (heh) at the Ground Zero Mosque protest. They are choking on their own bile.

The imagery of our poster (thanks to Big Fur Hat) confounds them because they do not see the hypocrisy of the Mosque going up with a 29-1 vote (including the nine abstentions), while Wal-Mart has to beg on bended knee and prove that they aren't dangerous and detrimental to NYC. We are protesting the hypocrisy and we will be there February 3rd.

The imagery means -- if Wal-Mart were Muslims, NYC would welcome them with open arms.

One clown in the comment section didn't even know the winking smiley face is Wal-Mart's logo.

Read the Salon comments. They hate Wal-Mart like they... they...crashed planes into the twin towers and killed 3000 people.

Anti-Islam Blogger to hold pro-Wal-Mart Rally Salon

Note "obsessive anti-Islam blogger" ......... left-speak for proud American patriot and freedom lover.

Obsessive anti-Islam blogger Pamela Geller is having another New York rally in support of bigotry and insanity. This time, though, there's a twist: She is still protesting the imaginary "ground zero mosque," but she also wants everyone to know that she's in favor of Wal-Mart.

The giant retail chain that has successfully held the lead in America's race to the bottom would like to expand into New York City. The City Council is against the idea. Geller, obviously, supports Wal-Mart, because liberals dislike Wal-Mart, and liberals love Muslims, and Muslims hate America, and so therefore Wal-Mart is good and loves America.

The beautiful thing about her little flier is how confusing and incoherent it is. It is anti-mosque, and pro-Wal-Mart, but the Wal-Mart happy face is wearing a veil, and there is an Islamic crescent in place of the style guide-confounding hyphen?

Also, Geller is the lady who decided to loudly boycott Dunkin' Donuts because it had an ad in which spokesperson Rachael Ray wore a scarf that resembled a keffiyeh. Surely Wal-Mart has sold something with a crescent on it at some point. Look, you can buy a Quran for $5! And there's even a Spanish version, for illegal immigrant terror anchor babies!

(Oh, wait, Geller already got mad at Wal-Mart for something Muslim-related in 2009, because she is impossible to parody. But it wasn't really their fault, because they were sued by CAIR, so she has forgiven them.)

New York is expected to get a foot of snow tonight, which should make for a really fun protest of a City Council hearing that has already been postponed.

What this loser fails to grasp is ......... everything. We are protesting the hypocrisy. Bending over for a radical building a mega mosque at Ground Zero is this desirable position. But jobs, low prices and the overwhelming majority of New Yorkers begging for Wal-Mart -- that is bad.

Not to be outdone. The Puff ho here.

The government should keep its big nose and its big ass out of both of these issues. If they stop Wal-Mart, stop the Cordoba mosque. Here's a Wal-Mart cheat sheet.

he City Council's much-anticipated hearing Wednesday on the impact of Walmart's expected entry into New York looms more as a pep rally for opponents than a sincere fact-finding inquiry.

Scheduled to testify are a professor who has concluded that Walmart puts small retailers out of business; the local union leader who has led the fight against Walmart, as well as the government affairs specialist at the grocery chain that employs his members; plus a series of community activists closely allied with labor.

Given the affair's presumed one-sided nature, Walmart is unlikely to send anyone, nor are its supporters willing to participate. So if members are interested in a fair hearing, here is a sample of questions they need to ask opponents. If they don't, the council, not Walmart, will get a black eye.

How does Walmart differ from its competitors, including Target, Kohl's, Toys “R” Us and BJ's—to name only some of the superstores that have marched into the city without opposition?

The council should find out if these chains are unionized, if they pay higher wages than Walmart and if their employee benefits are better.

Much has been made of the argument that Walmart forces out neighborhood stores. How will Walmart manage to do that when its competitors haven't? And do employees at mom-and-pop operations fare better than they would working at Walmart?

The self-styled defenders of small business should be asked if they know what kind of wages small shops pay—and especially whether they offer health benefits.

How will consumers benefit by keeping Walmart out of New York?

A related exercise for representatives of the Red Apple supermarket group would be to explain how its prices and selection compare with Walmart's.

Why do opponents think so many New Yorkers go out of their way to shop and work at Walmart?

Its suburban stores do about $165 million annually in credit card sales from city residents. The Valley Stream store, a stone's throw from the Queens border, is the No. 1 location in the country for shipments ordered on and picked up locally; and 1,400 city residents are Walmart employees.

Finally, and most fundamentally, on what legal basis would the City Council bar just Walmart from the city?

The federal courts might have a lot to say on this issue.

Opponents think they're putting Walmart on trial Wednesday. Actually, the council will be in the dock.

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